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Key art of the 38th HKIFF revealed – “The world comes to Hong Kong”
Have a taste of the magical popcorn and explore the whimsical world of films
in Hong Kong
5 February 2014 (Hong Kong) ─ Popcorn and movies go hand in hand, delighting your taste
buds while you also indulge in a visual feast. With these thoughts in mind, emerging artist
Vivian Ho chose a Popcorn Mountain as the symbol of the 38th HKIFF (Hong Kong
International Film Festival). With its different vistas and strange and wonderful inhabitants,
Popcorn Mountain signifies the filmmakers, talents and audience from around the world
coming together at the HKIFF.
Vivian describes the key art as colourful and joyful, setting the tone for a vibrant launch of
HKIFF, which gets underway on March 24, 2014. “The idea behind my work is that with your
first bite of popcorn, you embark on an amazing journey in Hong Kong,” said Vivian. “For
example, you can enjoy a spectacular view from the peak with Mr. Robot, or read some
amazing tales under towering mushrooms. You can play a love song on the coral reefs or
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swim through the clouds.” She hopes highly acclaimed filmmakers and their films from all
over will come to the Popcorn Mountain (Hong Kong).
Vivian continued, “In Hong Kong, there are no borders and no distance, but instead endless
possibilities. I want to invite everyone to join the 38th HKIFF party and explore the whimsical
world of films.”
Li Cheuk To, the Artistic Director of the Hong Kong International Film Festival Society, was
pleased to note that, “The HKIFF key art designers are getting younger. Vivian Ho was born in
the 90s, and her designs are audacious and daring. For us, youth offers a fresh vision and
perspective, bringing new and novel ideas to the global film industry. We hope that by
supporting such a young artist, we can encourage a new generation to consider a career in
the creative industry.”
The 38th HKIFF will run from 24 March to 7 April, 2014. The key art will be featured on all
promotion platforms including the Programme and Booking Folder, the official website and
mobile applications.
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About Vivian Ho (Vvn Ho)
Born in the 90s and bred in Hong Kong and a graduate of Wesleyan University, Vivian Ho is
an emerging artist who is fast gaining attention in Hong Kong. During her school years, Vvn
already built up an extensive exhibition track record. Her work has been acquired for private
collections overseas and in Mainland China, and has been featured in international art
Vvn finds inspiration in the wet produce markets of Hong Kong, creating large true-to-life oil
paintings that portray the beauty and emotional impact of violence and death but
characterised by detailed and light touches. She is also passionate about graphic illustration,
her quirky style recording glimpses of life like a collection of poses. Vvn is able to create a
true yet unrealistic and surreal world, whose black humour resonates with the audience, in
the hope of sharing her concerns with the Hong Kong community.
Vvn is a member of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators (HKSI). She currently teaches in
Hong Kong Design Institute (HKDI).
About The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society Limited (HKIFFS)
Uniting the World through Film
The Hong Kong International Film Festival Society (HKIFFS) is a charitable, non-profit and
non-governmental organisation dedicated to the discovery and promotion of creativity in
the art and culture of film.
Through its year-round programmes, the mission of the Society is to strengthen global
appreciation of Asian and Chinese film culture and to promote inspiring films from around
the world, enriching the cultural life of Hong Kong.
Committed to the development of a vibrant film culture in Hong Kong and Asia, the Society
organises two annual flagship events in March and April: the Hong Kong International Film
Festival (HKIFF) and the Hong Kong - Asia Film Financing Forum (HAF).
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Passionately believing in the power of films to unite cultures and generations, the HKIFFS is
devoted to giving thousands of film lovers around the region direct access to the world’s
most inspired films all year round.
About the Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF)
The Hong Kong International Film Festival (HKIFF) is one of Asia’s most reputable platforms
for filmmakers, film professionals and filmgoers from all over the world to launch new works
and experience outstanding films.
Screening over 280 titles from more than 50 countries in 11 major cultural venues across the
territory, the Festival is Hong Kong’s largest cultural event that reaches an audience of over
600,000, including 5,000 business executives who attend the Hong Kong International Film &
Television Market (FILMART), a concurrent event of the HKIFF.
Committed to discovering new talent, the Festival premieres the breadth of Chinese cinema
and showcases Asian talents. As a lifestyle event, festival-goers can enjoy world-class films,
attend seminars hosted by leading filmmakers from around the world, visit film exhibitions,
join celebration parties, and more.
The Festival draws extensive media coverage from over 500 local and international press
members and continues to grow in importance as one of the premier platforms to launch
films in Asia.
The 38th HKIFF will be held from 24 March to 7 April, 2014.
For media enquiries, please contact:
The 38th Hong Kong International Film Festival
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Strategic Public Relations Group (SPRG)
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