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Wednesday 16/07/2014
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Bay of Plenty, NZ
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Council backs
neighbours site
A NEW social networking website
for neighbours will be launched in
Rotorua tomorrow at the Rotorua
District Council with Mayor Steve
Chadwick and other councillors
showing their support.
Neighbourly is New Zealand’s
first private neighbourhood
website, and after a successful
pilot in Auckland, Neighbour has launched across the
Neighbourly co-founder and
managing director Casey Eden
said the idea for the website came
from realising that while we
might be well connected with family, friends, work colleagues, and
even celebrities and sports teams
we didn’t know our neighbours.
‘‘The purpose of Neighbourly is
to create a simple platform where
neighbours can connect and
engage online, ultimately leading
to more face to face interactions,
and safer, stronger and more
friendly places to call home,’’ he
‘‘The difference between Neighbourly and other social media
sites is that we are a ‘private’
social network in which members
join based on a geographic
location and can see and interact
with others based in the same
location. You do not have access to
the whole network like Facebook
and you do not have to go out and
build a group of friends or ‘likes’.
Also, we address verify each user
and ask everybody to use their
real name.’’
Neighbourly is being promoted
as a way to network with
neighbours and also address
crime prevention, or help others
in an emergency situation.
The pilot launch in five Auckland suburbs saw more than 4000
members sign up and engage with
their neighbours.
NEIGHBOURLY: The neighbourhood
website and
Rotorua District Council will be
announcing a partnership tomorrow –
a commitment to work together to
create an even better Rotorua.
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