Newsletter - Zion Hill Church Family

Issue 20 Volume 2
February 2015
“Making Our World A Better Place”
It's Time for an Upgrade!!
MESSAGE FROM PASTOR: Dr. Joshua Joy Dara Sr. , Sr. Pastor
I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My prayer
for you and your family is that God will richly bless you in this year of
exploits. Amen! Today, I will like to share with you about an idea that I
am in the process of implementing in our Church. It is called the
Church in Twelve Tribes. It is not a new idea but it may be new to Zion
Hill. Basically it is a concept being used in big Churches to reach and
minister to all members without leaving anyone out. It is also a very
effective way to “close the back door” of the Church. Here is how it
When the congregation of Israel was getting very big and Moses who
was their leader could not keep up with the blessing, his father in law advised him to lead the
people of Israel by delegating his authority to others. As of today, Zion Hill has a membership of
more than 4000 people with 1667 household. In other to effectively meet everyone’s need and
leave no one behind, I am adopting the Jethro principle by:
1. Dividing all Church members into 12 tribes like the 12 tribes of Israel;
2. Then, I am delegating leadership authority to a combination of Associate ministers, Deacons and Deaconesses in our Church.
3. Said combination of Ministers, Deacons and Deaconesses are responsible for making sure
that all the needs of Church members assigned to them are being met.
4. For your information, the first letter of each member’s last name is attached to a
particular tribe listed below. In short, that is the tribe that you belong.
5. Likewise, a list of Ministers, Deacons and Deaconesses are assigned to each tribe to indicate who and who has been assigned to provide leadership for a particular tribe.
Below, please find the details:
-All members whose last name start with letter “B”
-Their leaders are
-Pastor Matthew Wilson, Jr
-Pastor Amanita Kay
-Pastor Carla Joseph
-Deacon Herbert Perkins
-Deaconess Emma Ary
-Pastor Jacqueline Stewart
-Pastor Shirley Taylor
-All members whose last name starts with letters “A, D”
-Their group leaders are
-Pastor Sherryl Williams
-Pastor Dennis Stewart
-Pastor Brenda Dozier
-Deacon Arthur Washington
-Deaconess Gertherine Patterson
-Pastor Fred Jones
-Pastor Teresa Bowie
-All members whose last name starts with letters “C, E, F”
-Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Marie Cofield
-Pastor Jim Linzay
-Pastor Jill Linzay
-Deacon James Burrell
-Deaconess Elizabeth Dara
-Deaconess Patsy Ward
-Pastor Merry Phillips
-All members whose last name starts with letter “H”
Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Gerald Williams
-Pastor Lachunda Sumbler
-Pastor Adrianne Gillyard
-Deacon Elliot Barnes
-Deaconess Wanda Butler
-Pastor Brack Vasser
-Pastor Irene Isaac
-All members whose last name starts with letters “G, I, K”
-Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Robert Ferguson
-Pastor Lee Brown
-Pastor Tammy Brown
-Deacon Earl Johnson
-Deacon Curtis Beuregard
-Deaconess Rosie Johnson
-Deaconess Carolyn Young
-All members whose last name start with letter “J”
-Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Tammie Perkins
-Pastor Fannie Reed
-Pastor Lillie Beed
-Deacon Robbie Bridges
-Deaconess Curtisteen Matthews
-Pastor Timothy Paul
-Pastor Tylar Paul
-All members whose last name starts with letters “L, N, O”
Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Tony Batiste
-Pastor Dayton Williams
-Pastor Jackie Williams
-Deacon Willie Jackson
-Deaconess Marie Harris
-Deaconess Marie Harris
-Pastor Sandra Roland
-Pastor Debra Batiste
-All members whose last name starts with letter “M”
-Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Carla Clark
-Pastor Shirley Williams
-Pastor Terrence Williams
-Deacon Willie Brown
-Deaconess Alice Brown
-Pastor Millicent Rubin
-Pastor Sandra Norris
-All members whose last name start with letter “P, R”
-Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Passion Payne
-Pastor Mark Henton
-Prophetess Patricia Williams
-Deacon Fred Waller
-Deaconess Shirley Beard
-Pastor Joshua Kador
-Pastor Destin Harris
-All members whose last name start with letter “Q, T, U, V, X, Y”
-Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Cedrick Williams
-Pastor Terry Joffrion
-Prophetess Shirley Jorffrion
-Deacon Bryant McClendon
-Deaconess Patricia Hudson
-Pastor Annie Dorn
-Pastor Tracy Burton
-All members whose last name starts with letter “S”
-Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Darlisa Hall
-Pastor Alberta Foster
-Pastor Linda Harris
-Deacon Eric Ford
-Deaconess Mary Copeland
-Pastor Wiley Thompson
-Pastor George Mitchell
-All members whose last name starts with letter “W”
-Their Group Leaders are
-Pastor Joseph Nelson, Jr.
-Pastor Bennie Kirk
-Pastor Stephanie Kirk
-Deacon Terrence Sidney
-Deaconess Jacko Sidney
-Pastor Joseph Nelson, Sr.
The various Ministers, Deacons and Deaconesses assigned shall be trained by the Senior Pastor of the Church. The training shall be on-going throughout the year. For now, each tribe
leader should contact the Church office to pick up a list of the Church members assigned to
his/her groups. Also, very soon, we shall provide the contact information of all group leaders
to the congregation so that everyone can know how to contact their group leaders in times of
Again, I thank you for your continued prayers and support for the work of the ministry in Zion
Hill. Together, we will transform our community into an oasis of God’s kingdom on earth.
Yours in Christ Jesus,
Dr. Joshua Joy Dara, Pastor
Stewardship Sunday
“It’s Time to Give”
Beginning in February 2015, each of us will have the opportunity to increase our blessings simply
by “GIVING”! No tricks! No gimmicks! The Bible tells us God cannot lie. Everything he has
promised is TRUE! And He has promised the more we give, the more He will give to us.
Zion Hill continues to be “The Light of the World – A Church Set on a Hill Cannot be Hid.” Pastor
Dara is a leader and visionary willing to be used by God and brave enough to trust God for the
miraculous! Let us continue to follow our pastor as he follows Jesus Christ. Pastor Dara has
shared with us a plan to begin a face lift of our sanctuary. This will cost money and we as a church
must be willing to invest in the VISION knowing that God has blessed us with an anointed
visionary leader. By now everybody ought to be READY!!!
Here’s the Plan!!! Are you READY? This is an investment we cannot afford to miss. We will keep it
SIMPLE. Simply “Give and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down and shaken
together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. It is worth repeating, the more we
give, the more He will give us!
We have declared Stewardship Sunday every Second Sunday in 2015. Over and above our tithes
and offering, each of us is asked to give a good steward gift/offering to the church to help
maintain and update our sanctuary. As promised, we will keep this simple and allow “God to Get
the Glory.” Remember, expect to“BE BLESSED!”
Plan of Action
1. Complete Pledge Cards – February 2015
2. Kick Off Sunday – February 8, 2015
Monthly Stewardship Pledge– Every 2nd Sunday –Envelopes will be provided.
Monthly Goal $30,000.00+
Quarterly Goal $100,000.00+
Annual Goal $500,000.00+
*Wear your favorite Team/Church Shirt/Jersey on Kick Off Sunday-February 8, 2015!*
*Wear your favorite Team/Church Shirt/Jersey on Kick Off Sunday-February 8, 2015!*
Questions and Answers
1. What is a stewardship program? Stewardship is a plan for giving to the church to promote the overall wellbeing of the body of Christ and to help maintain a place of worship. This is over and above tithes and offerings.
2. Is Stewardship biblical? We recognize that God owns everything. “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness
thereof; the world and they that dwell therein (Psalm 24:1). God established stewardship from the beginning
giving Adam and Eve dominion over Creation. He provides the resources for our life and through us the resources for His work and His church. Jesus calls us to be wise and faithful stewards over all that He has blessed
us with.
3. How much should I give? Remember our Pastor has asked each member to give at least $200.00 to help
purchase new seats for our Sanctuary. Please include this amount in your pledge. Please pledge generously and
cheerfully. You will be BLESSED.
4. How often should I give? Again, this is up to the giver. The amount you plan to give for the entire year
should be listed on your pledge card and this amount should be given in full by the end of this year.
5. Can I pledge with someone else? Absolutely! We encourage everyone to get involved. Pledges may be
made by individuals, families, friends, ministries and teams (name your teams – example: Saints, Cowboys, etc).
Remember team pledges will be recorded financially by team name only. However, a list of team members will
be maintained as listed on the Pledge card.
6. How do I pledge? Pledge cards will be available at the church. Everyone will have the opportunity to
complete a pledge card in December. However, you can update your pledge card at any time. If you are already
giving to the Capital Fund Campaign (listed on the white Tithing/Offering envelope), you may include this
7. What about fund-raising? Any plans for a fundraiser MUST be approved by Pastor Dara or his designee.
8. When will we begin? Kickoff Sunday is February 8, 2015.
9. What are our goals? Monthly - $30,000.00+ Quarterly- $100,000.00+ Annually - $500,000.00+
10. If I have more questions, who can I contact? Please contact James W. or Mary Boyd Smith –
@318-767-6113. If no answer, please leave a message and your call will be returned.
contribution as a part of your Stewardship pledge and place it in the Stewardship envelope.
“2 hearts that beat as 1”
Valentine Gala
February 13, 2015
Tickets $ 10.00
@ Family Life Center
7:00PM until 10:00PM
Latoya Beard
Latoya Beard received her
Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Healthcare Administration from Southern
University. Latoya is the
daughter of Edith Beard
and the granddaughter of
Deaconess Shirley Beard.
Zion Hill Senior Ministry and
LSU AgCenter are jointly
sponsoring a free nutrition series called, "Let's Eat for the
Health of It!" Starting Feb. 3,
2015, lessons and examples of
healthy eating will be taught at
the Senior Ministry meetings,
Please know that we appreciate your courage
beginning at 11:00 A.M. The
and dedication to serve and protect this
series will last for 6 weeks,
United States of America. If you are apart of
every Tuesday through March
17th, and will be conducted at
any of these branches please leave your
the Zion Hill sanctuary located
name and what branch you served with in
at 300 Baptist St. Senior adults are invited to
the front office . This includes ROTC and the attend.
Army Reserve.
Pastor Darlias Hall
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Fiber optics have entered the building! What I mean by this is that Suddenlink Cable Co. has made the investment to provide and install fiber optics for the Zion Hill Church Family at no costs to our church ministry. To GOD be the glory. This
state of the art technology is what we’ll be using to switch our phone and data services which I touch on a little last
month. The devil is in trouble!
Suddenlink recently informed me that we are ready to start using the data service which had a target date of January
2015. Meeting with Suddenlink the last week in January wasn’t successful so I’ll be trying to accomplish this meeting in
early February so that they can provide us with IP addresses and where to connect to their equipment.
First, February 2015 is now the target date for switching our phone and data services to both reduce our monthly costs
and enhance our network/online experience. Here is more of what was mentioned in last month’s article:
1. Increases our weekly live stream internet speed from 1.5 mbps to 20 mbps on a separate dedicated data circuit.
2. Increases our shared (staff/Wi-Fi) internet speed from 1.5 mbps to 20 mbps on a 2nd dedicated data circuit.
3. Reduces and eliminates obsolete phone numbers, provides greater flexibility and service, and reduces our monthly bill.
This phase will be coordinated with Turner Teleco who manages our internal equipment.
Again, once we complete the upgrade, we will switch on the Wi-Fi 5-GHz wireless radio for your mobile devices. You’ll now
be uploading your videos captured during worship service in no time. We’ll also be adding more Wi-Fi access points to
increase the number of people on our network. With these additional access points, Zion Hill’s Wi-Fi will handle a few hundred users. Send an email to [email protected] if you can’t connect after these upgrades. Access our Wi-Fi devices
directly or as a guest all the time anytime with one word – zionhill.
We have installed a new Blue-Ray/DVD player, projector lamp, and some other accessories to enhance your movie viewing
experience in our theater. Look for the Zion Hill Movie Nights to resume soon. So enjoy the surround sound and high definition picture right here on the Hill.
Lastly, we all have heard Pastor Joshua speak about the need to overhaul our media. This essentially involve following:
Replace existing cameras plus add remote control cameras, new higher quality cable runs from cameras to media room,
direct distribution of captured video to all screens/monitors without splitters/splices, upgrade the media room electrical
(separate contract), replace all the media room’s equipment (graphic PCs, production equipment, recorders, switchers,
distribution equipment, live stream equipment, monitors, etc.), provide house video to theater in high definition, restore
theater wall connection, and provide a video wall in the sanctuary with ability to show 4 different videos simultaneously. I
recently asked the engineers to look at phasing this work.
CONNECT WITH US: (livestream) (friends page)
zionhillmeida (public page)
Deacon Eric Ford
Media Ministry
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