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“The Original Portable Mound Company”
For the last 42 Seasons, we have been serving your baseball and softball needs!
During the first couple months on the year, indoor practice is essential to get your
team ready for a successful season. True Pitch has everything you need
to prepare for the indoor season!
Call 1-800-647-3539 and ask for Mike, Brian or Craig with any questions.
True Pitch Inc. 1010 Practice Mound
The Regulation Bullpen Practice Mound.
Indoor or Outdoor.
10” High, 5’10” wide, 8’10” Long
Covered with Green or Clay turf
Retail: $1,795
Sock Nets
Screens and cages are the key to hitting indoors safely
during the winter months.
With screens starting as low as $130, visit the link below
for all available screens, cages and pricing.
Softball Nets
Hitting Mats can be used indoor and outdoor.
They are essential for protecting carpet or turf
indoors, and/or your hitting areas outdoors.
There are many different levels/options of mats.
Starting at $89.95, visit the link below
for more details.
The Jennie Finch Pitching Lane is a great indoor
softball aid. It comes with a convenient carrying
case and a regulation pitching rubber attached.
Made with spike-resistant turf and a special
rubberized backing that is guaranteed not to slip on
gym floors.
Measures 3’W x 10’L
Pro: $235.95 ea.
This model restricts pitchers from pitching
outside the 24” pitching rubber.
In addition, this model includes the
2” power line down the center.
Power Line: $199.95 ea.
This model features a
2” inlaid white line for
precise training.
No indoor facility would be complete without
hitting tees, baseballs/softballs and buckets.
With tees starting at $20.95, visit the link below to
see our compete product line of hitting tees.
Click the image to visit
our website for
detailed pricing on
baseballs, softballs
and buckets.
The SwingPro Training Bat, with weights at its base, middle, and
far end, is designed to strengthen the wrists and develop an
efficient swing that brings the bat to the ball quicker and with
more power and the oval grip enforces proper "palm up, palm
down" hand alignment.
Comes in Blue and Red = $99.99 each.
Mini-Chute allows the athlete to perform high
intensity workouts without going to the gym.
The harder the ball is thrown or struck, the more
resistance the chute provides creating less traveling
distance. Perfect for indoor and confined spaces!
Baseball and Softball = $54.95 each