A4 Embedde IoT - IIITM-K

Two Days Workshop on
Next Generation Computing in
Embedded and IoT
6 - 7 February 2015
Workshop Convener
Dr. Elizabeth Sherly
Professor, IIITM-K
For Contact
Workshop Co-ordinator
Rony P John
[email protected]
ph: 04712527148
he Internet of Things (IoT) is the
next wave, world is going to
witness. Today we live in an era
of connected devices (mobile phones,
computers etc.), the future is of
connected things (Eg: home appliances,
ve h i c l es , l a m p - p o s ts , p e rs o n a l
accessories, your pets, industrial
equipments and everything which you
use in day-to-day life). Internet of Things
is a term given to the attempt of
connecting objects to the internet and
also to each other - allowing people
andobjects themselves to analyze data
from various sources in real-time and
take necessary actions in an intelligent
fashion. IoT, a new term coined for
embedded system, the Big technology
companies have welcomed IoT and are
putting huge investments and R&D
efforts in this domain.
Cisco’s Internet Business Solutions
Group (IBSG) predicts that 25 billion
devices will be connected by 2015, and
50 billion by 2020, and the market size
as predicted by GE is 10-20 trillion USD.
An opportunity for you to transform
your idea into prototypes and later into
products without much hassles using
Intel® Galileo board, Arduino,
Raspberry Pi. The most amazing gadget
to get your hands dirty in Embedded
and IoT. Example Applications :Home
A u t o m at i o n , S m a r t B u i l d i n g s ,
Wearable Devices, Smart Grid and
Metering, Industrial IoT, Smart Cities
Why this Workshop ?
What I need to know to attend ? (Prerequisites)
The workshop has been designed
with the following objectives:
Give students the confidence to build
their own products
General programming and computer knowldge. Basic knowldge in
Microprocessor / Microcontroller.
Provide thorough working knowledge
of the Intel® Galileo board, Raspberry
Pi and Arduino Platforms
Provide introduction to Internet of
Things (IoT)
Workshop Coverage
For details and online registration, please visit:
Overview of Microcontrollers
Product Development using Intel®
Galileo board, Raspberry Pi and
IoT System Design
Exposure to various sub-fields and
technology stacks of IoT
Enable students to convert their IoT
product idea into a working prototype
Indian Institute of Information Technology & Management
Technopark, Trivandrum - 695581,Kerala, India
Tel: 0471- 2527567, 2700777
Introduction to Galileo Board,
Arduino and Hardware interface
Mini Project on Intel Galileo and IoT
System Design
Bring-up student entrepreneurs and
innovators by supporting them with
investment and mentorship
Mr s Lyl a B Das i s Ass o c i a t e
P r o f e s s o r, D e p a r t m e n t o f
Electronics Engineering, National
Institute of Technology Calicut
(NITC), Kerala.
Who can attend ?
M.Tech/Master's students from
Electronics/Computer Science,
interested to build the Next-gen
products and technologies.
Un d e rg rad u a te B a c h e l o rs a n d
Science students or passed out are also
Mr. K.G.Krishna
Kumar [KGK]
is a
consultant for
Embedded and
programmes o
f IIITM-K hold
s an
M.Tech in Com
puter Science fr
om IIT
Kharagpur, with
B.E in Electronic
Engineering. He
served as Joint D
irector in CDAC.
Build Real Products
& Business
We invite applications from students to
submit their product ideas (1- month
after the workshop). Selected ideas will
get mentorship and investment
support to take them to the next level.
Resource Persons
Prof. Alex Pappachen Jame
s works
on brain inspired c
algorithms and systems, a
nd has a
P hD fr o m G r i f fi th S c
h oo l o f
Engineering, Griffith Unive
rsity. He
is currently a faculty me
mber at
Nazarbayev University.