Rafe Hollister Sings

Finding the Way Back to Mayberry
Lesson 1 ‐ Rafe Hollister Sings Introduction The annual Ladies League Musicale will be held in Mayberry this year. Barney believes he will be chosen to represent his town, and he prepares excitedly for his audition. As he is practicing, Farmer Rafe Hollister drops by the courthouse on an errand and listens to Barney’s wretched rendition of "Believe Me If All These Endearing Young Charms." Rafe begins singing the song in order to show Barney how it should be sung, and he does so beautifully. Much to Barney’s chagrin, Andy encourages Rafe to audition too. Discussion Topics A. Self‐Centeredness 1. How did you feel when you first heard Rafe Hollister sing? ______________________________________ 2. Why did Barney fail to recognize and appreciate Rafe’s beautiful voice? ___________________________ 3. Who does Jesus say is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 18:1‐5)? ____________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What does the Bible say will be the result of selfish ambition (James 3:16)? ________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 5. What is the key to avoiding conceit (Philippians 2:3)? __________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ B. Judging Others 1. Why did the mayor and Mrs. Jeffries not want Rafe to sing in the musicale? ________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 2. Would you want the mayor and Mrs. Jefferies as your close friends? Why or why not? _______________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 3. How does the Bible say we will be judged (Matthew 7:1‐5)? What is the danger we risk in judging others? _________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. What is missing when we find ourselves being prejudice toward others (Romans 13:8‐10)? ____________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ C. Peer Pressure 1. At first, Andy agreed to cooperate with the Mayor and Mrs. Jeffries. What event later changed his mind? __________________________________________________________________________________ 2. John Master’s didn’t hesitate to select Rafe as the Mayberry representative. What does that tell you about his character? ______________________________________________________________________ 3. What does the Bible tell us is the reward for enduring what is right (James 1:12)? ___________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ 4. We are to work for the good of whom (Galatians 6:9‐10)? ______________________________________ 5. How will others know we are disciples of Christ (John 13:35)? ___________________________________ Final Thoughts 1. How does Rafe’s behavior demonstrate the law of love? 2. Given social pressure, would you tend to be snobbish like Mrs. Jeffries or loyal like Martha? 3. Have you ever abandoned a friend in an embarrassing situation? 4. Read Colossians 3:12‐14 to discover the practical ways we can live out a life of love towards others. Episode Quotes “Rafe Hollister is not presentable. Present him at my organization; a club that represents the finer things? Never!” ‐ Mrs. Jeffries In response to Barney’s vocal practicing in the back room, “How long’s he been ailing?” ‐ Rafe Hollister “Maybe on the way over there you can teach him how to sing that song ‘a cappella’.” ‐ Andy