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WEA Courses CASA Courses WEA Courses 2015 CASA Courses 2015 Spring – Summer 2015 Russian Cinema Maggie Choyce Charting Russia’s turbulent history through the films of famous directors including Eisenstein,Tarkovsky and Protazanov Poets from either side of the Atlantic whose friendship profoundly influenced their writing Robert Frost and Edward Thomas Phil Lyons Date, Time, Cost Venue:Friends Meeting House, Albert Road, Clevedon.– unless noted January 12th for 6 weeks Curzon Cinema * Monday 2.00 -­‐ 4.30pm £67 January 17th Saturday day-­school 10.30am -­‐ 4.30pm £28 Looking at the origins and development of English Windmills and Watermills Michael Turner watermills and windmills with an emphasis on January 20th for 7 weeks Tuesday 2.00 – 4.00pm £53 Great Art by Nash, Nevinson and Sargent with The Art of the First World War Jan Cox Gertier and Carrington representing the Home January 21st for 6 weeks venue tba Wednesday 7.15 -­‐ 9.15pm £50 Vanity, love, marriage, revenge and ambition; Reading Vanity Fair Cath Humphris the elements that drive this comic masterpiece February 6th for 6 weeks Friday 1.45 -­‐ 4.00pm (not Feb20th) £53 Myths and Legends from the Classical World Jane Hack February 7th Saturday day-­school 10.30am -­‐ 4.30pm £28 those in Somerset Front, plus films and cartoons The Life and Work of Picasso Paul Chapman chronicling the life of Becky Sharpe Share tales of Gods, Heroes and Monsters in an investigation of Ancient Greek and Roman Myths and Legends. An opportunity to study one of the greatest painters of the 20th century and to consider how he changed the dynamics of art and paved the way for modernism Explore a selection of poetry and prose written by men who fought, women whose lives were changed and writers who responded retrospectively to the war Read and discuss a selection of literary short stories in search of an ‘artistry’ that defines short form fiction. February 21st Saturday day-­school 10.30am -­‐ 4.30pm £28 The Pity of War -­‐ Poetry and prose of the Great War period Woody River How and Why -­‐ The art of the short story Cath Humphris A chance to create your own jewellery using a Making Bead and Wire Jewellery Gabbie Gardner range of techniques under the expert tutelage March 2nd for 4 Weeks Monday 7.00 – 9.15pm £38 The innovation and influence of literary Modernist Literature in Europe and America Woody River Modernism in Europe and America and its April 14th for 10 weeks (not May 26th) Tuesday 9.45 – 12.00 noon £85 From 1860 to 1920 Russia was a hotbed of The Art of Russia Paul Chapman creativity which blossomed into modern April 25th Saturday day-­school 10.30am -­‐ 4.30pm £28 Zennor in Darkness -­‐ Love and war on the home front. Cath Humphris May 16th Saturday day-­school 10.30am -­‐ 4.30pm £28 of a jewellery designer links through Art, Architecture, Film and Music. Italian Cinema part 2 Maggie Choyce Natural History of Somerset Stephen Parker Once and Future King Cath Humphris abstract painting, a development that was curtailed under Soviet dictatorship. Do novelists re-­‐invent the past when they include real historical characters? A chance to consider how writers reflect human experience based on the novel Zennor in Darkness by Helen Dunmore A continued exploration of Italian Cinema from an aesthetic, social and political viewpoint with a focus on the films which shaped the industry. An introduction to the varied wildlife of Somerset from the high sea cliffs of Exmoor to the Wetlands of the Somerset levels. Explore this civilized, learned, witty and humane retelling of the Arthurian legend. March 21st Saturday day-­school 10.30am -­‐ 4.30pm £28 April 13th for 5 weeks (not May 4th) Monday 2.00 – 4.00pm £45 June 1st for 6 weeks Monday 2.00 -­‐ 4.30pm. £67 June 3rd for 6 weeks Council Offices Wednesday 6.45 -­‐ 9.00pm £58 June 19th for 6 weeks Friday 1.30 -­‐ 4.00pm £56 DETAILS OF FURTHER COURSES WILL BE AVAILABLE OVER THE COMING MONTHS SO PLEASE STAY IN TOUCH CASA also hosts activities for those who attend courses: a film interest group “CASAFLICKS”; an art interest group “CASAFRESCO”; a book club “CASALIT” and a crafting group “CASACRAFTERS”. In addition it runs trips to museums, galleries, theatres and other places of interest. For more information phone Pat, Maggie, Liz or email: [email protected], * No Disabled Access at Curzon Cinema