Irrigation Programme in the Southern VARDAR Valley, Macedonia

Project Reference in the Field of
Agriculture and Irrigation
Irrigation Programme
in the Southern VARDAR Valley
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry
and Water Economy, Skopje
Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau
Costs of Project 17,000,000 EUR
Duration of
2001 - 2002
Lead Partner
Services provided by CES
feasibility study
survey on irrigation in infrastructure
engineering design of irrigation infrastructure
improvement/ rehabilitation measures and cost
operation and maintenance concept
proposal for irrigation programme
Description of Project
In all regions of Macedonia rainfall is insufficient to produce high yielding crops and this is particularly the
case in the Southern Vardar Valley. The old irrigation systems have considerably deteriorated due to
deferred maintenance and due to institutional constraints. Due to insufficient water services, high water
losses and a complicated billing system, the cost recovery rates of the Water Management Organizations
(WMO) are very low.
The overall objective of the irrigation programme is to improve the standard of living of the people in the
programme area through sustainable use of the natural resources and the irrigation infrastructure. The
programme area covers four irrigation schemes with a net irrigation area of about 2,500 ha. The longterm
improvement of the irrigation water supply will require the restructuring of the irrigation sector. Water User
Associations (WUA) will be promoted and established during programme implementation being responsible
for the O&M of the irrigation systems, mostly consisting of sprinkler and drip irrigation facilities. Surface
water from the tributaries of the VARDAR River as well as River Rine groundwater will be utilized for
The proposed irrigation programme will be implemented in three phases :
Phase I
Phase II
programme preparation
programme implementation
Phase III
operation and maintenance