here - Debenham High School

Wheelchair basketball – KS3
LS – Diversity Focus
Belief Carousel
(Year 8) (Periods 1-4)
What you say makes a
Periods 1 and 2 Year 7 –
SMa/LRa lead; PSHE
follow up activities
US – Diversity Focus
Workshop – ISLAM : what
does it mean to be a Muslim in
Suffolk today? Are all Muslims
terrorists? Yr 10
Year 10 Health and Social Care
students serving lunch at
Coopersfield Community
housing 12pm
Year 11 Health and
Social Care students
supporting at Fit Club
at Dove Cottage at 2pm
ASDAN Community Lunch for
elderly (Dining Hall)
Resources Centre – DVD –
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Resources Centre – DVD –
Hunchback of Notre Dame
Dining Hall– Asia and
Pacific Ocean
Dining Hall – British food
Basketball Club – Wheelchair
Travellers – Exploding the
Myths – Debating Club – Mark
Workshop : Amy drop
in – ASD 1.45 – 3.45
(Boulter Room)
Workshop : Ancient History –
Examples of good Diversity –
Charlotte Mortimer (Drop In –
Resources Centre )
Dining Hall – Indian theme
Afternoon Wheelchair basketball – Yr 7
Traveller awareness raising
Year 9 (Periods 5 and 6)
What you say makes a
Periods 5 and 6 Year 8 –
Sma/LRa lead; PSHE follow up
activities (Hall/Boulter)
Staff Training – Traveller
Awareness through the
Curriculum – Mark Bennett
Whole school quiz
Damian – Disability
Awareness session –
Y11; Y9 (Periods 2 and
3) (Boulter Room)
Workshop: Gender in
Disney – Charlotte
Mortimer (Drop In - ?)
Year Group
Year 7
Art and Design
Year 10
Year 7 and 8
Year 9
Year 10 and 11
Description of Activity/Foci
GENDER: Art – Sexism. Why female artists are so rarely mentioned in art history.
GENERAL DIVERSITY: DT using polymorph to make products for different people.
RM – Building structures from recycled materials.
AGE DIVERSITY : Textiles – Designing for elderly and disabled
GENERAL DIVERSITY: Variety of scripts and forms of stimuli used reflect our multi-cultural society.
GENERAL DIVERSITY: Challenging stereotypes through drama (particularly those based on age, gender
and religion)
GENDER: exploring play texts that tackle issues of feminism and women’s role in society and the theatre
(e.g. ‘Top Girls’, ‘Playhouse Creatures’)
Year 7
CULTURAL DIVERSITY : Accent/Dialect & Black British Poetry
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Children of the world – describing the family in different cultures.
CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Learning about French speaking countries.
CULTURAL DIVERSITY: To complete a case study on French speaking families in Burkino Faso
Health and Social
Year 7
Year 8
Years 9; 11
CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Working on settlement and the way societies have developed through migration.
CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Working on the impact of deforestation on different indigenous peoples.
CULTURAL DIVERSITY: Working on Globalisation.
Years 10 and 11
AGE: Selected Year 10 and 11 students involved in the Debenham Project eg Year 10 supporting with the
serving of the Coopersfield Lunch on Tuesday and Year 11 supporting with the Fit Club on Wednesday
Year 8
CULTURAL DIVERSITY: To investigate the Aztecs and Empire.
Outside the Diversity Week, the History Curriculum includes many areas re diversity , including the
Islamic World and the crusades in Year 7; the changes in France during the French Revolution in Year 8;
gender issues re women getting the vote in Year 9 and the black peoples of America in Year 9.
Year 8
GENERAL DIVERSITY: Students will be working on a video advert for a sports shop. For their advert, they
need to think about diversity and they need to incorporate elements suitable for our diverse community.
These will include images, video, story, music, text and effects.
Year 10
DISABILITY DIVERSITY: Students will be learning about the different learning devices and software to
support disabilities. This will include the use of specialist input devices such as Braille keyboards,
microphones, touch-sensitive data entry devices etc. There will also be discussions about software used
to support people with learning disabilities.
Years 7 and 8
Years 10 and 11
GENERAL DIVERSITY: Q3 on the Media exam is about representation. We are focused on analysing how
different groups of people are represented. At the moment both Year 10 & 11 are exploring the
representation of status & class with practical photography work. In diversity week we will deconstruct
the representation of social groupings in several film examples & consider positive discrimination.
Years 7-9
ATTITUDES TO DISABILITY: Consideration as a Starter of role models who are excellent musicians with
disabilities, such as Evelyn Glennie, a deaf percussionist.
Media Studies GCSE
GENERAL DIVERSITY: To investigate whether the 'ideal human proportions' described by Vitruvius
around 30BC, and drawn in the famous picture of the 'Viruvian Man' by Leonardo DaVinci in 1487, are
still relevant today. Pupils will use scatter graphs and statistical measures to investigate the arm span
and height of individuals and compare them to proportions in the painting.
Years 7 and 8
GENERAL DIVERSITY: Bespoke lesson on “What you say makes a difference!” to challenge prejudice and
discrimination in language.
Year 7
Year 8
Year 9
RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY: Just completed a unit of Hinduism
RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY: Just completed a unit of the importance of pilgrimage in different faiths .
RELIGIOUS DIVERSITY: Working on a unit looking at the diverse beliefs of different world faiths on life
after death.
Year 8
GENERAL DIVERSITY: All classes will be set a Homework Challenge to present independent research on a
key scientist who has to overcome or deal with prejudice and discrimination.