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We know that this can be a terrible experience,
with long lasting consequences for you and your
family, leaving you with unanswered questions.
Restorative processes have been shown to deliver
strong benefits for those that have suffered harm
because of the actions of others.
Victims of crime can ask: Why me? Will you come back ? Will you do it again? They can tell: How they felt How they feel now What happened to them as a consequence of the crime They can say: What they think the offender can do to make amends They can see: The offender; what he/she is really like Restorative processes are voluntary for all participants.
You never have to and should not feel pressured into participating in a
restorative process, should you not want to or not feel ready.
If you want to talk to someone about how a crime has affected you, or to get
more information about whether a restorative process can help you, please
contact Medway Mediation on:
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01634 730833
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Mediation helps people understand one another's point of view