How to connect between PAV

How to connect between PAV-6100 and Potec devices
1. In case of connection with PAV-6100 and PRK-5000
* To make data communication possible among POTEC products, you must upgrade software of PRK-5000 if the
the version of the PRK-5000 is lower than 3.12d or 2.40z.
1) Turn on the PRK-5000 and check if the version of your PRK-5000 is 3.12d or 2.40z.
(The version will be displayed on the monitor.)
- If the version of PRK-5000 is lowe than 3.12d or 2.40z, do up grade the version of PRK-5000 referring to
an instruction 'How to set up a software to PRK-5000'.
2) Go to SETUP MODE of the PRK-5000
- Please refer to the page 26 of PRK-5000 operation manual to go to the SETUP MODE
3) Move to PAGE 2/5 of the SETUP MODE and set the TRANS as below
4) Escape the SETUP MODE and turn Off the PRK-5000
2. In case of connection with PAV-6100 and PRK-6000
* Since PRK-6000 has latest software, you don't have to set up software to PRK-6000.
1) Go to the SET UP Mode in the PRK-6000 and enter to PAGE 3.
2) Check the value which indicated as red circle on the below image.
3. Connect cables as below configuration.
※ Important Notice!!
- Before connecting cables to devieces, make sure that all devices is turned the power off.
Configuration of PAV-6100 and Potec devices
* For more detailed configuration, refer to annex 1 at the page 3.
4. After connecting all cables, turn on the devices.
5. Measure the model or human eye with the PRK-5000 or PRK-6000
6. Press the PRINT button of the PRK-5000 or PRK-6000
Then measured data will be transmitted to the PAV-6100 Phoropter.
7. Press LOAD button of PAV-6100 operation panel.
8. Press the RK button of PAV-6100 operation panel.
9. Press F6 button of PAV-6100 operation panel.
Annex 1 - Detailed configuration of PAV-6100 and Potec devices
PRK-6000 RS232C Connector
PRK-5000 Connector
Operation Panel
6 Pin Cable
Junction Box
Power Cable
Seperate the cover
to arrow direction
8 Pin Cable
4 Pin Cable