Support Letter - Dr. Zoran Katrinka, DVM

Veterinarska komora Srbije
Veterinary Chamber of Serbia
Dr. Jan Vaarten, Executive Secretary
World Veterinary Association
Avenue de Tervueren 12
B-1040 Brussels, Belgium
Via email to: [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Nomination and support letter for the WVA Councillor Election
Dear Dr. Vaarten,
The Veterinary Chamber of Serbia (VCS) is honored to nominate Dr. Zoran Katrinka,
DVM, for the position of WVA Councillor from Europe, during the 2014 -2017 term.
Enclosed with this letter of nomination is a completed WVA nomination form, a
written statement from Dr. Katrinka, Dr. Katrinka’s curriculum vitae with photograph
attached, and the WVA Code of Conduct and Confidentiality Statement signed by Dr.
Zoran Katrinka.
Veterinarska komora
Bulevar JNA 18
11129 Beograd
011 – 2684 597
011 – 2685 619
011 – 2687 475
Е-mail: [email protected]
The Veterinary Chamber of Serbia strongly supports the nomination of Dr. Katrinka.
Elected as the Representative of VCS to the WVA at the end of 2010, Dr. Katrinka
helped our organization become the WVA member, during the first months of 2011.
At the end of the year 2011, he invited the WVA President Dr. Faouzi Kechrid and
Immediate Past President Dr. Tjeerd Jorna, to visit Serbia. This visit was of immense
influence in our Country, since it resulted with the strong support to the Veterinary
Profession in Serbia, and with the decision of the then Minister of Agriculture that
Serbia submit the request for the OIE PVS Analysis.
Dr. Zoran Katrinka helped that WVA gain a new Member, namely the Veterinary
Chamber of Rebublic of Srpska (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 2012.
During his carrier, Dr. Katrinka served at several executive positions in National
Veterinary Organizations: Secretary of Serbian Veterinary Society; President of the
National Vet2011 Committee; Representative of VCS in the OIE events dedicated to
Veterinary Education and Veterinary Statutory Bodies; Representative of VCS in
Euro-Arab veterinary Association and in Visegrad Vet Plus, an informal Group of the
10 Veterinary Chambers from Central-East Europe and Balkans; Dr. Katrinka initiated
the VCS Comittee for cooperation with Serbian Civil Society Organizations for Animal
Welfare and Protection; Dr. Katrinka actively participated in organization of several
Veterinary Congresses and symposia with international participation in Serbia.
Considering that Dr. Katrinka strongly supports the WVA membership in the Region
and serves as an avid Ambassador of the WVA, VCS believes that he would be an
excellent WVA Councillor from Europe – proactive, engaged, creative and
responsible, as manifested in his previous activities.
Chairman of the VCS Board
Dr. Radoš Railić, DVM
President of VCS
Dr. Grgo Tikvicki, DVM Spec.