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January 30, 2015
Volume 69, Number 4
Miracle of Miracles – Jesus is the Bread of Life
Souper Bowl Kick-off - Feb 1
Growing People in Christ
Larry Olson of
Dakota Road Music
in concert
Saturday, February 7
7:00pm in the Salem Sanctuary
Admission: a nonperishable food item
Larry has recorded numerous CDs and written and published hundreds of songs that
have been passed to the corners of the US and beyond. Larry’s songs come alive with
stories of his rural roots, ponderings of parenthood, stirrings from our global family
and journeys of faith.
The voice of the LORD is upon the waters. Psalm 29:3
Let’s think about bread. “What?” you say.
Did I just read, “think about bread”? Yes,
you did!
If we think about bread in a spiritual
sense, many thoughts and stories come to
mind. Perhaps the most important is the
Last Supper for we are
reminded of the great
sacrifice of Jesus dying for
our sins. Then he took a piece
of bread, gave thanks to God,
broke it, and gave it to them,
saying, “This is my body,
which is given for you. Do this
in memory of me.” (Luke
We can also think of bread in a more
earthly manner as it is truly a staple in our
diet. It fills us and gives us the sustenance
to live. Think about the importance of
bread in the story of Jesus feeding the
5,000 people. Jesus knew all those people
were hungry – and what did they eat?
Bread and fish. Of course, the miracle of
taking five loaves of bread and two fish to
feed 5,000 men and then all the women
and children is truly amazing.
Jesus said, “I am the bread of life. He who
comes to me will never be hungry; he who believes
in me will never be thirsty.” (John 6:35).
We, the Salem Family, can be the
instruments of those words and help
those who are hungry. The goal is to
collect at least 5,000
cans of food (or
items) to help those in
need. We have done this
ministry in the past and
are kicking off the
Souper Bowl Sunday,
so bring in cans of
soup! The project will
continue through Lent and conclude
on Easter Sunday.
As we kick off this project and
approach the Lenten season, think about
the difference you can make by bringing
cans of food to church. Perhaps this could
be your Lenten discipline! Think about the
story of Jesus feeding the 5,000. The
(Miracle...cont on pg 6)
Worship With Us!
8:00 & 10:45am
Fellowship Hour
nursery provided
Office Email:
[email protected]
Dick Hanson, Interim Senior Pastor
[email protected]
Elise Rothfusz, Associate Pastor
[email protected]
Lori Herold, Editor
[email protected]
Deadline for copy is Tuesdays at
12:00pm in the church office.
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Parish Record for January 25
Worship Services 244
RISE UP! for the 2015 Youth
Service - Feb 8
The 2015 Kappa Chi Youth Service is Sunday,
February 8 at both worship services with a reception
in the Fellowship Hall starting at 9:15am. This year’s
theme is ”RISE UP!” which is also the theme of the 2015
ELCA National Youth Gathering in Detroit, Michigan.
The students and their leaders are hard at work putting
all the details together and having a great time doing so.
Larry Olson will be our guest musician at the Youth
Service and will be in concert at Salem on Saturday
evening, February 7 at 7:00pm. Your admission is a
canned food item which will be used for our Miracle of
Miracles Lenten Feeding the 5000 food drive (see page 1).
Ella to take the plunge! (Global
Plunge, that is)
The Global Plunge is an opportunity for young adults to
experience the Church in an ecumenical and diverse
setting. Ella Vandervlugt, former Salem member and
current director of Youth and Family ministry at Advent
Lutheran Church in Morton, has been accepted into this
program, and will spend 12 days (May 27-June 8) in
Geneva, Switzerland at the Lutheran World Federation
and World Council of Churches, and in France with the
Taizé community. Following her trip she will be available
to speak to congregations about her experiences. Ella is
interested in someday working in an international,
ecumenical setting so this is a great opportunity for her
to explore what that might look like, as well as share with
us what the Church is doing around the world.
If you would like to help support this ministry
opportunity with a financial gift, please speak with one
of the pastors.
God’s Work. Our
Hands. Planning
Meeting - Jan 31
In the past two Septembers,
ELCA members in our area have
gathered for an afternoon of
service in our communities.
Another workday for this spring is
in the planning process, and we
would like your input for
worksites and contacts. Join us for
a planning meeting on Saturday,
January 31, from 9:00-10:00am
at Grace & Peace Lutheran
Church on Knoxville in Peoria.
Please contact Pastor Elise if you
plan to attend.
Prayer requests
u For Luan Borquist.
u For Marge Fanning who is
recovering from hip surgery.
u For the men and women of
our armed services.
u For Midwest Food Bank and
the agencies it serves.
Would you like a request for
prayer or to be added to the
prayer chain? Please contact
Norma Hartman (240-8387;
[email protected]).
Tri-M Scotch
Doubles bowling
Saturday, February 21
5:30pm – Dinner at church
7:00pm – Bowling at Landmark
$10/person for meal & bowling
No bowling experience required
Sign up in the welcome center or
contact Jeff & Pam Machacek.
Cross+generational Sing
Along - Feb 11
We invite everyone to join the children’s choirs
for a cross+generational Sunday School sing
along on Wednesday, February 11 from 5:306:00pm in the social hall. There will be musical
favorites that appeal to every generation. This
event will conclude our winter session of
children’s choirs and Breaking Bread. Please
come and show the children your support by
joining us in song!
Breaking Bread dinner will follow at 6:00pm.
If you are interested in joining us for the meal,
but do not regularly attend our meals on
Wednesdays, please sign up at the Welcome
Center to help us plan the amount of food. (Sign
up is not necessary for the sing along. Just join
us!) If you have any questions, please contact
Kelly Brinkman ([email protected];
February 2015
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Anton Martin
Carmen Paar
Samuel Wragge
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February 16
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18 19 20 21
25 26 27 28
February 1
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2 + %
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4! <
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1 2 3
8 9 10
15 16 17
22 23 24
29 30 31
February 2
Peter Grimm
Zachary Onyon
Maren Thompson
Bill Ligon
February 4
Barbara Ackerman
Jeffrey Hainline
Landon Peterson
Timothy Peterson
February 5
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Walter Bennett
Nora Johnson
Rick Lambie
February 3
February 6
Chris Cochran
Lynnce Coyner
Karen Durst
Roxanne Vandervlugt
Lyla Broers
Kyle Turner
Martin Wiesehan
Bridget Wilczewski
4 # !
- :1
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Brad Billerbeck
Janet Jones
Misty Kelly
Nancy Rehn
Jane Sterling
Abigail Wade
! &
3 8
February 24
February 15
February 14
Pam DeBruyn
Allison Harvey
Scott McGregor
February 22
Sandra Baumgarten Olivia Kelly
Salem Lutheran Church Monthly Planner
February 13
Sarah Bidne
Janet Wiesehan
February 17
February 7
Patricia Crittenden
Sarah Nichelson
February 8
Annette Doughty
Benjamin Johnson
David Noe
February 18
Wendy Thomasson
February 9
Joan Berg
Melissa Durst
Emily Peterson
February 19
Wendy Cochran
John Harvey
David Shotick
February 20
William Gavin
February 11
Adah Helferich
February 21
Noah Hopkins
Vickie Larson
Alan Puttcamp
February 12
Norma Hartman
Lisa Janco
Chad Arnold
Paula Hauer
Gerri Hoehn
Stephanie Lowery
Christine Steele
February 26
Marla Breidel
Mia Hoffman
Rebecca Johnson
February 27
Conner Bidne
Melanie Coulter
Brach Jennings
February 28
Linda Dowel
Teresa Wright
Share some
Valentine joy!
Spread some joy by sending a
message of love with a Valentine to
our Salem members who are not
able to attend worship and church
activities on a regular basis.
Valentine bags for our
homebound members will be in the
Gallery on Sundays, February 1,
and February 8. They will be
labeled with names of these
members: Luan Borquist, Walter &
Betty Bennett, Marge Fanning,
Miriam Fuller, Mildred Getz,
Berthena Hayes, Don & Bev
(Share... cont on pg 7)
Pastor Elise
David & Paula Sydow
For the month of January,
supporting the work of
Austin & Tanya Propst in
(Miracle...cont from pg 1)
disciples did not believe that Jesus could feed
all those people with the five loaves of bread
and two fish. We, the Family of Salem, can
collect 5,000 cans to feed the hungry in our
When you eat that piece of toast in the
morning, or your sandwich at lunch, or your roll
at dinner – think about the importance of bread
in your earthly life. When you take communion
on Sunday at church, think about the
importance of bread in your spiritual life. Bring
a can of food to church (or other nonperishable item) every time you come! And
together, we will collect 5,000 cans to feed the
You are invited to join all the youth of
Salem in the Sanctuary at 9:15 am for a music
opening where we will collect our cans of soup.
You will be able to “vote” for the team you
think will win the Super Bowl by placing your
can(s) of soup in the collection boxes marked
for each Super Bowl team. Every can of soup
counts as one “vote” for your favorite team.
So...remember to bring your can(s) of soup
this Sunday for Souper Bowl Sunday! Watch for
more information about this ministry in future
issues of The Bugle.
Changes to the Kroger
SCRIP Program
The Kroger re-loadable SCRIP program for nonprofit agencies came to an end on December 31,
2014. We thank those of you who have used
Kroger SCRIP to benefit Salem Ministries in the
past and hope you, along with the entire
congregation, will take advantage of Kroger’s new
reward program for not-for-profit organizations.
The new program and enrollment process is
quite simple. If you already have a Kroger Card,
you just need to sign in or register online at
www.kroger.com and choose Salem as your
Community Rewards recipient. Then, Salem will
earn a small percentage of your grocery purchases
each time you swipe your Kroger card. If you do
not already have a Kroger card, they are available
at the service counter at all Kroger stores. If you
have difficulty registering, the church office staff
can help you. You can learn more about the
program at www.kroger.com.
(Share... cont from pg 6)
Holmes, John Johnson, Norma Larson, Lilas
Riddle, Fran Riley, Dorothy Ryberg, Vera Sass,
Judy Webster, Boots Saxhaug, Vi Gruber, Evelyn
Wright, Lillian Ries, and Forrest Richman.
Would you like to deliver the bags from
February9-13? There is a sign-up sheet at the
Welcome Desk.
Midwest Food Bank
Our next help session at Midwest Food Bank
will be Wednesday, February 4 from 9:0011:00am. Please sign-up at the Welcome Desk.
Breaking Bread Menu
February 4
barbecue sandwiches
corn, tater tots
fruit, dessert
Women’s Circles
for February
Rebecca – Tuesday, February 3
@ 9:15am
Conversion Last” by Roxanne
Suzanne Ligon
Naomi – Wednesday, February
4 @ 6:30pm
Lydia – Tuesday, February 24
Hostess: Sue Bohn
Devotion: Jennifer Gregg;
Lesson: Mary Shinn
Anna/Esther – Tuesday,
February 10 @ 9:30am
Sermons on web
If you’re not in worship, you can
still listen to the sermon! They
are posted on our website.