February 2015 - Venice Florida Corvettes

February 2015
Venice Florida Corvettes Club Newsletter
71st Edition
Sponsored By Bill Buck Chevrolet
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President’s Message
Newsletter Editor: Bill Sabatino
Deadline for submissions to the newsletter is the Tuesday before the club
Executive Board
I would like to welcome our northern club members back to
"Paradise" and Venice Florida Corvettes! We have many great
events planned for this year with our car shows and our social events
including our club membership meeting picnic which will be held at
Maxine Barrett Park on April 7, 2015. I hope everyone can attend
this special meeting before heading north.
Vice President
Membership Director
Immediate Past President
Our club continues to have new members join every month and with
our new members come new ideas. If you have any suggestions or
ideas of activities or how we can make our club better, please
contact me or any member of our Executive Board. This is your club
and your continued interest, ideas, and involvement is making this
club one of the best Corvette Clubs in Florida.
Harry Hite
John Gammel
Anna Marie Marano
Judy Umbreit
Jeff McCartney
Al Royal
Committee Leaders
VFC Car Show
Social Committee
Sponsor Liaison
Sunshine Celebrations
Technical Committee
Web Master
NCM Ambassador
I want to remind everyone of our upcoming club show this year
on Sunday, March 15, 2015 in Centennial Park in downtown
Venice. This is our 11th annual Corvette Show and has been one of
the favorite Corvette Shows to attend in Florida by Corvette
enthusiasts. Again, we will have judged and participant's choice
awards given with a total of 50 Shark's Tooth Trophies awarded! We
have changed our show this year to pre-registration only and limiting
165 entrants' Corvettes. This was done to make it easier for the
entrants and our volunteers.
Harry Hite & John Gammel
Ron & Joan Kubala
Sue Marchiando & Barb Turner
John Vidas
JoAnn Royal
Jake Delaney
Don Kerndt
Mike Walsh
Our Welcome Party will be held on Saturday evening March 14th at
Bentley's Boutique Hotel which will be our host hotel for this
event. We will open admission to the Welcome Party for our show
volunteer members in February. In addition, the last chance to order
the 2015 Show Shirt will be at the February Membership Meeting.
Our club show currently has over 100 registrations and it promises to
be another great show! The success of our shows ultimately depend
on the volunteerism of our members and our members have always
done a great job! If you wish to volunteer to help with our show,
please contact me or the car show assistant chair, John Gammel. In
addition, there will be signup sheets available at our February
Membership Meeting.
Board Meeting
If you would like to bring up a topic for discussion or you’re just interested
in what goes on at the executive board meeting come join us. The
meeting is open to all members. The meetings are at the Venice
Community Center at 7pm (see calendar for date).
Harry Hite, President
Vice President’s Message
Quartermaster Corner
The new team of both the board and the committees have been very busy
with the planning and the initial year’s activities. One focus is to plan out
all of the car shows and caravans for the year. We have typically gone to
shows of the clubs that support us by coming to our annual show and will
in general continue this practice. But I’m also interested in shows that you
think we should have as a club event whether it’s our primary show for the
month or one that we’re just informing the members about. If you have a
show that we haven’t typically supported/attended I’d like your input.
The time to have our annual Car Show is getting closer and for all the
members we want to remind you that at the Feb. Meeting you can
order this year's show T-shirt, we will have a separate table available
just for this ordering, emails have been sent. The other club items will
be available at the regular table.
The Quartermaster's table is open prior to each meeting from 67PM only. When the meeting starts the table(s) are closed.
Key to any supported show is the event captain. It’s important that
we expand the base of members who can comfortably volunteer for
this. To that end if you’d like to volunteer to be a captain but feel
you’d like some help with the process we’ll find someone to help you.
Your helper will walk through the entire process so things will go well
and you’ll be comfortable going forward.
This will be our last year as Quartermaster, anyone who is interested
in taking over this position please let me know or our President Harry
Joan and Ron Kubala, Quartermasters
Membership Corner
Our upcoming club car shows are the Pelican Preserve on 2/7 in Ft.
Myers captained by Al and JoAnn Royal and hosted by Corvettes
and the Gulf and the Corvettes of Charlotte County All Corvette
Show on the River on 3/1 in Punta Gorda for which we still need a
captain. Be sure to reference our website for both show lists and
flyers for these and other shows.
As of January 12/2015 we have 193 Corvette family memberships with a
total of 244 Corvettes owned by our membership.
There has been some interest in small, limited attendance hands-on
clinics for specific subjects. Among the areas might be: wheel
restoration and cleaning, detailing on older cars using power
equipment, tune-up and spark plug changing, show detailing, and
engine compartment detailing. What would you like to attend?
John Gammel, Vice President
On January the 20th we held our first “NEW MEMBERS WELCOME
BREAKFAST” at Ihop in South Venice and it was well attended.
Those new members attending and their cars are:
Don Behnke
99 Magnetic Red Tintcoat Coupe
Bob Holland
03 Anniversary Red Convertible
John and Jane Hollabaugh 98 Bright Silver Metallic Convertible
Rob and Susan Holsgrove 86 Gold Metallic Coupe
Ralph and Kathy Tanski
64 Riverside Red Convertible
Dave Timmerman who has three corvettes and they are a 02 Millennium
Yellow Convertible, a 05 Datona Sunset Orange Coupe and a 98 Black
Upcoming Activities & Events
Venice Florida Corvettes monthly meeting is the 1ST Tuesday of the month
at 7:00 pm at the Venice Community Center (see below for exceptions).
Jan 29
Feb 3
Feb 7*
Feb 8*
VFC Board Meeting - Venice Community Center – Contact
Harry Hite
VFC Meeting - Venice Community Center – Contact Harry Hite
Pelican Preserve Car Show – Ft. Myers – Contact Al Royal**
Big Cat Habitat – Sarasota – Contact Terry Candido**
Jeff McCartney Membership Director
* Caravan planned
** Designated Club Event
Suggestion Box
February Celebrations
Wish the club would do something you enjoy? Did your old club have
an activity that we don’t do that you really enjoy? Let us hear from you.
Send your ideas to me and I will distribute them to the proper people for
consideration. Bill Sabatino
Happy Birthday February
My Mother Taught Me
My mother taught me TO APPRECIATE A JOB WELL DONE.
"You are going to keep scrubbing that wall till it is right!"
Ron Sanders 1st
Gidget Roberts 2nd
Carol Craig 4th
Raymond Gomes 7th
Bill McHale 8th
Debby Trenner 11th
Gayle Behnke 12th
Karan Raymond 13th
John Wurster 14th
Don David 14th
Lynda Card 14th
Joanne Walsh 16th
My mother taught me RELIGION.
"You better pray that will come out of the carpet."
My mother taught me about TIME TRAVEL.
"If you don't straighten up, I'm going to knock you into the middle of
next week!"
Do You Need This?
This is the first article I am writing that I haven't actually
done the work. The reason I am writing about replacing
the shift cable is that it has failed on several members
cars. I'm talking about C5 and C6 automatic Corvettes. It
seems when they get about 7 to 10 years old and they
break you cannot shift the car. What most members have
experienced is, it is in park and the shifter moves but is not
connected to anything. It can break at either the
transmission or the shifter. It is costing between $250 and
$500. The cable itself is not breaking; only a plastic
bushing. GM has no fix but to replace the entire
cable. Some people are buying new plastic bushings at
places like AutoZone and making the old cable
work. Others are drilling and tapping so a bolt can hold it in
place. Realize, I have never worked on this cable so I
have no real experience. Here is a brief procedure on how
to replace the cable:
Richard Rudin 16th
Terry Owens 17th
Jane Griese 19th
Georganne Marfizo 22nd
Diana Gilson 23rd
Linda Wencil 24th
Claudia Bost 24th
Ron Wencil 27th
Jane Scorse 28th
Monroe Kokin 28th
Betty Miller 28th
Joan Deleo 28th
Happy Anniversary February
You can do everything from under the car. There is no
need to remove the shifter. The exhaust and tunnel plate
must be removed which is the hard part. Pop the cable off
the ball connector at the shifter with a screwdriver. Pry the
metal clip out using needle nose pliers. There are two tabs
on the large side of the cable that goes through the mount.
Depress the tabs and push the cable back through the
mount. The transmission side is basically the same and
held in by two nuts. Remove the cable end of the ball
connector by prying it off. Remove the mount first and then
the cable.
Jan & Leslie Hahn 7th
Curt & Carolyn Norton 8th
Richard & Janine Rudin 8th
Anello & Barbara Cocchi 13th
David Dodds & Myrtle Boggs 14th
Charlie & Debbie Zuberer 14th
Gene & Jane Scorse 15th
John & Linda Richter 21st
Ed Gilmore &Linda Baldwin 22nd
Don & Carol Mager 28th
The main purpose of this article is to warn members before
this breaks and leaves you stranded. You might want to fix
it sooner than later.
JoAnn Royal, Sunshine Lady
Happy motoring, Larry Rains
Corvettes On The Gulf Car Show
Welcome Back Brunch
Six Bends Harley Davidson/Corvettes on the Gulf - Tenth Annual
Corvette Open Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show
On Sunday, the 18th of January, 102 of our club members enjoyed a
wonderful welcome back brunch at Boca Royale Golf and Country Club in
Englewood. About one half of those attending met at the old Albertsons on
the bypass in Venice at 9:30 a.m. and traveled via caravan from Venice to
Englewood to meet up with our remaining members at the Boca Royale
On Sunday, January 4th, four members of VFC attended the Tenth Annual
Corvette Open Car, Truck & Motorcycle Show sponsored by Six Bends
Harley Davidson and Corvettes on the Gulf. It was a beautiful day and
over 200 cars, trucks and motorcycles were on display.
Lead by Captains, Rich
Gruenberg and Judy
Umbreit, Frank Vassallo
and Pete Bryne headed
out from the Race Trac on
Jacaranda at 7:50 AM for
Fort Myers. We were
joined in Ft. Myers by
Dave and Angela Gutt.
The show organizers
parked us together right
up front, so although not large in numbers, our presence was noticed.
This was Frank’s first car show and he was along to enjoy the day and get
a feel for what is involved in showing ones car. Since he was parked right
between Pete and Rich, he got many tips as the morning progressed and
was even talked into opening his hood for the judges. Hopefully, he will be
joining us at future shows with cleaning products in hand. After giving the
cars a good cleaning, it was time for a break to await the arrival of the
At the end of the day, VFC was again
noticed as Rich Gruenberg received a
“Best of Show in Class” trophy.
Upon arrival we all enjoyed great food served at various stations scattered
around a spacious atrium with soft music being performed. We enjoyed a
relaxing few hours catching up with our northern friends and enjoying the
golf course views through the floor to ceiling windows located in the
spacious room provided to our club by the Boca Royale folks.
Thanks to Pete, Frank, Dave and
Angela for attending the show.
Event Captains: Rich Gruenberg and
Judy Umbreit
Rolling Thunder
We had 53 Corvette families sign up for the Rolling Thunder
show. Unfortunately the night before there was a storm and
the weather really looked bleak. We had a few phone calls
wanting to know if the show was canceled, but with most
shows once a date is set it is rain or shine just like our
Corvette Show.
At about 6am the weather didn’t look the greatest but
checking the radar I thought we might get a break. God
must have owned a Corvette at one point because the
weather did break and the drizzle ended. It was still breezy
but when the sun was out everything dried and it warmed
Not wanting to miss an opportunity, the Boca Royale folks, being excited
to have 50+ corvettes on their property, took photos of some of the cars
and club decals and posted the photos on their website. A great time was
had by all. This event was planned by VFC's social committee members
Angela Falge and Linda Wencil.
We had 35 VFC Corvettes brave the weather and four of
them won plaques. The food was good and the Venice
High Band performed for the crowd. Some of our members
came a little later and that was fine. We did win the club
participation award, a plaque and $100. We gave the $100
back to the Band Boosters as a donation to help fund band
programs. The gentleman that won the 50/50 also did the
same in honor of his daughter who served in the military
and was killed in the service of our country. A great
We were all young a few years ago and this is a little way
of supporting our communities’ young people.
The Venice Band THANKS you!!
Gerry and John Vidas, Rolling Thunder Captains thank you
also. See you next year!
Member Businesses
If you have a business and would like to see it displayed in the newsletter,
please e-mail your business card to Bill Sabatino.