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Networking Event
FHN Food & Health Network
Satiety Day
Tuesday 10 March 2015
10:00 - 15:30
Institute of Food Research,
Norwich Research Park, Colney, Norwich NR4 7U
FHN invites you to attend a Networking event :
This event will look at current research trying to understand the mechanisms underpinning
appetite control and how Industry and Academia are working together to develop effective
Join us and hear from
Prof Pete Wilde
Dr Alan Mackie
Dr Frances Bligh,
Prof Tim Foster,
University of Nottingham
Obesity is a global public health challenge. In UK alone, over 60% of the adult population are
overweight or obese. This is largely caused by a combination of overconsumption and a sedentary
lifestyle. In most people this leads to a long term weight gain as they age. Treating obesity and its
associated conditions costs the NHS up to £6bn per year and is rising.
Controlling appetite has been shown to be a critical factor to help individuals control energy intake and
hence maintain a healthy body weight. Therefore there has been increased interest in the development
of foods which reduce appetite and prolong satiety. However, more research is still required to fully
understand how different foods contribute to appetite reduction.
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