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Annual Meeting DGGV | 25–28 September 2016
Programme: changes and corrections
Tuesday 27.09.2016, 11:15:
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In D3: Structure, geodynamics and evolution of the Alps
and the Mediterranean (SoWi Aula)
Proposal for a new subdivision of the Nappe Systems
of the Northern Calcareous Alps (Eastern Alps, Austria)
Mandl, Gerhard W.; Brandner, Rainer; Gruber, Alfred:
In E4 - Young sedimentologists (HS1)
Variability of intermediate and deep water mass circulation during the last 20 ka: An approach on mid-slope
canyon sediments
Warratz, Grit; Henrich, Rüdiger; Voigt, Ines; Schwenk, Tillmann; Krastel, Sebastian
In B2 - Terrestrial ecosystems: palaeoecology and evolution of land-based biotas (HS3)
A new terrestrial archive for the Eocene greenhouse of
Central Europe: Palynological evidence from lacustrine
sediments at “Grube Prinz von Hessen” (Hesse, GER)
Moshayedi, Maryam; Lenz, Olaf K.; Wilde, Volker; Hinderer,
New talks:
Tuesday 27.09.2016, 17:15 HS3
In B3: Biotic and chemostratigraphic events in Earth
Stratigraphic signals around the Santonian-Campanian
boundary carbon isotope event
Wagreich, Michael; Wolfgring Erik; Spötl Christoph
Canceled talks:
Tuesday 27.09.2016, 17:15 HS3
In B4: Marine benthic ecosystems under low oxygen
Jurassic ocean deoxygenation: the shifting palaeoecological dynamics of seafloor communities
Caswell, Bryony Amber; Frid, Christopher L.J.
In A2: Shallow landslides and rockfalls (HS2)
Felssturz an der A9 Pyhrnautobahn, Wald/Schoberpass: Ereignisanalyse, Sicherheitsmanagement und
Koch, Gerhard; Schober, Andreas
Wednesday 28.09.2016, 09:15 HS1
In N: Open Session (UR3)
BasinVis 1.0, an open-source software package to visualize sedimentary basin infill and subsidence evolution
Lee, Eun Young; Novotny, Johannes; Wagreich, Michael
In H: Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology
Impact of mass movements on hydrogeological
systems: An example from Carinthia, Austria
Thalheim, Felix; Winkler, Gerfried
Change of the presenting author:
The assignment of the Topics to the two poster sessions was
not reported correctly everywhere in the printed programme
overview. This is the final assignment:
Poster Social Monday: Sessions C4, C5, D4, D5, D6, E1,
E2, E4, F-Bodensee, G, N
Poster Social Tuesday: Sessions A1, A2, A3, A5, B1, B2,
B3, C1, C2, C3, D1, D2, D3, H, I, K, L
New Posters:
Poster 22) in B3: Biotic and chemostratigraphic events in
Earth history
Stratigraphic signals around the Santonian-Campanian
boundary carbon isotope event
Wagreich, Michael*; Wolfgring, Erik; Spötl, Christoph
Poster 145) in D4: Tectonics, climate and erosion
New data about the uplift of the Eifel-Mountains
Salamon, Martin*; Klein, Winfried; Krickel, Bernd; Riecken,
Poster 146) in D5: Orogenic sedimentary basins
Meszar, Maria Elisabeth*; Gier, Susanne; Palzer-Khomenko,
Markus; Knierzinger, Wolfgang; Kallanxhi, Madalina-Elena;
Wagreich, Michael
Clay mineralogy of Miocene mudstones of the Molasse
Zone, Lower Austria
Student poster
Change of the presenting author:
Poster 92) in F3: Stability of natural and artificial slopes /
Stabilität von nat. u. künstl. Böschungen u. Hängen
The impact of reservoir impounding on the stability
evolution of deep-seated rock slides: a discrete element
modelling approach
Lechner, Heidrun; Preh, Alexander; Strauss, Alfred; Zangerl,
Student poster
Cancelled Posters:
Poster 22) in B4: Marine benthic ecosystems under low
oxygen conditions
Recovery of seafloor communities from Toarcian oceanic anoxia: the case of the bivalve Dacryomya
Caswell, Bryony Amber *; Dawn, Stephanie J.
Poster 34) in C4: Ophiolites in space and time
Ophiolitische Komplex der Mirdita Tektonischezone
Onuzi, Kujtim*
Poster 41) in D1: From rift to drift
The ultramafic body of Nauders – part of the deeper
mantle of the Tasna Ocean-Continent-transition
Rufus J. Bertle*; Friedrich Koller
Poster 117) in I: Geo-environmental monitoring using
remote- and closerange-sensing techniques
Flash flood risk assessment for upper Teesta River Basin
using the hydrological modeling system (HEC-HMS)
Chakrabarty, Abhisek*; Mandal, Subhra Prakash
Poster Nr. 139) in N: Open Session
Geological mapping 1:50:000 (GG and UTM) in Albania
and correlation with the neighbouring areas
Onuzi, Kujtim*
Poster 140) in N: Open Session
Proglacial lake formation and sedimentation in high alpine terrain – new insights from the Obersulzbachkees
proglacial lake, Hohe Tauern, Austria
Otto, Jan-Christoph*; Keuschnig, Markus