Todd Anthony Puma, The Source Home Theater Todd

Todd Anthony Puma, The Source Home Theater
Todd Anthony Puma is the CEO and founder of The Source Home Theater, based in
Manhattan, New York. He started the company in 2004 after working a lead installer in a
big-box store and holding other positions. He is also a contributing writer to Residential
Systems magazine.
The Source Home Theater specializes in all aspects of custom-installation home theater
and smart home integration. Todd has done work for a number of high-profile clients
including members of the New York Giants, Mets and Yankees, the Gatsby Salon beauty
boutique and other celebrity clients, and their installations have been featured in
Electronic House, Residential Systems, Home Theater and other publications.
“We get all of our work from word of mouth and referrals,” noted Todd. “That might be
unusual these days but we look at ourselves, friends and clients as a close-knit group and
we like to keep it that way. Also, for the kind of big projects we do, we can’t be too spread
out – we need to focus on one job at a time.”
Todd points out something about doing audio/video installation that not many people
mention. “These days, families can feel separated even in their own home. However, I’ve
seen that music, movies and TV are three things that bring everyone together. I find it
rewarding that the work I do of installing audio/video systems also brings families
together.” Todd is in the process of moving into his family’s first home and notes, “now I
finally get to install all the stuff I put into my customers’ homes into my home!”
Todd is passionate about collecting Gibson Les Paul guitars. “I’ve played in bands all my
life and have worked as a studio musician and technician, which is what originally got me
interested in audio/video technology. Like any guitarist, I came to admire the Gibson Les
Paul for its one of a kind sound, its sustain, its quality and of course the fact that it might
be the coolest looking guitar ever! Of all the guitars out there, the Les Paul ‘speaks’ to me
like no other. I’ve managed to acquire many of them, and I prize them all.”
“It might sound like a cliché but I love my job and the feeling I get from providing people
with great A/V systems gives me goose bumps. This business is a passion for me, and it
also lets me keep my family happy. It all comes down to family for me.”
Todd likes doing things on the spur of the moment to surprise his wife and kids, “for no
special occasion at all. I want to always re-live the exciting feeling of when I first met my
wife, by doing fun things with her and my family and keeping that feeling of the first week
we met happening over and over again.”
“My life has not traveled in a straight line,” Todd noted, “but you have to be willing to go
on a journey and see where it takes you in order to grow in life.”