Spring 2015 - Center for the Study of Representative Institutions

The Yale Center for the Study of Representative Institutions (ycri)
spring 2015 schedule
February 25 4:30 pm
Lecture FRANÇOIS FURSTENBERG (Johns Hopkins)
Trans-Atlantic Land Speculation in the 1790s United
States: An Economic Interpretation?
May 1
Symposium Following the publication of David Bromwich’s
The Intellectual Life of Edmund Burke: From the
Sublime and Beautiful to American Independence
March 25
Lecture ISAAC NAKHIMOVSKY (Yale University)
Co-sponsored with the Political Theory Workshop
June 9–10
Conference Grassroots Modernities: Science, Agriculture and
Improvement in the Atlantic World
April 10
Conference Adam Smith: Critic of Capitalism?
Tuesdays 12:00 pm
Reading Group Henry Clark’s recent translation of Montesquieu’s
Mes Penseès
April 23 4:30 pm
Lecture JESSICA LEPLER (University of New Hampshire)
The Many Panics of 1837: People, Politics, and the
Creation of a Transatlantic Financial Crisis
Fridays 12:30 pm
Reading Group
Religion, Representation, and Politics
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or the YCRI Directors, Steven Smith ([email protected]) or Keith Wrightson ([email protected]).
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