Summary For Web and Office Display

The 4ZZZ Board of Directors consists of the Chair, Treasurer, Secretary and five (5) Board Members to be elected at
a General Meeting. At the 2014 4ZZZ AGM members will be required to vote on one ballot paper for the four (4)
vacant ordinary Directors positions. As the two (2) named (Secretary and Treasurer) directors of the Company have
been nominated unopposed, no voting will be required.
Nominations 2014
Director Positions
Albie Allen
Andrew Bartlett (Re-nominating member, in office from 2012-2014)
Denise Foley
Lauren McFarlane
Lucas Moore
Named Positions – Unopposed Nominations
Treasurer - Tina Furlanetto (Co-opted for Treasurer position in 2014)
Secretary - Kim Stewart
Statement to Support Nomination for 4ZZZ Board
Albie Allan – Statement
"If you don't know where you're going, it doesn't matter which way you go." — Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland
I am grateful for this opportunity to be elected to the board of this wonderful radio station that I love so so much. I am
very much a Team Player.
4ZZZ is certainly not broken so their is no need to fix it. My resolution is to help aid in it's betterment in every and any
way possible. Tweak and coax it to being the best we can be considering all opportunities.
As a passionate and devoted zed listener for over 10 years now, I know that I have a lot to offer our Zed World.
Zed is on the up and up. I sure would like to assist in keeping it that way.
Zed is extremely important to Brisbane, Australia, and now the rest of the world as we stream into the ether. I really
would like to help make Zed stay amazing forever.
Andrew Bartlett
I first got involved with 4ZZZ in 1982 when it was based at the University of Queensland. For a period during the
1980s I was employed by the station as Finance Coordinator, and over time my volunteering roles covered most
areas of activity in the station. I got caught up with other things during the 1990s, but became involved in 4ZZZ again
as a breakfast announcer from 2008 onwards. I’ve also been involved in a few Brisbane bands over the years and I
have some feel for the local music scene and what bands, performers and other artists face. I have also been involved
in many political issues, which has given me a good insight into the nature and variety of local activism. I have served
on the Board of 4ZZZ for the last two years. It has taken me a while to get a sense of how best I can contribute in that
role, but I believe I can make a worthwhile contribution on the Board over the coming couple of years. There are a few
key and experienced people who have been on the Board over the last couple of years who are stepping down and I
believe it is important that I remain on the Board to ensure some continuity and historical knowledge is part of the
Board going forward. I believe 4ZZZ is a unique and precious thing and a force for good in many ways. I’d be keen to
use my time on the Board of Directors to make it even better.
Denise Foley
I am about to finish my role as EO of QMusic in December after 9 years with the organisation. In my time at QMusic I
have had the benefit of some fantastic board members and know how important having a variety of skill sets on a
community organisations board is. I am a social worker by training and spent 13 years prior to QMusic working as a
prisoner and family advocate and remain involved with prison advocacy organisations. I have previously served on
community organisation boards and was for 5 years President of the Welfare Rights Centre. I am currently President
of my local school Out of School Hours Care committee. Alongside my husband we have owned an independent
record store (Skinny’s) in Brisbane and we also have an independent record label (Plus One Records) that continues
to support local Brisbane artists release their music. I am excited by the prospect of being involved with 4ZZZ and
believe I can contribute to the ongoing growth and financial viability of the organisation, so that it can securely deliver
quality community radio into the future. I believe I bring to the position experience in the areas of governance, staff
support, stakeholder management, financial management, and a bit of fun.
Lauren McFarlane
Growing up in Brisbane, Triple Zed provided an alternative to 4IP and other mainstream radio stations of the time.
After a few years at University and attending various 4ZZZ gigs, I started volunteering at the station. I began
announcing in about 1986, cutting my on-air teeth during weekly graveyard shifts, became involved with Megaherz,
worked at ZZZ events, produced Thursday Night Specials and eventually had a regular Saturday afternoon shift.
Triple Zed was a place where I felt I belonged. The support of local, live music and culture was and still is an important
and critical part of my interest in the station combined with fostering independent views on social, cultural, political,
environmental and economic issues. Since graduating, I have undertaken postgraduate study and have an ongoing
working interest in the cultural industries. I have worked extensively in consultancy and advisor roles in both Australia
and international development settings overseas. I have experience in Project Management, Strategic Planning,
significant intercultural experience, international NGO experience, skills in training and capacity building plus a keen
desire to contribute to collective decisions that represent and serve the best interests of all 4ZZZ subscribers,
company members, stakeholders and the broader station community.
Lucas Moore
Hello my name is Lucas Moore and have been involved with 4ZZZ as a volunteer and supporter for about 16 years. I
have much love for 4ZzZ and for the station's ability to engage with its community. I have been involved with the
newsroom, the programming committee, the youth show (woah that was a while ago), announcer training, talkback
training and have organised a number of fundraising events for the station (primarily between 1997 and 2007) . I also
have spent time on the 4ZZZ board previously, between 2007 and 2009. Since my previous term on the board I have
been required to step into a management role at my employment, the CREATE Foundation ( and I
feel this has given my lots of good experience at working in community organisations which might be useful to the
zeds. My vision is for a zed that it is inclusive place that makes engaging radio and promotes a diversity of voices.
Tina Furlanetto
Tina has more than 20 years experience in large organisations in both the private and public sector. Being CPA
qualified, she has held a number of roles with a commercial focus and financial management. Also, Tina has
performed roles in business improvement and change management. She has served for more than 10 years on
various committees and boards for not-for-profit community groups.
In the last six months as co-opted treasurer I have been working on the Finance subcommittee, review of finance
policies, contributing to constitutional reform, licence application and 2014 business planning.
Kim Stewart
I have a great interest in the success and continuance of 4ZZZ as the independent and outspoken voice of youth radio
in Queensland.
My history with Zed includes:
-Producer and presenter of
- Eco Radio (formerly the Peace and Environment Show, 2002-2009);
- Radio Democracy (2002-2006), and
- Autonomous Action Radio (formerly the Anarchy Show, 2002-2013);
- Some newsroom production and training volunteers. Mentoring of Burmese news interns (2004). Public Speaking on
behalf of news production;
- Independent radio producer and Community radio foundation grant co-recipient in 2004 and 2013;
- Short-listed for CBAA award in 2014 for radio series “Peace in Mind” made with the cooperation of 4ZZZ, 4EB and
the CBF.
My suitability as board member includes:
- More than a decade as a director of Friends of the Earth Brisbane (FoE), an incorporated association. Former Chair
and board member of FoE Australia;
-Written policy, research, media, government submissions, grant application, magazine articles and campaign
documents for same;
- Strong community organisational links in environmental and social justice grass roots advocacy;
- Member of the Australian Association of Social Workers with a commitment to integrity and fairness.