Performa n ce Space

Performance Space...
Yoga @ Kindlehill has commenced for 2015
Level 1/Beginners Classes in the tradition of BKS Iyengar
Saturday mornings 8:30am to 10:00am $15, runs throughout the
year. Monday evenings 6pm-7pm $10, term 1 runs from 2 Feb to
30 Mar 2015. Note in some cases classes are cancelled if the hall
is booked by the school, students will be notified. Please call or
email to secure your place. Simone Jacobson (Certified
Iyengar Teacher) 0419 986 896
[email protected]
Body Play Movement Classes for 5-8 year olds
Monday after school in the Performance Space
8 class term starts Monday February 2nd- 3pm to 4pm (meet outside S'haila's class 1 classroom straight after school for afternoon
tea - Danielle will collect kids from Kindy) Kindlehill Performance
Space - $80 for the term or $12 a class - drop ins welcome.For
more information or to book in for a class call Danielle (Quidam's
mum class 1) 0432 488 378
Come and play! Our after-school drama classes are joyful, creative and help build confidence, physical connection and communication skills. We work with improvisation and storytelling, and do
scene work in the older group. please email
[email protected] or text 0419 287 478 to reserve your child/ren’s spot.
5-7pm Sat 14th Feb 2015—Featuring: Sandy Evans & Tony
Gorman (saxophone, clarinet) and composers with a passion for
improvisation and new music. Margaret & Bob Fagan ( OZ favourite Folk family) Guitar & Vocals Cate McCarthy & Mick Moffit
(Blue Grass) Guitar, mandolin, fiddle & vocals.
Newsletter: 28th January 2015
This is S’haila’s very first verse for first class in 2015, a beautiful
acknowledgement verse that I share with you here as it embodies
Kindlehill’s 2015, A Call to Peace and Reconciliation. Wishing you all
a rich and wonderful start to our school year.
Let us walk softly through the land of dreaming
follow the gentle footsteps of earth's own
Let the sun, harsh or warm, stream down
Let the waters rush and trickle over rocks, carving rivers, filling
Let the land sing with the beauty of bush and creatures
Let us walk softly, now and tomorrow, as one.
2015 A Call to Peace and Reconciliation
This week, you will receive some information about our school plan,
2015 A Call to Peace and Reconciliation. It details the vision and
values focus for 2015 in our school and we would very much like to
engage our whole school community and beyond in its implementation. A whole school meeting will be held on Saturday 21/2 where
The Call to Peace and Reconciliation Plan will be presented with
time for discussion, clarification and refinement. More details on the
meeting will follow.
Week 1:
Friday 30th Whole school gardening day (including reduce, reuse,
recycle review and introduction to bees)
Week 4:
Sat 21/2 Whole school meeting – Vision and Values: Presentation
and discussion of A Call to Peace and Reconciliation Plan
Week 5:
Fri 27/2 School Clean Up Day
Fri 27/2 A Call to Peace: Film presentation of The Garden at the
End of the World by Gary Caganoff and discussion.
Week 6:
Wed 4/3 Introduction to Eurythmy for Parents, with Adam
Sat 7/3: Directors’ Meeting
Week 7:
Fri 13/3: The Silk Brocade. Eurythmy Performance for the Children
Fri 13/3: Apology Day
Week 8:
Fri 20/3 Harmony Day; whole school autumn celebration of diversity and inclusiveness
Fri 20/3: Evening Presentation and discussion with Eyal Mayroz in
regard to his work on Genocide Prevention.
Sat 21/3 Well-being; a workshop with Compresses and Oils (to be
Rail and Bus Passes
Rail and bus passes are issued automatically to previous pass
holders. Students going into Year 3 and Year 7 will need to
reapply (this is standard process across all schools). Please
collect an application form from the office and return it to the
office by Friday 6 February. This will allow 2 weeks for passes to
be issued. Often the train conductors do not ask to sight school
passes until the end of February.
Congratulations Georgia
Georgia Adamson – Kindlehill drama teacher and parent has been
awarded Best actor in a supporting role in an independent
production as part of the 2015 Sydney Theatre Awards for her
role as Mrs Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible.
Term 1—Diary
Term 1: Tuesday 27 January to Friday 27 March – 9 weeks
Little Kindlings Welcomes Susan
Kindlehill playgroup is now guided by Susan Brophy. It offers a
nurturing introduction to the community for Mums/Dads and
children aged 0-4. The programme runs on Thursdays 9.30 to
11.30 in term time and offers seasonal stories, singing, bread
making and free play. Parents can participate in natural crafty
creations whilst their children enjoy the playgroup. Our first day
back is Thursday 29th. Please contact the office for more
information or to register your interest .
Welcome to our New Families…
We have many new families starting at our school this year. A
warm welcome to all our new Little Kindy kids, Monique and Pascal and their parents Jack and Hanriette, Caspian and his parents
Anastassia and Nima. Also starting little kindy this year are :
Adam – and his parents Annie and Michal, and Odin— and his parents Amy and Jamie. There is Hunter and his parents Vanessa and
Brandon in Big Kindy, Eric and his parents Angela and Jonno in
Class 2 and Tara and her parents Suzanne and Joshua in Year 7.
We also farwell Nina Martiensen, Mars Fraser, Franki Halay, Ariel
Fraser, Molly Normand, Khalila Brazil and Lachlan Rothwell and all
our 2014 graduating High School students Dylan Todd, Nicholas
Seabrook and Kian Llorente Puig.
Lawns and Pathway
Our beautiful lawn is finished with
full irrigation installed underneath.
We ask that everyone stays off the
area as the grass establishes.
The work on our disability ramp is
well underway and progress is
stepping up.