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A l e x i a n V i l l a g e o f Te n n e s s e e •
Re sident Villa ger Februar y 2015
As I sit down to compose this Villager report
in early January, I think about my New Year’s
resoluƟons. Yes I should eat more fruits and
vegetables and a lot fewer éclairs, yes I
should get more exercise and play more golf,
and yes I should go to church and pray a liƩle
more oŌen, but my overriding commitment
for 2015 is to get really serious about my
computer and internet security.
February 10th
2:00 pm
in the Town Hall
Jim Wilgus, Chair of the
Finance Committee, will
present a report and there
will be an update on the
Assisted Living
Yes I want simple, easy to remember passwords, but they can very easily be hacked.
Also earlier this year my computer was
hacked with a virus or malware or whatever
that required professional help to delete and
reinstall all of my MicrosoŌ XP operaƟng systems—a mulƟday, expensive event I don’t
want to repeat.
What to do: (1) Setup new strong passwords,
especially on your banking and broker accounts, or use password vault soŌware like
My Last Pass Vault; (2) Keep your computer
backed up with an independent drive or in a
secure cloud, (3) Treat all of your soŌware
and anƟ-virus soŌware updates very seriously and (4) Never, ever open an aƩachment
unless you know exactly who sent it to you
because many phony aƩachments appear to
be coming from a bank or broker when they
are actually being sent by hackers.
Now I have heard about a new, more serious
threat called ransom ware. Here the user will
get a popup on their computer saying “We
are Crypto Wall 2.0 and we have encrypted
all the data on your computer making it totally frozen and unusable by you. To get the
decrypƟon key, send us $500 this week or
next week it will be $1,000”. To compound
the ransom request, the ransom has to be
paid in Bit coins, but luckily the hackers provide detailed, easy to use instrucƟons on procuring Bit coins as well as the locaƟon of local Bit coin ATM’s. I don’t like to pay ransoms,
but I understand it’s the only way out. Cripto
Wall, based in Russia, has revenues in excess
of $100 million per year on this scam.
Good luck with this complex issue; I’m surely
going to need a lot of luck to slog through all
of these problems during the coming year.
Peter Arrowsmith
A l e x i a n V i l l a g e o f Te n n e s s e e •
Re sident Villa ger Februar y 2015
Jim Burkhart
given by Clint Blumer
FOR December 2014
Beverly Reynolds
given by Polly Lopez, Clint Blumer
The Scholarship Fund commiƩee is happy
to announce that we are offering sixteen
$500.00 scholarships to qualified applicants. These student employees have been
approved by dining services and have maintained a minimum cumulaƟve GPA of 3.0
for the previous semesters. Thanks to everyone who has supported the Fund and
congratulaƟons to our successful student
Glen Rothberger
given by Polly Lopez
Reagin Warren
given by Clint Blumer
Ruth Porter
given by Clint Blumer
Susan Cade (daughter of the McCleskeys)
given by Roy Wilson
Fran Hardy
given by Mr. & Mrs. Maury Schmoll
In AppreciaƟon
Martha Irwin
given by Barbara Cash, Roy Wilson
Bill & Fran Kwilinski
given by Ray & Beƫe Washington
Gloria Montgomery
given by Clint Blumer
Bob & Denise Schill
given by Ray & Beƫe Washington
George Rea
given by Gordon & Monteen Smith,
Dudley & Marguerite Meadows,
Environmental SoluƟons Group,
Art & Mary Lou Thiverge, Ed DeBoer
The Geek Squad
given by Art & Mary Lou Thvierge
Peggy Solomon
GiŌ Your Birthday
Travis Boles, Mary Scohier
BeƩy Fillauer
given by BeƩy & Gene Sherrill
Rone Regency Jewelers, Beth Gocke &
Roxanne Parks, BeƩy Bonnard
Undesignated DonaƟon
Ann Mahoney
A l e x i a n V i l l a g e o f Te n n e s s e e •
Re sident Villa ger Februar y 2015
Heart Smart Recipe
“Legacy Champions”
Program Continues for our new
Assisted Living
Apartment Renovation
Strawberry Banana Oat Smoothie
with Cinnamon
Healthy hearty breakfast or snack in a cup
With sincere thanks to nearly 100 AVT
residents, associates and Signal Mountain community members who gave
gifts to build our new Health & Rehabilitation Center, I will let you know this
program continues as we renovate our
6th and 7th floors into 42 Assisted Living
Ingredients 1 Serving
Old Fashioned Oatmeal, Dry 1/4 cup
Tax deductible donations are encouraged and accepted to name spaces in
the new and renovated space for our
assisted living residents.
Be on the lookout for information sessions sharing apartment design, amenities, and other detail about this renovated resource for our community. Or,
feel free to drop by the Foundation office if you would like to look at construction plans and room layout. Thank you
for your interest in making our community the very best place to live anywhere!
Fat Free Plain Yogurt
1/4 cup
1/2 banana
Ground Cinnamon
1/4 tsp
Fresh Strawberries, Halved
1/2 cup
1/2 cup
Ice Cubes
1/2 cup
Place all ingredients into a blender and process until smooth.
Portion: 12 floz (1½ cups)
Calories (kcal) 215 ● Protein (g) 7.4 ● Carbohydrate (g) 45.1 ● Total Fat (g)1.9 ● Cholesterol (mg)
1.1 ● Sodium (mg) 52.3 ● Sat Fat (g) 0.4
Craig Ingvalson, Director
Alexian Brothers Foundation
886-0646, or in the lobby of the Lodge
Recipe Notes: Toast the oats for extra nutty flavor.
A l e x i a n V i l l a g e o f Te n n e s s e e •
Re sident Villa ger Februar y 2015
An old adage tells us "When the One
Great Scorer comes to write against your
name, he writes not whether you won or lost,
but how you played the game."
As we cogitate, are we satisfied, as we
wait for the game to end? Are we sharing
our good fortune with others?
As the New Year unfolds we might give
it a thought, and act accordingly.
Tax deductible gestures, payable to
"AVT Healthcare Scholarship Fund", may be
placed in in-house mail boxes J-2 or BV-43
as a way of sharing with others.
Recent sharers:
Feedback regarding the 2014
Member Christmas Celebration
has been overwhelmingly positive
and the Member Advisory Council
is planning quarterly events for
2015. We plan to have a panel
presentation and discussion in the
first quarter, an evening at the
Chattanooga Theater Center in the
third quarter, and the 2015
Christmas Celebration in the fourth
quarter. The Member Advisory
Council is seeking ideas or a
second quarter member activity, so
if you have an idea or suggestion,
please call or email Ben Cairns
(886-0552 or
[email protected]).
Alice Mariani in memory of
Betty Fillauer, Glen Rothberger, George Rea,
Frances Hardy
Dorothy Griggs in memory of Tom Garner,
Mike Richards, Reagin Warren
Freutel Family in memory of
Mary Jane Spittler
Dr. Jack and Beverly Reynolds' seven
children have a tradition of honoring their
parents (this year in memory of their
Mother) each Christmas by gifting to chosen
charities. This year they chose The MJS
Healthcare Scholarship Fund.
Member Advisory Council meetings
are normally held on the second
Wednesday of each month in the
downtown office on Tenth Street
from 1:30 to 3:00 PM. Please feel
free to attend any meeting or to
join the Advisory Council!
Mr. & Mrs. John and Karen Reynolds
Dr. Tom & Mrs. Barb Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Jim and Susan Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Dan and Courtney Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. John and Sue Lyman
Mr. & Mrs. Steve and Melanie Reynolds
Mr. & Mrs. Craig and Katy Ingvalson
Call 634-0814 for information.
A l e x i a n V i l l a g e o f Te n n e s s e e •
Re sident Villa ger Februar y 2015
Sing Along with Mac and Helen
A l e x i a n V i l l a g e o f Te n n e s s e e •
Re sident Villa ger Februar y 2015
Night at the Movies
in Town Hall
7:00 pm
Continuing Education
Severe Weather
and Safety
Presented by: Nick Austin
Channel 3
Eyewitness News
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
7:00 pm
Town Hall
A l e x i a n V i l l a g e o f Te n n e s s e e •
Re sident Villa ger Februar y 2015
New Year’s Eve Bingo
Setting Up Christmas Village
Scenic City Chorus