University of Antwerp at forefront of micro-particle based
drug delivery research with INFINITY
EmulTech is proud to announce the University of Antwerp acquired the INFINITY
system for a four-year research program to push the boundaries in micro-particle
based drug delivery research. The INFINITY platform is the newest addition to the
expanding capabilities of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and
Biopharmacy research group of Professor Filip Kiekens. His research focuses on
innovative drug delivery systems. INFINITY will be used to research new theories
in controlled release and delivery for poorly water soluble Active Pharmaceutical
“We are excited the University of Antwerp will be
using our equipment in their research. In the past
we already successfully collaborated on the
development of innovative microspheres. The
group of Professor Filip Kiekens showed
themselves to be a highly capable research
group and we are looking forward to the first
results of their research”, says Frank de Jong
(CEO and co-founder EmulTech).
Professor Kiekens (Head of the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and Bio
Pharmacy): “We recognize the technology behind the INFINITY platform as the best
solution to remove the process related uncertainty often associated with conventional
technologies. The excellent process control and related narrow particle size distribution
provides us with more predictive and more reproducible in vitro – in vivo correlations.
The inherently aseptic and scalable equipment may allow the industry to develop our
results to marketable new products.”
The INFINITY platform is a range of microfluidic encapsulation equipment for the
development and production of uniform micro-particles and micro-emulsions. The unique
process control reduces development time and yields better products. The excellent
scalability of the technology ensures market relevant production capabilities.
EmulTech developed and markets the INFINITY platform. Founded in 2009, the
Eindhoven based company currently serves a range of Big Pharma companies, Contract
Research Organisations and universities in Europe, USA and Asia.
The research at the Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy
(University of Antwerp, Faculty of Pharmaceutical, Biomedical and Veterinary Sciences,
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences) includes formulation and process optimization
of innovative drug dosage forms (micro- and nano-particles, medicinal films, ophthalmic
gels, etc). Chemical entities, as well as peptides, proteins and probiotics are formulated
and evaluated for their physico-chemical, biopharmaceutical and stability properties.
For more information on the INFINITY platform and on how it can serve your research
and development program, visit www.EmulTech.nl or contact us on +31 40 751 6161
(Frank de Jong) or +32 3 265 26 87 (Filip Kiekens).