Trinity Fest Light - Trinity Presbytery

TRINITY Presbytery’s
Trinity Fest Light
Saturday, August 23, 2014
Seven Oaks Presbyterian Church
530 St. Andrews Rd., Columbia, SC
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM
“Raising Media-Savvy Children in an Overstimulated World” by Marcia
Winchip Bacon, Certified Christian Educator, Ruling Elder at Shandon Church
“The Missional-Ecumenical Church” by Rev. Herb Codington, Pastor of Lydia,
Todd Memorial, and Bethany Churches
“A More Excellent Way” by Rev. Dr. Jill Duffield, Acting Head of Staff,
Shandon Church
Trinity Fest
8:30 - 9:00 AM
Register &
“How to Teach Adults” by Paul Ebel, he has been an Elder and Deacon at South
Aiken Church and a Sunday School teacher for more than 40 years.
9:00 - 9:30 AM
“Tell It Again!—Experiencing God’s Story with Children” by Allison Kelly,
Educator at South Aiken Church
9:45 - 11:00 AM
“Men on a Mission” by Danny Murphy, General Presbyter and Wesley Kennedy,
Ruling Elder at Northminster Church
“Swords to Plowshares: Practical Techniques for Building Peace in Families
and Communities” Xan Skinner, Forest Lake member and Rev. Debbie Johnson,
Chaplain at Presbyterian Communities, Clinton
“Mixers & Minglers: Fellowship with the WHOLE Church” by Andrea Paschal,
Educator at Forest Lake Church
“Seeing the Big Picture of the Old Testament” by Rev. Donald Plumstead
Marshall, he teaches at Greenwood Christian School and preaches at the
Batesburg-Leesville Presbyterian Church.
“When We Leave the Church Parking Lot” by Joel Winchip, Executive Director
of the Presbyterian Church Camps and Conferences Association
“The Art of Display” by Dr. Tammy Winchip, DCE for Oakland Avenue
Presbyterian Church, Rock Hill, SC
Class I
11:15 - 12:30 PM
Class II
Sponsored by the
Education and
Nurture Division
of Trinity
“Raising Media-Savvy Children in an Overstimulated World” - This class will look at current research and
discuss what is means to be media-savvy in a society that goes to great lengths to make a child a loyal consumer
from the cradle to the grave. Being aware of what we’re up against is half the battle!
“The Missional-Ecumenical Church” - We will seek to answer the question, why do missions? We’ll discuss
ways to cultivate eyes for recognizing mission opportunities, and learn ways to do mission together. Upon
registering by August 12, you will be sent the following two books: Go and Do: Becoming a Missional Christian
and Your Church is too Small: Why Unity in Christ's Mission Is Vital to the Future of the Church.
“A More Excellent Way” - We are called to maturity in Christ, demonstrating the fruits of the Spirit. But how do
we hone our hearing to be open to the leadings of the Holy Spirit? We will explore forms of prayer that have
helped believers through the centuries live the more excellent way of Jesus Christ.
“How to Teach Adults” will be based on a great classic book by Jack Presseau, Teach-niques. He explains that
there are three parts of a lesson: begin where your pupils are, develop the lesson meaningfully, and conclude with
precision and power. Bring your Bible and be ready to learn how to teach adults!
“Tell It Again!—Experiencing God’s Story with Children” - This class will present ideas for teaching preschool
and elementary children. Learn what you can expect from different ages of children and how to pass on our faith.
“Men on a Mission” Does your church have an intentional process for spiritually nurturing and enriching the men
of your church? Come and learn how you can help men pursue the will of Jesus Christ through effective church
leadership, Christian Discipleship, vital fellowship, and life-transforming mission.
“Swords to Plowshares: Practical Techniques for Building Peace in Families and Communities” Peace is much
more than the absence of conflict-it is shalom. Come and learn about the biblical basis for peacemaking, share
visions and stories of peacemaking, and be sent out to live as a peacemaker.
“Mixers & Minglers: Fellowship with the WHOLE Church” - Ever wonder why we talk about church as a
family, but end up doing activities by age group? How can we “bring everyone to the table” and share experiences
that enrich all ages? Come and learn how to have fun with the WHOLE church!
“Seeing the Big Picture of the Old Testament” - Do you know a scattered collection of Old Testament stories and
characters but have never been able to discern an overall Story? This seminar puts the pieces of the Old Testament
together so you can grasp the overall storyline and the relation of the OT to the New Testament.
“When We Leave the Church Parking Lot” - When we take the congregation’s youth on a trip, we leave the
church parking lot for a whole new world of ministry with new responsibilities and liabilities for our church and its
leaders. We will talk about risk management and how to address the safety and welfare of our youth.
“The Art of Display” - We use visual displays all the time in our churches and regional meetings, but have you
ever wondered how effective they really are? What about their power to teach or transform? Come to rethink and
discuss the ways displays can make an impact on the lives of our churches.
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Child care available for children ages 0-10 only for those registered by August 20. No child care walk-ins.
$30 after August 20— you must pay at the door on August 23rd.