04 Breathing
Hong Kong
Action / Drama / HD / Cantonese / 90 mins
Gilitte LEUNG
Director: Gilitte LEUNG
Producer: Richard GEDDES
HAF Goals: Funds, Sales agents, Pre-sales
Budget: US$800,000
Secured Budget: US$250,000
Director’s Filmography:
2012 Love Me Not
A 30-year-old lady learns Thai boxing to lose weight, eventually landing on the professional
arena where she fights for her pride.
“Lose weight and get a husband” – the definition
of the perfect mature woman. Magdalena, an
advertising brand manager in her early thirties,
abides by these core values of Hong Kong
womanhood. She undergoes an overseas slimming
treatment with a close colleague. Unfortunately, she
fails to achieve her ideal size and the side-effects
cause her serious pain. Moreover, the rumours
spread, provoking disputes between she and her
colleague, indirectly leading to her dismissal by the
Yet, after reaching bottom, both her boxing
techniques and her health improve. She begins to
fall in love with the excitement of combat and the
sadistic trainer. When Kin forces her to fight in an
amateur Muay Thai tournament, Magdalena joins
reluctantly but unexpectedly triumphs. Nevertheless,
Later, she discovers that Kin secretly has paid for
a Muay Thai course in Thailand and a round trip
airticket under her name. Realising she has blamed
Kin unjustly, she takes the course. Undergoing
the harsh yet simple life of the training camp,
and witnessing the tenacity of the Thai children
there, she has new insight about her life. Back
from Thailand, she decides to combat in a real,
professional Muay Thai tournament. To prove
herself, as a beginner, Magdalena steps into the
arena of professional Muay Thai boxers. Her
opponent will be the five-time champion of Hong
Kong! In order to offer her his best training, Kin,
too, must face his past, visiting his master since
childhood, whom he feels guilty to face again...
The inspiration of this story comes from my real
life experiences. Once someone who nearly ever
did any sport, I started practising Muay Thai boxing
by chance. The extreme, intense training was very
harsh for a beginner like me. But as time passed,
I started to appreciate the positive influences that
sport brings. Other than the benefits of healthier
body functions, sports also have positive effects on
calming human emotions and strengthening the
will to overcome all obstacles as well as the will to
persist. It is almost like a philosophy.
Richard GEDDES
Since then, I have gained a great respect for all
athletes. This realisation stimulated me to make a
movie about sports. In addition to those dynamic
Muay Thai boxing training and action-packed
competition scenes, I also enrich the story with
common worries of love and career troubling
modern day women, as well as the frustrations that
all of us have to face in life one day or another. I
am hoping to encourage the audience to overcome
all sorts of challenges in life by connecting to the
fighting spirit of sports.
Terracotta Media
Richard GEDDES has dedicated his professional
career to the promotion of films from Asia. As
a programmer for a London-based film festival
and buyer for a movie distribution label, he is
responsible for the exhibition, promotion and
maintenance of Cantonese and Mandarin movies in
the United Kingdom.
Production Company
Terracotta Media runs a distribution label and
annual film festival as well as regular cultural and
film-related events. It has brought films from Johnnie
TO, WONG Ching-po, The PANG Brothers and
KIM Ki-duk to U.K. audiences via theatrical, DVD
and VOD releases. The company’s annual film
festival connects films and filmmakers from Asia to
the U.K. and beyond. The next step for Terracotta
Media is to expand into production of films in Asia
for local market and international audiences.
Gilitte LEUNG
Gilitte LEUNG Pik-chi began as a music composer,
contributing to well-known Hong Kong singers. She
transformed herself into a filmmaker; her passion
was realised in Groundwalk (2005), widely screened
in festivals. After this first hit, LEUNG continued
in local and international film-related projects and
competitions, such as Journeys Awards in 2009 and
Love More Hong Kong in 2011. Love Me Not (2012)
was her directorial debut.
Mastering multiple roles as director, screenwriter,
editor, composer, cinematographer and producer,
LEUNG would like to fully express her ideas in
her films and to enrich her skills and experience by
participating in different film production platforms.
Richard GEDDES
Terracotta Media
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London, U.K., E17 6EA
Tel.: +44-7951301593
Email: [email protected]
Still determined to lose more weight, she joins a
Muay Thai boxing personal training programme at a
fitness centre. The skinny young coach, Kin, proves
to be a “sadistic hell trainer”!!! He forces her to go
through rigorous training, including hundreds of
rounds of punching sandbags and hardcore fighting.
Under severe physical stress, the unemployed
Magdalena also has to deal with career pressures
arising from her plan to open a cafe. She is on the
verge of a breakdown.
during the celebration dinner, she learns that Kin’s
true intention is just to urge her to buy more of his
lessons and exits furiously.
Director’s Statement