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Epiphany 4 to Lent 1
Words of Hope
Reflections by Pastor Terry Richardson
Restore us, O God; let your face shine, that we
may be saved. Psalm 80:3
Maybe I am getting simpler as time passes. I
am often surprised by people who comment on
a story or a sermon because it was so easy to
understand. I like things that are easy to
understand. Often life is not like that, so the
moments that are understandable have a way
of staying with us. A few years ago at
Confirmation Camp I told a few stories about
my dog, Ohki. Some of those attending still
ask about Ohki when I see them at the camp.
So here is a story about my little Shih-Tzu,
Our little dog at home that is getting older. She
has a tough time with the stairs and it was
painful to watch her attempts to climb steps.
She probably has aches in her joints but can’t
talk about it. So I had an idea. I went to the
Re-store. I walked through the aisles filled with
salvaged sinks and cupboards, baseboard and
knobs, light fixtures and closet doors. And
there I found some special treasures. An eight
foot plank that used to be a shelf and a long
carpet runner came home with me. I stapled
the carpet to the plank and then put the plank
at a gradual incline along the stairway. Within
the hour Ohki was happily using a new ramp
and once again had the run of the house. A
February 2015
cast-off article was restored from a previous
use to an altogether new purpose.
The Psalmist’s might have had sore joints, or
was just afraid, but his heart cries out for
restoration. The cry to be restored may also
come from your heart. There can be a way of
thinking about life and
doing things differently
than we expected. We
can be restored by letting
someone help, by making
a change, by being good to ourselves and
agreeing with decisions that help us have a
better life. That is restoration. It can carry
blessing. Jesus was always restoring people
from old to new creations. He can restore you
too, maybe in a way you never expected! It is
something that my dog helped me understand.
Lord of new beginnings, make me a new
creation. Amen.
The Nanaimo 7 – 10 Club Society
The Witness and Mission Committee would like
everyone to be aware of a very worthwhile
group in our city. The Nanaimo 7-10 Club
Society was started in 1985 by a group of 12
people from differing faith backgrounds who
came together to feed hungry children in the
city. Since
then, the 7-10
Club has
served more
than one
million meals, not only to children, but also to
anyone in need. The 7-10 Club Meal Program
provides a hot nutritious breakfast, homemade
soup, plus a brown bag lunch to go that is
served by community volunteers to those in
need during the hours of 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM.
All meals are offered at no charge. Some of the
opportunities for volunteering include: kitchen
help, fundraising, drivers for donation pickup
and events.
To support their work they welcome donations
of cheques and also the following foodstuffs:
Cheese Whiz, carrots, celery, onions or
ground beef.
If you wish to donate any of these items take
them directly to 285 Prideaux Street,
Nanaimo, BC V9R 2N2. Phone first: 250-7140917.
Submitted by Irene Scott
I am a Charter member of Hope Lutheran.
You’ll see my name on the Charter is listed as
Irene Schmitt. Blanche Besse and I played the
organ for services for 29 years as volunteers.
They were never without an organist. If I
couldn’t be there, Blanche played and vice
versa. My fondest memory of the first service
was being part of a quartet that sang How
Great Thou Art. Frieda Kalack sang soprano, I
sang Alto, there was a man who sang tenor
and Howard Besse sang bass. I think Blanche
played the organ for that. Later we had 2
services on Christmas Eve. I played for the 7
p.m. service and Blanche played at the
communion service at 9 p.m. I also remember
playing for a Lerch wedding in St. James
Anglican on the pump organ, wedding march
and all. When I went into a business, I had to
stop and focus my time on that.
Submitted by the Altar Guild
Thanks to everyone who provided flowers for
the altar this past year. There is a new
calendar in place on the kitchen door for 2015.
Anyone wishing to provide
flowers on a specific Sunday
can fill in their names. If it is
in memory of a loved one,
anniversary or birthday, please
indicate that fact. If you would
like a reminder by a phone call a few days
ahead, please put a check mark to the left of
the date and someone from the office will call.
following a Potluck Lunch
at approximately 12:30pm.
Please consider letting your name stand for
one of three vacant council positions. If you
wish to nominate someone, please contact
Carolyn Iles, Janice Vosper, or Ray Schultz;
who will follow-up and contact the nominees.
The Annual Report will be available in the
Narthex from Feb. 1st. Please pick up a copy
after the service and read it prior to the AGM,
then bring it with you to the meeting. Any
additions to the Agenda should be provided to
Ray Schultz in advance of the AGM.
February 17th
5 pm – Pancake & sausage supper.
7 pm – Ash Wednesday Eve Service.
Men’s Breakfast Group will be hosting.
Epiphany Explorations 2015 Live Streaming
Bethlehem Retreat Centre & Brechin United
Church are cooperating in the Live Streaming
of Epiphany Explorations 2015. Bethlehem
Retreat Centre, 2371 Arbot Rd, Nanaimo, will
host the Live Streaming - Full conference $75.00; Single day - $35.00 per day. Brechin
United Church will offer follow up videos and
discussion - 10:00 a.m. – Fridays - Feb. 6, 13,
20; Mar. 6, 13, 20
– Admission is free, donations accepted. Mark
the dates and join us.
Lenten Film Series: to be offered at Trinity
United Church on Spartan Rd., Nanaimo. Six
films, one each Tuesday afternoon from Feb.
24th through March 31st. The 1:00-4:00pm
time frame includes the movie, time for
discussion, and refreshments. Open to all;
attend one or all as you wish. There’s no fee.
More information coming soon.
Consider the Janitor
The calendar of events is an important piece of
the puzzle for our Janitor. Howard reads
through the calendar to determine when he can
come and clean. Therefore it is important for
all church groups/committees to be sure to
note their meetings/programs on the church
calendar, in the church office. If you can't do it
in person, please call in your meeting/program
information so someone can add it to the
calendar for you. If we all do our part, Howard
won't travel to the church only to find a meeting
taking place, which means he must rearrange
his schedule to come another time. Working
together, we can make this work!
ElderCollege, VIU Nanaimo
Campus March-April 2015 is
offering the following course.
MARK’S GOSPEL – A Literary
Masterpiece by Peter Orme,
Anglican priest. For further information: college; 1-866-735-6252; or
the Spring Elder College course calendar.
Please make a note on your calendar:
Deadline for articles for the March, 2015
edition of The Messenger newsletter will be
9am, Friday, February 20th.
Candle Wax for the Crafters
If you or anyone you know wishes to have
some of our old white candles for crafts, please
feel free to take them from the Narthex. They
will be available until February 14th. After
that, we will take them to the Recycling depot.
Quilter's Open House
Please come to an Open House put on by the
Quilters of Hope. We would like to show you
what we do at quilting. It is easy and fun too!
Hopefully, you will be so excited
by what you see that you will want
to participate in this group. Lunch
will be provided. Please come to
the church on Feb. 27th at 9:30
am and stay for lunch at 12:00. Call Linda
Harvey if you have questions 751-1435.