E-Band GigaHaul XE1000

GigaHaul XE1000
 GigaHaul XE1000
Next generation multi Gigabit/s LTE BackHaul
GEC E-Band mmWave product family.
GigaHaul©XE1000 is a third generation carrier-grade mmW packet radio family of products.
GigaHaul©XE1000 offers ultra-high capacity, state-of-the-art built-in networking features.
GigaHaul©XE1000 is designed to satisfy the strongest requirements to backhaul the evolving
LTE networks.
Increased demand for capacity in mobile backhaul networks, while shortage of the legacy MW
spectrum requires a new breed of radio solutions leaver aging the availability of the large untapped
inexpensively-licensed mmW spectrum and forming a seamless integral part of the BackHaul
GigaHaul© answers these challenges by utilizing its custom state-of-the-art integrated Silicon
solution to offers cutting-edge and reliable performance in a compact form fit, easy-to-install,
power-efficient single outdoor unit.
Designed to address the forthcoming challenges in deploying advanced LTE packet-networks,
GigaHaul© XE1000 operates in 71 to 76GHz and 81 to 86GHz band and allows an efficient
utilization of the available 250/500/1000Mhz wideband channels to provide unparalleled
cost-effective 5Gbps core capacity.
GigahHaul© offers radio-aware integrated extensive suite of MEF-compliant networking
functionality with MPLS/IP enchantments as well as accurate synchronization service-delivery
(AirTime©) to effectively build the evolving LTE backhaul. Combined with high spectrum
efficiency, compact all ODU integrated design, inherent high frequency-reuse, uncongested and
lighter channel licensing process, the GigaHaul© is the enabler vehicle to a fast high-density
backhaul deployment and its future evolution.
In summary, GigaHaul© XE1000 represents an advanced best-in-class utilization of the promised
potential of E-Band mmWave spectrum to provide future-proof LTE BackHauling.
Macro Cell layer BackHaul
Small Cell Aggregation
Network feeder part before reaching Fibre infrastructure
 5Gbps ultra-capacity in a single E-Band channel
• 250MHz, 500MHz, 1000 MHz channels
• QPSK to 64QAM modulation combined with powerful FEC coding.
• Reliable radio-link with improved availability boasting system-gain by 18dB adaptive via
hitless erroneous Adaptive Code-Modulation and Bandwidth (ACMB).
 Seamless integral MEF-compliant element in Backhaul Network with enhanced,
advanced, and rich functionality
• MEF-compliant Carrier-Ethernet switch with MPLS/IP enhancements
• VLAN, Provider Bridge
• SLA assurance features
• 8 Classes of Service, provides a wide range of services, and ensures the quality of
high-priority services.
• Sync Ethernet and IEEE 1588V2 BC & TC.
• Policing, shaping, and scheduling.
• Comprehensive OA&M tools
 LTE-class synchronization delivery over dynamic radio-links
• Uncompromised time-synchronization delivery provided by AirTime© (patent technology) to
truly address the forthcoming TDD-LTE and LTE-A inter-Cell synchronization requirements.
• AirTime© technology features IEEE 1588V2 Transparent Clock functionality distributed over
the radio units to achieve unparalleled accuracy of 50nsec over the entire radio hop.
• AirTime© technology is based on accurate HW time stamping uniquely integrating the
radio, the modem, and the switch to provide accurate synchronization in the presence of
the dynamic Physical link with Adaptive Code Modulation & Baud, while keeping payload
data latency to its lowest possible level.
 Radio-link aware network resiliency
• L2 CE 2+0 link aggregation (LAG) and L2/L3 load balancing.
• L2 CE protected configuration 1+1 linear, RING, and MESH configurations.
• Radio aware switching providing very short protection-switching times <15msec
• Radio aware Ingress-traffic policing and Egress-Traffic shaping & rate limiting.
 Low foot print, rapid deployment, and easy maintenance
• Single unit all-outdoor compact architecture.
• Integrated antenna resulting in a compact form-fit.
• One indoor cable connection
• Flexible standard Eth ports/slots.
• Advanced carrier-class OA&M features
• PoE+ standard power feeding
• Frequency agility covering the whole E-Band
 Capacity 5Gbps
• Full DupleX (FDX) per a single channel license.
 Frequency Band
• FDD scheme: 71GHz ~ 76GHz, 81GHz ~ 86GHz (ETSI compliant)
 Channel Bandwidths
• 250MHz/500MHz/1000MHz (single polarization ETSI compliant)
 Antenna
• Integrated 1ft (31cm), 43dBi
 Hitless/Erroneous Adaptive PHY Modes
• Modulation: QPSK/16QAM/32 QAM/64 QAM
• Coding: variable RS block coding
• Bandwidth:
- [250-500-1000] MHz for 1000MHz channel
- [125-250-500] MHz for 500MHz channel
- [62.5-125-250] MHz for 250MHz channel
 Data Interfaces
• Tributary interfaces:
- 2×10GbE SFP+ slots (10GBase-T/LR/LRM)
- 2×GbE RJ45 (1000BASE-T with PoE+),
- 2×GbE SFP+ slot (1000Base-X/SX/LX)
• Protection inter-unit interface:
-1×10GbE SFP+ slot (can be used as Trib. Interface)
 Carrier-Ethernet Functionality
• Frames: Ethernet II, IEEE 802.3, and IEEE 802.1q/p
• Jumbo Frames up to 9216Bytes
• Spanning Tree Protocol: RSTP per IEEE 802.1D,MSTP per IEEE 802.1Q
• E-Line and E-LAN Ethernet services
• VLAN tagging functions (IEEE 802.1q/p)
• VLAN stacking Q-in-Q, Provider Bridge (802.1ad)
• Flow control ( IEEE 802.3x)
• Link aggregation (IEEE 802.3ad LAG )
• IEEE 802.1d Transparent Bridging
• Jumbo Frames 9KB
• Link Loss Forwarding
• Link Level Discovery Protocol(LLDP) IEEE 802.1AB
• MEF 9,14 and 21 compliant
• OAM and CFM tools Service and Link level (802.3ah / 802.1ag / Y.1731)
 QoS Traffic Shaping and Policing
• QoS and prioritization (802.1Q)
• Traffic classification based on:
- Ingress port
- DSCP (DiffServ)
- IP packet priority
- VLAN PCP bits (IEEE 802.1p)
- EXP in an MPLS packet
• 8 QoS queues per port
• Scheduling: strict priority, WFQ, and WRR
• Dropping: RED, WRED, Tail dropping
• Shaping and Policing per port/VLAN ID/LAG
• Three Color Marking
• Bandwidth Limiting: broadcast, multicast, unknown unicast, OAM, and CFM messages
• Traffic filtering based on:
- MAC address, VLAN Tagging and ID, Ethertype, and BPDU
 Configurations and Resiliency
• 1+0, 2+0 (with LAG IEEE 802.3ad), 1+1 HotStandBy, ring, mesh.
• Ethernet Ring Protection (ERP) ITU-T G.8032
• 1+1 HSB via ERP ITU-T G.8032.
 Synchronization
• ITU-T G.8261/8262/8264 Synchronous Ethernet
• Precision Time Protocol (PTP) IEEE 1588V2 TC and BC
 Mechanical
• ODU (H x W x D) 275mm × 275mm × 75mm
• Weight: Less than 6 kg with 1ft antenna
 Power
• DC supply: -48DC
• Power Injector: redundant PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at with 4-pair power boost)
 Operating Temperature
• -40℃ ~ +55℃
 Environmental
• EN 300 019 compliant
 Regulatory ETSI
• EN 302 217-3, CE marked, EMC
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