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Quotation of the week
“Take sides: neutrality helps the oppressor, never the
victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the
tormented,” Elie Wiesel Nobel Laureate and
Holocaust survivor.
Inside the issue:
Owen Jones’ Talk
The Holocaust
available in the school office on both sites and it
promises to be an excellent evening of entertaining
poetry. Do come along if you can and hear from our
own poets and from this year’s Young Poet Laureate
for London, former Holy Family student, Aisling
Adam Scott Visits
The Education Performance Tables
This week saw the 70th anniversary of the liberation
of Auschwitz. I am sure you have seen the
commemorations and some excellent programmes
on the TV and radio. Students study the Holocaust in
history and next week we are privileged to have a
survivor of the Holocaust coming again to speak to
some of the students about her experiences.
Happy New Year
Headteacher Commendations
These were published on Thursday 29th January and
are easily accessible online. Holy Family comes out
very well and we should all be proud of our
achievements and the progress that students have
made and continue to make in the school. There is
much that cannot be gleaned from the league tables
though. We are equally proud of the fact that we
have an extensive extra-curricular programme, that
Also this week we have two commendations from
many students take part in the Duke of Edinburgh
Mrs Ramadan in Media Studies. Arjun Anthony Croos
scheme, that we raise lots of money for charity and
(11P) for showing great enthusiasm and commitment
that we have such strong traditions in sport, music,
in Media Studies GCSE. Also nominated is Minda
drama and the arts. Unfortunately very little of that,
Grizas (13P) for Media Studies A-Level. Minda's
if anything, can be seen in the league tables!
recent mock exam was exemplary. Well done to both
Parents’ Surgery
This week Mrs Perera has nominated Margot
Phillipson in Yr 7 for her “excellent piece of
homework on 'maze games research' in Resistant
Materials. Margot always produces very good work
and this piece of homework was outstanding”.
Congratulations to Margot.
The General Election
-3— Payment Page is Ready!
Spoken Word
Meet the Teacher
Sports Round-Up
Fashion Show
Chaplain’s Corner
Come & Say Hello
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Parents’ surgery is every Tuesday 4pm to 5pm on the
Walthamstow site. If ever I am not available a
member of the senior team takes my place.
We are, of course, less than 100 days from the
general election. Some of our students will be old
Please continue to remember us in your prayers.
enough to vote and I hope they are registered and
will exercise that right to vote. We will be holding a
mock election in school and encouraging the students
Dr Andy Stone
to engage in the political debate. Lots of people are
cynical about politics and politicians, but we should
be mindful that there are many people in the world
who do not have the right to vote, nor the
opportunity to choose their governments.
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Spoken Word Evening
On Thursday 5th February at 6.30pm we have our
Spring Term Spoken Word Showcase. Tickets are
Scan here:
Owen Jones’ Talk
On Wednesday the 29th, leading journalist and political
commentator, Owen Jones came to speak to our students following an
invitation from Mr Lodziak. He is also well known as a columnist for
The Guardian and The Independent and other national publications
and is a regular on TV and radio. Owen spoke to an audience of staff
have come to power in the past that
have seemingly no charisma, for
example Margaret Thatcher had no
Owen Jones is the author of ‘Chavs:
The Demonisation of the Working
Class. He also had a recent release,
and students about a range of social and political issues and the
session was extremely well received.
Owen had just flown back from Athens the night before so we were
very thankful that Holy Family was his next stop. Students were ready
and raring to ask Owen some controversial questions and one student
asked: “Is there any hope for the uncharismatic Ed Milliband?”
‘The Establishment – And How They Get Away With It’. Owen finished
by urging everyone to become more engaged with their surroundings
and community and that we don’t have to know a lot about politics as
long as we stand up for what we believe in.
Owen calmly answered: “Yes, I think there is hope. Many politicians
Payment Page is Now Ready!
Miss Shah took students from year
10 and 12 to ‘Shapes’ in Hackney
Wick to participate in the Sketch-a
-Day Project bringing students and
artists together.
Work is steaming along with the new building. We still need
your support though so we have set up a secure online payment page which can be accessed through the school’s website
by following this link:
They were given the opportunity to
work with an artist called Jane Moore
and create some interesting life
drawing. Students said: "It taught us
not to be precious about our drawings but think more about personality in our work"
"Quick drawings from life help develop skills and can sometimes
look more exciting on a page. We also did our own quick studies on
the train and in a café".
Emilia Iskra said: “It was inspiring to work with Jane Moore. I
thought the life drawing workshop was really interesting.”
Jane Moore began her career by deciding to keep a journal of
sketches as a New Year’s Resolution. Since then she has been recording observations, thoughts and ideas in a collection of trusty
moleskin sketchbooks and encouraged our students to do the
“I Love my Job”
On Monday, we hosted professional photographer Adam Scott
who came in to give an interesting talk about his life in the
photography business. Adam began by telling us he didn’t go to
university and he started working for local papers in Hackney
whilst attending a course in Bethnal Green. This he said helped
him understand the technicalities of photography and started his
career taking pictures at music concerts.
Over the years Adam managed to take pictures of Tim
Robinson, Tina Turner, Alan Shearer, Madonna and Michael
Jackson. He added that it isn’t all glitz and glam and you must be
determined and willing to put the hours in.
John Phillip Salalima said: “Adam was a really funny,
charismatic guy who made me laugh when I took a
picture of him and he informed me I was holding the
camera the wrong way.”
Adam finished by stating how lucky he has been to
visit great places and witness historic events. He
made many students laugh as he cried out: “I get
paid to do something I love; it’s great!”
Spanish Lesson
Well done to Juan Salazar and Derick Okyere, year 9
students who are sitting GCSE Spanish this year. The pair
have also set up a Spanish beginner’s class for staff who
wish to learn the basics in Spanish! Their aim is to
prepare teachers for the summer holidays!
Ms Schmidt will be helping to prepare the lessons but
the pair will deliver in buena moda! The class
currently has 25 members and they have chosen
to conduct two sessions a week to split the
numbers– Monday and Wednesday. If there are
any more staff wanting to join please inform Ms.
Come and enjoy a night of passion, expression and creativity as students
showcase their spoken word talents. We also have a special guest
performer, past Holy Family student Aisling Fahey, who has recently been
awarded the new Young Poet Laureate of London. The night promises to
be very interesting and entertaining so please do come along and join the
fun! Refreshments will be provided.
Thursday 5th
Walthamstow House
Site Hall
Tickets are available at both school
offices. £3 Adult, £1 Students.
Get them while you can.
Meet Mrs. Dean
What do you do?
“I am the receptionist”
What did you do before working at Holy Family?
“Before working at Holy Family I was a supervisor at Sainsbury’s in
Walthamstow, and before that I was a police officer”
Where were you born?
Where would you like to visit?
“New Zealand”
What do you like to do in your spare time?
“I love to spend time with my grandchildren”
Something unknown about yourself?
“I was a police officer”
Best thing about working at Holy Family?
“It’s great to work with young people”
Quick fire round:
Sport to watch/Activity: Snooker/ I
used to play tennis a lot
Colour: Blue
Dessert: Ice cream
Food: English
Music: Josh Groban
Book: Anything written by
Martina Cole or Leslie Pearse
Hobby: Singing
Movie: ‘Gone with the Wind’
TV Show: Midsomer Murders
Claim to Fame: I used to see Rod Stewart quite often in Epping,
mostly when I went shopping in Tesco
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Sports Round Up
Boys’ Basketball: Yr 11 HF 30 v 25 Norlington | Yr 7 HF v Norlington | Yr 7 HF 5 v 6 Buxton | Girls’ Basketball: Yr 9 HF 12 v 10
Leytonstone ||Basketball Semi-final draw:
Boys’ Yr 11: Norlington, Yr 9: Lammas, Yr 8: Norlington, Yr 7: Buxton.
Girls’ Yr 10: Lammas, Yr 9: Walthamstow for Girls, Yr 8: TBC
William Morris Fashion Show
Student review by: Maya Borel Bernard
Last Thursday the William Morris Gallery opened its doors to our
school and many others to participate in a fashion show. The show
was based on the theme of ‘destructive fashion’. All of the tops
produced were designed by us (the students) and we were
accompanied by a very talented artist. In total we transformed 20
plain T-shirts into something interesting. These tops had been
burned, ripped, tye-dyed, painted and decorated in many other way
and they all looked fantastic.
there was lots to do. There was loads of food to eat, clothes to try on
and great photo opportunities.
Upstairs there were amazing pieces of art work that were all related
to the theme of destructive fashion. It was such an interesting fun
evening and I’m glad I went and it was enjoyable and refreshing to
see what other students had designed and created.
The show was very enjoyable and interesting and the tops were
modelled by girls who all agreed that it was fun to model in such
creative clothing. Even though the show itself only lasted 5 minutes,
Chaplain’s Corner
‘It is not enough for young people to be loved they must know
Christ our Lord, you give us
that they are loved’
our lives: all that we are, our
-Saint John Bosco-
bodies and our minds.
St John Bosco whose feast day we celebrate this week
(30th January) is highly relevant to the work of education.
He was a man ahead of his time whose central work was
that of educating young people. For him education was a
“matter from the heart” where all young people need to
feel that they are wanted and loved. St John Bosco wanted all young people to achieve their potential and so he dedicated his life to caring and
teaching the young. He founded the Society of Francis de Sales (known as the “Salesians”)
You inspire us to learn more
about the world around us,
about you, about ourselves and
about one another.
May we serve one another in
kindness and humility.
Today the Salesians work in most countries of the world educating and helping the young. For
more information:
Be assured of my prayers. Michael Georgiou (Lay School Chaplain)
Prayer Group
A fantastic turn up to the prayer group on Wednesday,
well done to all year 7 and 8 students who attended.
Prayer group is every Wednesday at lunchtime.
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May we gain the knowledge to
build a better world, and realise the potential you give to all.
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