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Women of Bethany
A Catholic Ministry of Women
Spring 2014
You are invited to our 20th
Anniversar y Retreat
“Freed to Love” Galatians 5:13
Sister M. Caterina Esselen is a member of the
Congregation of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy to
which Saint Faustina belonged. Sister Caterina
joined the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy in 1995 and
made her perpetual profession of vows in 2003.
Sister Caterina has been proclaiming the message
of the Divine Mercy at conferences, in parishes,
schools and prisons. Sister Caterina has served as
Vocation Directress and Novice Mistress. She is
currently the Superior of the Sisters’ community in
Boston, MA.
Our Spiritual Advisor for the retreat will be Rev. Waldemar
Podlasz, a Salvatorian Father. Currently the Pastor of Divine
Infant Catholic Church in Orleans, Rev. Podlasz is originally from
Poland. A wonderful biography of this holy priest can be found at:
Everyone is Invited: Please join us for a special Mass to
celebrate 20 years of the Women of Bethany Ministry.
Date: Sunday, November 9, 2014 at 1:45 pm
Locaon: St. Patrick’s Basilica, 281 Nepean Street
Archbishop Prendergast will preside.
Word from our Coordinator
Happy Anniversary, Everyone!
This year marks the 20th Anniversary of the Women of Bethany Ministry. If you have ever been to a
Women of Bethany event, you are a Woman of Bethany. On behalf of the Core Team, let me take this
opportunity to say thank you and congratulations.
We will celebrate our 20th Anniversary in several ways. We have a special 20th Anniversary registration
price. We couldn’t offer 1994 prices, but we are offering a limited time, super-early-bird price. Please see
page 3 for details. We also have a limited number of special anniversary mementos, so please register
early to take advantage of the special pricing and reserve your gift.
This year we are thrilled to welcome Sr. Caterina of the Sisters of Our Lady of Mercy as our guest
speaker, and Rev. Waldemar Podlasz as our spiritual advisor. We will remember our beginnings by using
the same theme as the first retreat in 1994: “Freed to Love”, which was based on the book Freed to Love:
Healing for Catholic Women by Ronda De Sola Chervin. We will focus on the freedom that flows through
God’s love; the freedom to love. We reflected on Gal 5:13, where St. Paul tells the Galatians that they
were no longer bound to the old law, but freed through Christ to love one another and be servants of
one another. The Archdiocese of Ottawa pastoral theme for 2014 is “Welcome one another as Christ
has welcomed you” (Rom 15:7). With these two themes in mind, I encourage you to invite someone new.
Women of Bethany has changed over the years. We have moved locations several times. The retreat
schedule has been revised as new Core Team members brough new ideas into the Ministry. Once again
we are at a time of change. The first change will be the location of our Sunday Mass. This year we will
have the pleasure of celebrating our closing Mass at 1:45 pm with Archbishop Prendergast at St. Patrick’s
Basilica (281 Nepean St). We are opening this Mass to the wider Women of Bethany community of family
and friends. Many women would not be able to attend without the loving support of husband and friends.
We would like to invite everyone who makes the weekend retreat possible to join us at St. Patrick’s. It
will be a real celebration!
Our second change this year will be on the Core Team. Several members are stepping down and moving
into other areas of service. Women of Bethany is in dire need of new volunteers if the ministry is to
continue. Each year we put out a call for volunteers. Although many volunteer for jobs during the
retreat, we haven’t had volunteers for key positions such as coordinator, treasurer, secretary,
communications, web support or prayer ministry coordinator. Without new core members, the
remaining Core Team will be unable to continue. If you’re interested, contact [email protected]
I’d like to thank all past Core Teams and the amazing army of volunteers who have prayerfully carried this
ministry through 20 wonderful years. We have had some amazing speakers, wonderful healings, powerful
prayer times and always joyful fellowship. I have completely enjoyed my time with Women of Bethany; I
look forward to what the Holy Spirit has planned for this Ministry and the women of the Ottawa area.
We can all be proud of the fruit that has sprung from this Ministry. Love never fails! ♥ Lorie O’Reilly
“God doesn’t call the equipped,
He equips the called.”
We are in immediate need to fill the following volunteer openings on Core:
Ministry Coordinator
Coordinator’s Assistant
Communica-ons Coordinator
Prayer Ministry Coordinator
Do you benefit from Women of Bethany retreats? Please pray that these
posi-ons can be filled by good women to maintain our beloved ministry!
…Consider whether God is calling you…
(All training provided)
All interested candidates, please email: [email protected]
20th Anniversary Early-Bird Discount!!!
Key Dates to Remember:
As a one time special due to the celebration of
our 20th Anniversary, special rates will apply
June 1, 2014: 20th Anniversary Special Deadline
Sept. 1, 2014: Early Bird Registration Deadline
Oct. 1, 2014: FINAL Registration Deadline
for all those who register by June 1, 2014.
Single Occupancy - $400
Double Occupancy - $275
Triple Occupancy - $250
* Cheque and Registration must be postmarked
no later than June 1, 2014.
Our early bird rates from last year will still apply
to those who wish to register between
June 2, 2014 and September 1, 2014.
Single Occupancy - $425
Double Occupancy - $300
Triple Occupancy - $275
Cheque and Registration must be postmarked
no later than September 1, 2014.
Registrations Sept 2 - Oct 1, 2014 ar e as follows:
Single Occupancy - $450
Double Occupancy - $325
Triple Occupancy - $300
(Registrations beyond October 1 can only be
accepted subject to hotel availability)
Register Early & Enjoy Great Savings!!!
* No refunds can be given for cancellations after
October 1, 2014 (unless the spot can be filled).
Refunds will be given for cancellations
prior to October 1, 2014.
You may pay at the time that you send
in your registration form, or post-date your
cheque to the dates outlined above
(June 1st, September 1st , or October 1st ).
* Cancellations at any time are subject to a $25.00
administrative fee, if that cancellation results in
us having to issue a refund cheque.
“Why Am I So Favoured?” (Luke 1:43)
Reflections on the November 2013 retreat:
“Everything was great... time for prayer, Mass, talks, free time,
great food. Schedule has a good balance of everything.”
Regarding Prayer Ministry: “Very beautiful. I felt lighter - I could
perceive in my senses being lifted up to Jesus. This was very
Would you please
pray for our beloved Ministry as
we prepare to
celebrate 20
years? We need
to cover in prayer
all Women of
Bethany, this fall’s
guest speaker, and
spiritual advisor.
Ask the Holy
Spirit to show the
Core members
what God’s plans
are for the future.
Maybe you could
pray the
Memorare prayer
each day, or 3 Hail
Mary’s, Divine
Mercy chaplet, or
request a Mass
for these
Thank you.
Regarding our Guest Speaker, Carmen Marcoux:
“A good refresher course on the suffering and joy of the
Christian life with a view on eternal life.”
“She was so talented, full of joy, spirit, love, humble. Carmen
taught me beautiful new ways of looking at Mary, Martha, Jesus
and God the Father. I am a princess because my Father is the
King of the universe!”
Regarding the Ottawa Marriott Hotel: “Summit speaks for
itself – I felt very blessed to be able to enjoy our meals
in such a scenic location.”
“Lots of time for prayer - structured and personal; availability
of the Chapel; Adoration; Time for fellowship.”
“I am leaving contented, peaceful, with sore ribs from
laughing so much. Ah! Joy!”
Contact Information for Core Team:
Lorie O’Reilly
Jo-Anne Conroy
[email protected]
[email protected]
Shannon McGruer
Janet Nelson
[email protected]
[email protected]
Prayer Ministry:
Gemma O’Sullivan
Shauna Paul
Jane Prini
Cheryl Thompson
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
A Word from our Prayer Ministry Coordinator
Our theme “Freed to Love” contains a great mystery. How can we be freed to
love? It is something we all desire. The first thought that came to me was
“Through Forgiveness”. If we sin, God forgives us “AS we forgive those who
trespass against us”. Unforgiveness is a block to God’s Love coming to us, and
through us to our children. In the parable of the Prodigal Son, Jesus showed us
a father who forgave ALL, and so was freed to love and show mercy to his son.
In confession we ask to let go of anger, hurts, and resentment and then we are
freed to show mercy as our Heavenly Father is Merciful.
This brought to mind the important part Mercy plays in being
able to love as Jesus loved. God’s love for us is expressed in
‘Mercy’ – an extension of kindness and forgiveness to one who
deserves the opposite. “While we were sll sinners Christ died
for us” (Rom 5:8). God asks us to love as we have been loved,
to forgive as He has forgiven – then we are freed to love.
Shall we do, as Pope Benedict XVI asked in 2008: “Pray to the
Lord to help us be ‘infected’ by his Mercy.” Jesus said to St. Fausna: “The
greater the misery of a soul, the greater its right to my Mercy. On the cross the
fountain of my mercy was opened wide by the lance- for all souls– no one have
I excluded.”
I believe that we need to open anew to the Holy Spirit- LOVE
Itself, between the Father & Son. Saint John XXIII asked the
whole church to pray asking God to send us a New
Pentecost. (Vat.2) Pope Benedict XVI called for the whole
Church to be “bapzed in the Spirit” (world youth day
2008) Pope Paul VI stated: “It must be said that the Holy
Spirit is the principal agent of evangelizaon.”
Saint John Paul II: ”Those who have come into genuine contact with Christ,
cannot keep him for themselves, they must proclaim him, counng on the
same Spirit poured out at Pentecost.” NMI58
We hope in prayer ministry, that as we pray for & with you during our Retreat,
we will be able to embody some of that Mercy, Forgiveness and Love in the
Holy Spirit - who frees us to Love! In His Mercy, Gemma O’Sullivan
We are pleased to be selling USB keys, engraved with our logo.
2005 Retreat: Martha Shepherd
2007 Retreat: Susan Conroy
2008 Retreat: Laura O’Reilly
2009 Retreat: Judy Savoy
2013 Retreat: Carmen Marcoux
The USB keys are available Blank for $10
or, Customize your key by adding speakers for $5 each
or, Special Value! Get all 5 years’ worth (over 20 talks) for only $30!
For information, or to order, email Cheryl: [email protected]
20th Anniversary Slideshow
Shauna and her
We are looking for pictures
husband Jay are
or mementoes from the past
20 years. If
pleased to
announce the birth
you have
of their baby boy
anything that
who arrived safely
could help
at home with midwives in
us celebrate
attendance in the wee hours of the
20 years of
morning at 1:57am on Jan. 21, with a
this beautiful Ministry, please
email Monica de Römer:
[email protected]
weight of 9lbs, 21.5 inches long. All
are doing well and his 3 sisters are
very excited
about a life-
Webmaster Needed!
Please email Lorie if you can help
maintain our website:
[email protected]
sized doll, we
mean, baby in
the house!
Women of Bethany
NOVEMBER 7-9, 2014 — OTTAWA MARRIOTT HOTEL 100 Kent St. · Ottawa, ON K1P 5R7
*Please complete BOTH SIDES of this
registration form and mail to:
Women of Bethany c/o Jo-Anne Conroy
81 Vanstone Drive, Kanata, ON K2L 1W4
(613) 599-6222 (calls 9 am - 9 pm only please)
First Name: ______________________Initial: ___
Age: 18-25___ 26-35___ 36-45___
Last Name: ______________________________
46-55___ 56-65___
66 + ___
Your Parish: ___________________________________________________
Address: ______________________________________________________
Phone Number: (__________) _____________________________________
Email Address: _________________________________________________
_____ Check here if you do not want to receive the Newsletter by email
Roommate(s): ________________________ ________________________
Circle your choice:
Single Occupancy $450
Double Occupancy $325
Triple Occupancy $300
Early Bird: (Registration & payment received by Sept. 1, 2014)
Single Occupancy $425
Double Occupancy $300
Triple Occupancy $275
Special 20th Anniversary Price: (Registration & payment received by June 1, 2014)
Single Occupancy $400
Double Occupancy $275
Triple Occupancy $250
* Note that if you select Triple Occupancy, you must list 2 roommates (sharing double bed).
Donation: ___________________ (thank you)
Your gracious donation is much appreciated to help us cover all our subsidy requests.
Registration is confirmed upon payment received. Confirmation letters will be sent after
October 1st. Cheques are payable to "Women of Bethany" and you may post-date your
cheque to the date outlined above (June 1st / Sept 1st / Oct 1st). All infants 6 months
of age or younger are welcome. Please let us know if you are bringing an infant.
Special room requests:
Special dietary needs:
* Please complete reverse side also—thank you!
Many Hands Make Light Lovely Work!
Women of Bethany seeks to provide all retreat participants with a relaxing and refreshing time
of prayer and reflection. However, there are several small acts of service that are required on
the weekend. If you would like to volunteer for any of the following opportunities we would be
very grateful and a member of the Core Team will contact you.
Extra Ordinary Ministers of Holy Communion:
Communion If you are commissioned in your Parish.
Name, email, phone #: _________________________________________________________
In which Parish do you currently serve in this capacity?: _______________________________
Lectors If you are a commissioned lector in your Parish.
Name, email, phone #: _________________________________________________________
In which Parish do you currently serve in this capacity?: _______________________________
Adoration Procession: If you are willing to assist in the procession before the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday
afternoon (we are looking for 4-6 women).
Name, email, phone # : _________________________________________________________
Rosary Leaders: The rosary is prayed 3 times over the course of the weekend: Friday night, Saturday morning
and Sunday morning. We are looking for 3 different women to lead a rosary.
Name, email, phone #: _________________________________________________________
Chapel Decorations:
Decorations If you are able to help create the ambience for our chapel on Friday afternoon.
Name, email, phone #: _________________________________________________________
Greeters If you are able to be at the hotel on Friday between 4:30 pm and 6:45 pm to greet women arriving
and help with luggage or as needed (8 women needed).
Name, email, phone #: _________________________________________________________
Banquet Hall Decorations:
Decorations If you and a few girlfriends are interested in decorating/creating small centerpieces
for the banquet hall.
Name, email, phone #: _________________________________________________________
Raffle Table Volunteers:
Volunteers If you are willing to help out for a shift at the raffle table Friday evening or Saturday.
Name, email, phone #: _________________________________________________________
Music Ministry Volunteers:
Volunteers If you would be willing to add your talents to our music ministry.
Name, email, phone #: _______________________________________________