OxyMax 0-8® - Soil Harmony

OxyMax 0-8®
OxyMax 0-8 is an Oxygen generator, a non-hazardous biodegradable liquid oxidant
that stimulates and maintains;Natural aerobic bacteria and fungi, the soil microbes.
Oxidises anaerobic ‘black layer’ within rootzones and soils.
Accelerates the bio-remediation of all forms of land and water contamination.
Aids the digestion of thatch and organic debris.
Black Layer
OxyMax 0-8 is a natural bio-stimulant.
Stimulating aerobic microbial communities, essential and natural synergists between the living soil and the
growing plant.
Detoxifies and enhances natural bacterial break down and remediation of waste materials.
Re-oxygenates anaerobic conditions by the slow release of O2 for up to 8 weeks.
Eliminates odours, such as from hydrogen sulphide (H2S) associated with anaerobic microbe activity.
In anaerobic soils the whole microbial communities change producing substances poisonous to turf grass and
other plants such as alcohols, methane gas and other toxic substances. Often resulting in the lowering of pH
and redox potential where elements become soluble to a level where they are toxic to plant life.
OxyMax 0-8 contains a patented blend of various mineral
compounds. Each compound forms a unique ion which provides an
oxidant source for aerobic microbes.
OxyMax 0-8 rapidly changes anaerobic conditions to aerobic,
destroying odours and preventing toxic methane and hydrogen
OxyMax 0-8 is an oxygen-rich liquid that is manufactured from
Oxygen & Nitrogen bearing salts dissolved in pure water. Safe to
the environment, humans, animals and plants as there are no
poisons or harmful chemicals. Not to be ingested.
A scanning electron micrograph of the aerobic soil bacterium Pseudomonas fluorescens. The bacterium
uses its long, whip like flagellae to propel itself through the water layer that surrounds soil particles.
How does it work?
The unique oxygen generation of OxyMax 0-8 is an endothermic reaction (energy absorbing), where for
every molecule of OxyMax 0-8, six atoms of oxygen are available for microbial usage as compared to metal
peroxides and permanganates where only two atoms and four are available.
Soil Harmony is a registered trade mark of Ilex EnviroSciences Ltd
Microbial Respiration
In order for microbial respiration or metabolism to occur, electron acceptors are required in the oxidation
(metabolism) process.
The most energetically favourable electron acceptor is oxygen (O2) followed by nitrate (NO3) and sulphate (SO4)
being the least energetically favourable electron acceptor.
Because of the molecules negative net charge on the chemical structure OxyMax 0-8 acts as an oxidizing agent in
atmospheric conditions as well, adding to its uniqueness by allowing the instantaneous oxidation of malodorous
compounds, thereby eliminating atmospheric odours on contact.
OxyMax 0-8 is a hydrated compound attracting moisture maintaining microbial activity and surfactant properties
improving the ability to migrate into rootzones, growing medium and the biomass of other materials.
Super Oxidiser
Aerobic microbes require between 6 – 10 ppm (parts per million of dissolved oxygen to reproduce – OxyMax 0-8
produces over 400 ppm for ever millilitre applied as a slow release mechanism.
The aerobic microbes can consume about seven to ten times the amount of waste materials compared to the
anaerobic microbes without the production of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). Hydrogen Sulphide odours are only
produced when waste materials are being broken down or in conditions when the natural bacteria present are
starved of oxygen.
Water treatment
Treating waste with OxyMax 0-8 produces a harmless, odourless gas (carbon
dioxide), instead of the foul smelling hydrogen sulphide, which when combined
with water forms Sulphuric Acid (H2S04), a very corrosive solution.
Anaerobic bacteria will also produce Methane gas.
Washing down
Leachate from waste water can be safely flushed away without causing harm
to the sewage systems and environment. OxyMax 0-8 has an indefinite shelf
life and is not affected by sunlight. Totally non hazardous it will not result in
damage to application equipment, sewage systems, wastewater treatment
plants, the water table or the environment.
The OxyMax 0-8 formulation provides a carbon source for protein synthesis
stimulating the rapid growth of the desired aerobic bacteria.
Application Rates & Method:
Tank-mix OxyMax 0-8 with BIOS Turf Tonic boosting its efficiency. Add OxyMax 0-8 to tank-mix after BIOS Turf
Tonic has been added. Agitate well. Compatible with other Soil Harmony products.
Can be applied through fertigation / drip line and other irrigation systems.
May also be applied with: AM Applicator, Toro Hydroject, Rootzone Injector (RZI) or other injection systems.
Dilution rate:
up to 2 litre / Ha
Apply in 200 litres / Ha as a foliar application.
Apply in a minimum of 450 litres / Ha as a crown drench.
Pack Size: 1, 5, 10 200 & 1000L containers
This product is physically compatible with a wide range of tank-mix partners. Check compatibility prior to adding to the spray tank.
Consult your local advisor or Ilex EnviroSciences for specific recommendations. Efficacy may be effected by plant health, growth
stage and weather conditions. Ilex EnviroSciences accepts no liability for damage to treated turf.