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LAND SCAN - What's New – JANUARY 2015
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 The new Montpellier Panel report ‘No Ordinary Matter: Conserving,
Restoring and Enhancing Africa’s Soils’ presented (Thursday 4th
December 2014) at the International Fund for Agricultural Development,
Rome- ahead of World Soil Day which falls today 5th of December.
This report from the Montpellier Panel argues that : if left unaddressed, the cycle
of poor land management will result in higher barriers to food security,
agricultural development for smallholder farmers and wider economic
growth for Africa.
In sub-Saharan Africa, an estimated 65 per cent of soils are degraded,
and unable to nourish the crops the chronically food insecure continent
Poverty, climate change, population pressures and inadequate farming
techniques are leading to a continuous decline in the health of African soils,
whilst the economic loss is estimated at USD 68 billion per year.
Conversely, better land management practices could deliver up to USD
1.4 trillion globally in increased crop production – 35 times the losses.
The report is a comprehensive analysis of land management in Africa today, and
answers a series of critical questions:
Are donors and governments neglecting soil health in Africa?
What are the key approaches to restoring Africa’s soils?
How can improved land management tackle climate change in Africa?
Read the full report (40 pages) following the link here http://ag4impact.org/wpcontent/uploads/2014/12/MP_0106_Soil_Report_LR.pdf
 weADAPT links you to climate adaptation professionals, organisations
and networks doing similar work
weADAPT brings exciting climate adaptation work, methods and tools to your
ASSAR: Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions
Added to the ASSAR - Adaptation at Scale in Semi-Arid Regions Network by Jesse
DeMaria-Kinney & Martin Rokitzki
Seeing climate adaptation through the eyes of a child - Mainstreaming
children's vulnerabilities and capacities into community-based adaptation to
enhance impact
Added to the Global Initiative on Community Based Adaptation (GICBA) Network by
Ekaterina Bessonova from SEI
Supporting city-scale decisions in the context of climate change: The case of
the City of Cape Town
Added to the Adaptation Decision Making Theme by Anton Cartwright from SEI
Developing a social network map to frame adaptation action in the Guadiana
river basin, Spain
Added to the weADAPT Adaptation Layer by Consuelo Varela-Ortega, Gema
Carmona, Irene Blanco-Gutiérrez & Paloma Esteve
Methods for integrative research on community resilience to multiple
hazards, with examples from Italy and England
Added to the Disaster Resilience Theme by John Forrester, Neela Matin, Lydia Pedoth
& Richard Taylor
January 2015