How to Guide-Program Plans - Peninsula College

Academic unit plans seek mission fulfillment through the alignment of core themes and
objectives with program and course level actions and assessment.
Go to
Your username is your Peninsula College email address. To retrieve your username and
password contact Mia Boster at [email protected]
1. When you sign in you will see your plan listed on the screen.
2. Click the Edit button located to the right of the plan title for the year you want to edit.
3. To add an objective, click the Add Objective button.
4. Choose a core theme objective, a strategic objective or type a custom objective in the
Create New Unit Objective box and click the add button for that category.
5. Now you can add an action. Click the Add Action button located under the Objective.
Type the action, type a lead staff, check the number of years. Most actions are one year,
however some may be two or more such as participating in the planning of a new
classroom or lab. If the action requires new funding check the new funding box. If you
know the amount of new funding type the amount just below the action text in the
Action Description box. (Be sure to also submit a separate Purchase Request for the
item or activity)
7. Click Submit to save the new action.
8. To add a method for assessing the action click, the Add Method button. Type the
method and click the submit button.
9. To add criterion click the Add Criterion button. Type the Criterion and click submit.
10. The results should be added after you have completed the action and gathered the data
described in the Criterion.