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The University of Missouri’s
Comparative Orthopaedic Laboratory
Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
proudly present
The 15th Annual
Comparative Orthopaedics Day
Friday, April 10, 2015
Missouri Orthopaedic Institute
4th Floor Conference Center
1100 Virginia Avenue
Columbia, Missouri
Registra)on is FREE, but you must register via Email to a6end – [email protected] Direc)ons at h6p:// Parking in garage immediately north of MOI About Our Speaker We are honored and excited to welcome Dr. Arleigh Reynolds to deliver the keynote address for the 15th Annual Compara)ve Orthopaedics Day. Presenta)ons of original research in orthopaedics will complete the full-­‐day program. Dr. Reynolds is a Senior Research Scien)st for Ralston Purina, Associate Dean of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the reining two-­‐)me World Champion in sled dog sprint racing. Dr. Reynolds is extensively published, has mul)ple patents, and has garnered tremendous grant support including a recent $24 million grant from NIH to enhance the integra)on of teaching and research at the undergraduate level in diversity students. These unique and impressive experiences and ac)vi)es have given him incredible insight into the applica)on of the science of training, nutri)on and exercise physiology to injury preven)on and op)mal performance for four-­‐legged and two-­‐legged athletes. Dr. Reynolds with share this insight with us in his 2015 Li6lejohn Family Keynote Lecture en)tled, “ComparaAve Performance Training and Injury PrevenAon”. Compara)ve Orthopaedics Day was developed by the Compara)ve Orthopaedic Laboratory and the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery to provide scien)sts and clinicians with a forum for presenta)on and discussion of orthopaedic research. Sponsored by The Li3lejohn Family Endowment Schedule of Events 8:45 am Welcome & Introduc)ons
9:00 10:00 10:30 10:50 11:10
Dr. Jimi Cook Keynote Lecture Dr. Arleigh Reynolds “Compara)ve Performance Training and Injury Preven)on” Break Vicon versus DARI versus Kinect
Dr. Trent Guess Mul)scale Computa)onal Tissue Adapta)on in Orthopaedics Dr. Ferris Pfeiffer Osteochondral Allograhing of the Femoral Head: Clinical Applica)on Based on Transla)onal Research
Dr. Bre6 Crist Osteochondral Allograhing at Mizzou – Where are we now? Dr. Jim Stannard 12:00-­‐1:20 pm
Lunch Break
box lunch provided Dr. Farrah Monibi
Regenera)ng a Meniscus – Where are we now?
Valida)on of the "Knee cAPP": A Musculosketal Model used to predict patellofemoral contact pressures during gait
Dr. Seth Sherman 2:10
The Salty Shoulder – Pre-­‐Clinical and Clinical Studies
Dr. Ma6 Smith 2:30
Biomechanical Comparison of PCL Reconstruc)on Techniques Dr. Clay Nuelle 2:50
Modeling IVD – Where are we now?
James T. Stannard 3:40
The Derek-­‐Rose-­‐Was-­‐Right Study
Dr. Jimi Cook 4:00
Closing Remarks
Dr. Jimi Cook Break