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Nanaimo Arts Council
Second 1/4 in Review
April-JuNE 2014
Exuberance – by Nadia Schworan
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Reta Beirnes
Past Events
spring showcase
[Judged by Denise MacNeill]
[32 Entries]
1st Place
Honorable Mention
“Fantasy Forest”
by Marg Baker
2nd Place
3rd Place
“Old Favorites” “Here, There and Everywhere”
by Tiki Westnedge
by Ed Chan
“Dance of Colors” by Nadia Shworan
“The Littlest Mousekateer” by June Raabe
Judge’s Choice
[Judged by Chris C Bush]
Chris C Bush
“Mirrored Lilies” by Ann Stefanson
1st Place
Best overall treatment and rendering of
subject matter
“Mirrored Lilies”
by Ann Stefanson
Denise MacNeill
“Café Perusal” by Rudy Hoedel
Graphic, lively, interesting.
Love the polka dots!
Honorable Mention
“Prismatic Bouquet” by Ann Stefanson
“Cameron Lake and Rippling Water” by Larry Walrond
“Rusted” by Lorna Zaback
2nd Place
“Alaskan Strata”
by Ann Stefanson
3rd Place
“Bowen Park Reflection”
by Lorna Zaback
Islands short fiction contest
The 2014 Islands Short Fiction Contest invited writers
of all ages on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands to submit short stories of up to 2000 words, and recieved over
75 entries. There was over $1000 in cash and prizes to be won including a bursary for a course in the VIU Creative
Writing and Journalism Department. The contest is co-sponsored by the Nanaimo Arts Council, the Vancouver
Island University Department of Creative Writing and Journalism, and the Vancouver Island Regional Library.
The judge of the Adult category was award-winning author and VIU Creative Writing instructor Kathy Page. “I looked
for a strong opening, vivid language, interesting premise, convincing characters and a fully realised ‘story world,’”
she says. “Because the standard was high, I have taken the liberty of adding some honourable mentions.” The Youth
and Junior category judges were Lee Losell and Sheila Hammond-Todd, Children and Youth librarians at the VIRL
Harbourfront Branch.
Adult (19 & over) Winners:
• First Place: “Oh, Lamb” – Lorin Medley
• Second Place: “Flannelette Sheets and Blinkster” – Kimberly Clark
• Third Place: “Trains” – Brendon Abbott
Honorable Mention:
“Letting Go of Yuko” - Kimberly Kemmer
“Migration” - Sarah Needles
“five purple bulbs on a string of white lights - Petronella van Oyen
“Suicide Watch for Seniors - Margot Fedoryk
“A Grave Before Dark” - Sandra McCulloch
Youth (13 – 18) Winners:
• First Place: “Life in a Vial” – Lauren Bush
• Second Place: “Monster” – Leora Middleton
• Third Place: “Catching Stars” - Skylar Gruys
Junior (12 & under) Winners:
• First Place: “Lost In A Dream” – Erin Burnley
• Second Place: “Seeing Through Mist” – Sara Lewis
• Third Place: “Journey Up Kerona Mountain” – Brianna Boichuk
To read the winning stories go to
[30+ Entries - Nanaimo Art group members]
Laurie Zuvich and Vi Wawrykow
Diedie van Eelen
[a brief history]
The Nanaimo Art Group was established in 1947 by H.C. R. Davis
and E. Kneen of Nanaimo, B.C. The group was given its official
name at the first executive meeting on November 8, 1947.
Judi Hopewell and Keith Newington
Classes were first held at one of the old army huts, Pauline Haarer
School, Occidental Hotel, and the Plaza Hotel (in Mr. Barraclough’s
office). William Barraclough, a NAG member, had willed some
funds toward library art books. Other working locations were
Brechin Church, Beban House, and the Regional Library which was
home for 25 years. Since then, NAG has had many other temporary homes.
Some instructors hired over the years were Victor Arcega, Alan
Wylie, Dorothy Ross, Doris Paterson, John MacNeill, Gerd Bowdin
and Wendy Robson to name a few.
Currently, the group meets on Friday mornings at Harewood
Activity Center. There are over 45 members who participate in
workshops and lessons or just come to paint leisurely and visit with
fellow artists. During the summer months of June, July and August,
the artists are free to paint outdoors at designated locations.
The Nanaimo Art Group has celebrated 67 years of art with a
showcase at the Nanaimo Arts Council in May, 2014.
Vida Newington
Mid-Island Photography Showcase
[new perspectives on landscapes & wildlife - 17 Entries]
For this year’s Mid-Island Photography Showcase, the decision was made to not make it a competition. Instead, we
received a number of donated prizes which were raffled off during the Showcase Reception. The donations
included a $50 gift certificate from Yellow Bird Arts Gallery, a $250 canvas print from, a $100 gift
certificate from Walmart, and a $50 gift certificate from London Drugs. Fairway Market also kindly donated food for
the reception. We also recieved a donation of $250 worth of framing materials from, which was
rewarded to the People’s Choice winner. Each image in the Showcase was accompanied by Random Acts of
Poetry written by Sonja Arntzen, Susan Constable and Nanaimo’s Poet Laureate, Naomi Beth Wakan. The short
poems were all written at the gallery in approximately 4 hours, typed up and then hung beside the images.
Peoples Choice
“Departure Bay BC”
by John Moore
“Six Pillars”
by Sucha Ollek
Sucha will receive $250 worth of
framing materials donated from for the people’s choice
achievement awards
The Nanaimo Arts Council Achievement Awards are designed to give financial aid to individuals of any age and discipline to further their Arts Education. Awards may only be applied to tuition, materials and equipment (not travel or accommodation). This Achievement Award Program has given out more than $51,000 to students in the Nanaimo area over the past
16 years. Selections are made on the basis of talent, achievements to date, potential,
long-range goals and benefit to the community.
The Nanaimo Arts Council Achievement Award Fund accepts designated funds from individuals and groups as well as
funds generated by Arts Council fund-raising projects and BC Gaming. Our Achievement Award Fund is managed and
distributed as the Board of Directors and Bursary Committee deem in the best interests of the Nanaimo Arts Council and in
accordance with their Achievement Award Policies.
The Bursary Committee is a standing committee of the Nanaimo Arts Council and is responsible (under supervision by
the Board of Directors) for adjudication of the Achievement Award applications. The Bursary and Achievement Award
Committee this year consisted of Rosina Solylo & Leonie Gardner.
left - right: Rosina Solylo, Tina Jones
left - right: Leonie Gardner, Rosina Solylo,
Samantha Cashmore
2014 Bursary / Achievement Award Winners
Samantha has been singing since she was 7 years old. Though classically trained she quickly took to the
Music Theatre genre. Currently, she is in her third year of her Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Musical
Theatre and is thriving with a 4.0 GPA at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in LA. Though she
has performed in many musicals, her most recent and memorable role was performing this April (2014) as
the lead role of “Ivy” in the musical “Bare” on stage in Hollywood.
Tiana Dick is a student at Wellington Secondary School. She spends most of her time, when she is not
studying for academics, in the band room playing with other young musicians to prepare for the upcoming
festivals. She chose upright bass as her primary instrument because of the deep beauty in its sound, as well
as its uniqueness as not very many people play it. It is a hard instrument to play physically; transporting it
becomes very difficult, but when she is on stage playing with her friends, it becomes worth the struggle.
Tiana has always been involved in music coming from a musical family where singing became a regular thing.
She has only been playing bass for two years, but will continue to learn and grow in music exceeding
Making art, whether it be collaborating with other artists or as a solo journey, is woven into the fabric of my
being. From touring and making high-quality kids’ music with my band The Kerplunks, to free expression
painting and illustrating for children’s books, I feel very fortunate to call this my career. I’m very excited and
feel a tremendous amount off opportunity for growth in this process and very much look forward to attending VIU’s Bachelor of Arts Visual Art Major program.
Raised and educated in creative environments, Tanis Alexis Laird is an inspirational artist, teacher and
collaborator. Finding no interesting distinction between “art” and “craft,” she embraces the term “artisan” meaning a person who is vested in the creative realm. Tanis is improvisational when sitting down to create.
Her work is a culmination of her interests, environmental values, thought processes, ideas and magical
things, an exploration of hope and her dedication to the life-long creative journey. Tanis’ work has been
shown locally on the West Coast of Canada and has been sold to patrons throughout the U.S, Europe and
2014 Bursary / Achievement Award Winners
Jesse is a jazz guitarist, composer, and arranger currently going into his fourth year in the Vancouver Island
University Jazz Program. Born in Nanaimo, Jesse began playing guitar at the age of nine, first studying with
Alan Medcalf at Arbutus Music (2003-2007). Completing BC High School requirements in an accelerated
online program, Jesse began post-secondary music studies at the age of fifteen. Since then he has been
fortunate enough to receive many awards and scholarships, most recently the Fraser MacPherson Jazz Fund
Scholarship. At VIU, Jesse studies under the guidance of Pat Coleman, Ken Lister, Hans Verhoeven, Ben
Henriques and other great instructors. He performs regularly in the Nanaimo area, recently playing guitar for
Schmooze Productions’ musical Spamalot. Currently studying guitar with Pat Coleman, Jesse plans to finish
his degree at VIU and then pursue graduate studies in jazz performance.
Graduating from Dover Bay Secondary School this June, Paige Parker is an aspiring artist with practice in
many artistic fields. She has been a dedicated dancer, visual artist, and seamstress from a young age. Paige
regularly assists with costume design and set design at her dance school, Tempo Dance Academy, and does
freelance art as a side job. She has previously been the runner up for Nanaimo’s Street Banner Design
competition twice, won the Art Recognition Award in high school, and won the award for best banner in the
Festival of Banners competition. With a lifelong passion for many forms of the arts, Paige is now pursuing a
Bachelor of Arts with a focus on Visual Art and Psychology.
At a young age Summer gravitated towards the creative arts and has always strived to be the best she could.
Summer finds constant inspiration in the world around her, and tries to let her mind absorb as much as
possible. Aided by general knowledge this enables Summer to draw things accurately from her mind while
adding details that really capture the gestalt of the subject. Working with Kismet, Cedar Secondary Grad
Committee, Drama Department and, Student Council, as well as being the year book editor for 2013 has
given her the skill and experience that she feels raises her above her counterparts. Summer plans to use her
knowledge and experience to gain access into the game design industry at first as a free lancer, but hopefully as a hired concept artist in the end. She also enjoys character and environment design and ambitiously
chases the career of her dreams.
Text provided by award winners
Photos by Rosina Solylo (excl. Samantha Cashmore)
beading circle
Takes place every Wednesday, from 6:00pm – 8:00pm
@ the Vancouver Regional Library [Harbourfront Branch, 90
Commercial Street]
A collaboration between the Nanaimo Arts Council, Nanaimo
Women’s Centre and the Mid Island Metis Nation.
This free group meets weekly for camaraderie, skill development
and motivation to complete projects. We have kits available for
the beginner beader with everything needed for a small project for
$5.00. If you can’t afford materials, we will find some for you.
Members of the Nanaimo Beading Circle participated in herArt this
spring by offering 4 free beading workshops. herArt is a Nanaimo
Women’s Centre program offering free arts activities to people who
don’t necessarily have access to arts programming. NBC’s workshops
Accessorize Me! : simple jewelry-making techniques, including how to
make basic bracelets, necklaces & earrings.
Culture Days
[September 26th, 27th & 28th]
“Culture Days is committed to reaching the goal of having all Canadians
in every community declaring “Love Culture” and making culture a
daily habit.”
NAC hosted a FREE Culture Days Workshop in April by Nazanin Shoja of
Culture Days BC. Emerging from that meeting was a Culture Days Committee
responsible for assisting planning, coordinating and implementing Nanaimo’s
2014 Culture Days Celebration. NAC’s role is that of lead correspondent to
Culture Days BC and to facilitate the goals of the Committee which are:
• To ensure participating groups are working together to schedule events and activities in such a manner that avoids conflicts
• To ensure event is marketed and promoted throughout the community
• To assist & support those participating in Nanaimo’s 2014 Culture Days
• To gather information & provide updates and progress on various aspects of the celebration.
• To attend all or some of Nanaimo’s 2014 Culture Days Celebration
• To promote public awareness of the National, Provincial and Nanaimo’s Community 2014 Culture Days Celebration
The group including representatives of the NAC, City of Nanaimo, Vancouver
Island Regional Library, WordStorm and several individuals has met several
times and has formulated a timeline for promotion of this year’s Culture
Days Celebration including signs on the buses, a poster including all of the
registered activities in Nanaimo, a facebook page, twitter account, proclamation by the mayor and media releases. This year will see the addition of a
cultural “Hub” on Saturday, September 27, at the Harbourfront Branch of the
Vancouver Island Regional Library. While there will be many activities around
town, the Hub offers a central, free location for organizations and individuals
who don’t have their own location.
Culture Days Nanaimo
or contact Sarah
[email protected]
Fall in Love Again : ... with your old clothes!
Partnering with Swap-ORama-Rama, this workshop showed how to brighten up old clothes,
purses or other fabric items with beautiful beaded embellishments.
No Loom? No problem : No-loom Bead Weaving.
This is an age-old
practice of creating patterned strips of bead work that can be applied
to clothing, fashioned as bracelets, bookmarks or other creative
Traditional Metis Beading :participants learned about traditional Metis
beading styles and techniques
Find us on Facebook! Nanaimo Beading Circle
The group will be taking a break for the month of July and will
resume August 6.
Become a member
Join a community that celebrates you and your work. Support cultural
development of Nanaimo. Exhibit in our gallery in the Nanaimo North Town
Centre. Discover others and share your ideas and inspiration.
Membership entitles you to discounts on show/workshop entry fees, free
listing in our directory, allows us to display your work around town in popup displays and ongoing exhibits.
Your fees also allow us to support artistic development through our Bursary
and Achievement program.
Join now. Let’s celebrate creativity together.
Annual Membership Fees
upcoming NAC Events
July Summer Showcase - Painting (NAC Gallery)
July 21st Culture Days organizing meeting (VIRL Harbourfront)
July 26th Heritage Paint Out Shoot Out - $1000 in prize money!In
partnership with City of Nanaimo & Nanaimo Museum
August Heritage Paint Out Shoot Out 2014 Exhibit, Nanaimo Museum
August Members Summer Show & Sale(NAC Gallery)
August 15,16,17th NAC Coloring Corner & Instagram Contest- VIEX
September Heritage Paint Out Shoot Out Retrospective Exhibit (NAC Gallery)
Sept. 26, 27, 28th NAC participation in Culture Days
October Autumn Showcase (NAC Gallery)
October 11th Swap-O-Rama-Rama (St. Andrews United Church)
October Exhibit Change Port Theatre
November Out of the Frame Fundraising Exhibit & Sale
(NAC Gallery)
Nov. 28, 29, 30th NAC location at ArtWalk
December NAC Members Exhibit (NAC Gallery)
Individual (Direct)
Youth (18 & under)/Student/Senior (65+)
Family of 3 or more (1 or 2 adults plus youth)
Individual (Indirect) - through Member Group
Supporting Member
Access to Art - for people with limited income
Nanaimo Beading Circle, Wednesdays 6-8pm, VIRL Harbourfront
Full membership benefits & totally confidential
(Stopping for month of July)
Apply via a brief letter with simple outline of your situation
Monthly Board Meetings - everyone welcome - contact the NAC office for dates, times, location
Date:___________________ Name:______________________________
All of our events need volunteers in order to continue. While experience is great, it certainly
Organization (if applicable):______________________________________
isn’t mandatory! We can train you. Volunteering with NAC brings with it all sorts of benefits in
Contact Person:_______________________________________________
addition to the satisfaction of a successful event including: acquisition of skills and experience or
the opportunity to share your skills and experience, opportunities to meet other arts and culture
minded people and be inspired and energized, connection to your community and an opportunity
City:______________________ Postal Code:_______________________
to contribute to it in a meaningful way.
Home #:___________________ Cell #:____________________________ If you are interested in a creative community and value inclusivity & community, growth & learning,
Work #:___________________ E-mail:___________________________
fun & creativity – check us out.
If you have an idea for a creative event or activity and you are willing to work to see it come to
Interested in Volunteering? Yes____ No____ Maybe____
fruition, please contact us. Let’s see if we can make it happen.
In Gallery_____ Other_____
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(This list is as of July 2014. Every effort has been made to make this a comprehensive list and if we have inadvertently left
someone’s name off – we offer sincere apologies and if you let us know, we will rectify the situation immediately)