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11 2014
using the
What a vintage clothes seller does
How to talk about photography
Englisch für den Beruf
Ways to leave phone messages
Editorial | INHALT
Dear plus reader,
On cold days, I love sitting in front of the fire. I enjoy knitting pullovers for
myself, and I like listening to music. Perhaps you have noticed my use of the
gerund in all this. It’s our grammar focus this month. Turn the page and try our
exercises for some useful practice. As a Brit, I find the differences between UK
and US English fascinating and sometimes funny. See if you can match the
idioms used on each side of the Atlantic (page 19). Whichever page you turn to,
I’m sure that plus will keep you busy and well informed. Have fun!
Stephanie Shellabear
Stephanie Shellabear, language editor
Herausgeber und Verlagsleiter:
Dr. Wolfgang Stock
Grundwissen The gerund
Intensivierung More of the gerund
Wiederholung “Used to” and “would”7
Englisch für den Alltag
Saying goodbye
Englisch für den Beruf
Leaving a telephone message
Wortschatz Descriptive words
Wortschatz Photography
Wortschatz Expand your vocabulary
Lesen und verstehen
Robin Williams
Land und Leute
British and American idioms
A passion for clothes
Test Check your progress
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WORTSCHATZ | Descriptive words
Twelve short words
Use one of the 12 adjectives from the list to complete each pair of
sentences below.
actual • busy • common • dull • fit • handy • keen • mean
odd • poor • slight • spare
a) Kathy’s a(n) _______________ football player, just like her brother.
I know a bit about web design, but I’m _______________ to find out
b) It’s very _______________ work, but at least it’s well paid.
We had _______________ weather all summer — hardly any sun at all.
c) You live right next to the station? That’s _______________.
I always keep a notebook _______________ in case I want to write something down.
d) I don’t drink much — just the _______________ glass of wine on special occasions.
There’s something _______________ about Jim. I don’t trust him.
e) Can we chat about this later, sweetie? I’m _______________.
We live on a very _______________ road.
f) You’re so _______________. All my friends are going to the party. Why can’t I?
He’s really _______________ with his money. He’d rather walk than pay for a taxi.
g) I’m afraid you’ll have to stand. There are no _______________ seats.
Take some _______________ clothes in case it gets cold.
h) I’d love to walk across the Alps one day, but I’m not _______________ enough yet.
Nobody had told us that the water was not _______________ to drink.
i) Anna is a(n) _______________ girl’s name in many European countries.
France, Belgium and Switzerland share a(n) _______________ language: French.
j) They were so _______________ that they couldn’t afford to send their children to school.
I think I ruined my eyes by always reading in _______________ light.
k) She’s very _______________, which makes her look much younger than she is.
There was a _______________ problem, but we managed to fix it quickly.
l) It was quite cheap, but I can’t remember the _______________ price.
It’s a film for children, but the story is based on _______________ events.
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This month’s magazine includes a free insert containing 50 adjectives you need to know.
Here are some exercises to practise using these DESCRIPTIVE WORDS.
The right choice
In the following sentences, underline the adjective that is correct in the context.
My colleague and I had a major / mean confrontation in the office this morning.
I’m not sure if she has children. She never mentions her common / domestic life.
Although he works hard, he’s just an appropriate / average student.
The poor little girl looked pathetic / particular in her big sister’s clothes.
Our old neighbour is ignorant / suspicious of anyone she doesn’t know.
Don’t look so awkward / miserable. It’s not the end of the world.
What’s that in English?
Translate the German sentences below into English. All the adjectives you need can be found on this
double page.
a) Ich war nur eine mittelmäßige Schülerin.
b) Sie ist so geizig, dass sie nie etwas wegwirft.
c) Dieser Wein ist nicht zum Trinken geeignet.
d) Er ist ein begeisterter Koch.
e) Lucy und ihr Mann haben keine gemeinsamen Interessen.
f) Der Laden bietet wettbewerbsfähige Preise.
Syllable stress
Some longer adjectives, like those in the list below, are difficult to pronounce. Put three adjectives
into each column according to their syllable stress, as shown in the examples.
appropriate • competitive • confident • consistent • convenient • desperate • essential
familiar • ignorant • particular • specific • virtual
oOooOoo oOo
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