News in Liberal Studies
KEY IDEAS : 1. About 150 anti-Express Rail Link activists protested on Sunday. 2. Protesters ignored police warnings not
to break through the police barricade. 3. Police officers used pepper spray on the protesters.
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Anti-Express Rail Link activists were pepper-sprayed in Central by the police on Sunday after breaching a police barricade.
(Sing Tao Daily)
XRL protest turns violent
Cops use pepper spray to stop activists from running along Harcourt Road
OLICE pepper-sprayed about 10
protesters demonstrating on Sunday
against the construction of the Hong
Kong section of the Express Rail Link (廣
Four men aged 19 to 29 were arrested.
The teenager was held for assaulting
officers and the others for illegal assembly,
police said.
The confrontation broke out on the
eve of a special Legislative Council (立法
會) railway subcommittee meeting over
the construction delay on the Hong Kong
section of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong
Kong link.
About 150 anti-Express Rail Link
activists from nearly 20 youth, community
and political groups – including the League
of Social Democrats (社會民主連線) and
the youth group Age of Resistance (青年重
奪未來) – left Central’s Chater Garden (中
環遮打花園) for the Tamar government
headquarters (添馬艦新政府總部). The
violence broke out after the protesters
demanded to walk on Harcourt Road (夏
慤道) in Admiralty (金鐘) instead of a
pedestrian bridge to the government
Organisers claimed it was hard for the
demonstrators to carry petition material
over the bridge.
They included a giant paper ‘white
assault (v) 攻擊
illegal assembly (n phr) 非法集會
elephant’ mocking the government’s waste
of taxpayers’ money in building the link.
Police allowed several protesters to walk
on Harcourt Road and directed the rest to
walk over the bridge.
But some broke through the police
barricade and tried to run along Harcourt
Road, disrupting traffic.
Six police officers used pepper spray on
the protesters 11 times.
A policeman was injured as officers were
hit on their arms by wooden drumsticks
held by protesters and liquid was thrown in
their faces. A member of Age of Resistance
criticised the police for ignoring protesters’
requests to walk on Harcourt Road.
confrontation (n) 衝突
pedestrian bridge (n phr) 行人天橋
But the deputy district commander
in Central, Chan Yee-lai (陳綺麗), said
the police used the pepper spray after the
protesters ignored the police warning not to
break through the police barricade.
About 10 protesters, including lawmaker
Leung Kwok-hung (梁國雄) of the League
of Social Democrats, had to wash their eyes
with water after being sprayed.
Transport Secretary Anthony Cheung
Bing-leung (張炳良) has been accused of
covering up the delay in completing the
Express Rail Link.
(The Standard, Eddie Luk, 5 May, 2014)
worksheet on
petition (n) 請願
direct (v) 導向