Ker Rault, P., Chouikh, A., Sijl, G., Kort, de, T. and

Non-Conventional Water Reuse for Irrigation
Global Innovative Oasis & WAWARIA
Dr Philippe Ker Rault1, Dr Amar Chouikh2, Gerard Sijl3, Ton de Kort4, Dr Joop Harnsem1
Alterra Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands;
Office National de l‘Assainissement, Algeria,
NRO Fusion - Stokvis Group, Netherlands;
PB Techniek, Netherlands.
Global Innovation Oasis
Non conventional water, either coming from domestic or industrial process
such as oil and gas production and refinery can be valued for:
• Soil depollution
• Co-composting
• Soil fertilisation
• Tree nursery and green belt
Innovations to address the Water Energy Food NEXUS
Reuse of process water- valorization of brackish water, hyper saline water
Decrease Carbon footprint of Oil& Gas Activities
Depollute soil & save expenses on environmental recovery cost
Create employment & sustainable agriculture
• Irrigation for horticulture and arboriculture (date palm fruit trees).
This poster presents 2 projects aiming at giving a second life to nonconventional water: WAWARIA and the Global Innovation Oasis.
WAWARIA Waste Water Reuse for Irrigation in Algeria
• Study the efficiency of tertiary treatment from membrane technology on
• Study of treated waste water potential for irrigation in Algeria, and of
potential for agriculture;
• Study accumulation of Heavy Metals, Salt, pathogens in soil, in plants:
tomatoes, cucumber, potatoes, lettuce, beans, beetroot, and with 3 water
quality: ground water, treated wastewater, membrane filtered wastewater;
• Capacity building and knowledge transfer;
• Contribute to the definition of norms and standards.
 1 membrane filtration Unit, 3 Smart irrigation units, 3 water reservoirs
 9 green houses
 300 potatoes, beetroot, tomatoes, lettuce, beans and Cucumber
Figure 1. Membrane filtration, smart
irrigation unit and 3 water reservoirs
Figure 2. International WaWaria Team
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Figure 7. The reuse of oil & gas process bi-product s in the Global Innovative Oasis
• A pilot plant has to be tested closed to an oil & gas processing facility.
• We are seeking visionary decision-makers to jointly address the Water
Energy Food Nexus.
• More R&D on soil fertility, crop water requirement, irrigation & salt need
research with lysimeters and real time control.
Figure 3, 4, 5, 6. Green houses and initial results in Ouargla, Algerian Saharan desert.
Climate Change & Adapted Land & Water Management team,
P.O. Box 123, 6700 AB Wageningen
Contact: [email protected]
T + 31 317 4 82156, M +31 6 10 764 785
ONA:Said Zitouni, Ourahmoune Abdelhalim, Chetouh Abdesselem, Kamel Adjeriou, Rafika Khacheba,
Nadia Bouidia
INRAA: Dr Lamine Hafouda, Aissa Tirichine
Alterra: Dr Jochen Froebrich, Dr Paul Romkens, Koen Roest, Dr Wouter Wolter, Arjen Spijkerman
Ministry from Foreign Affaires: HE Frans Bijvoet; Art Kwint; Isabelle van Tol.
SPG Steiner: Philippe Steiner, Wolfgang Zimmermann, Boubaker Medassi
GlassPoint: John O’Donnell, Marwan Chaar