The results may be in, but for CampaignON™, the campaign never

November 17, 2014
CONTACT: Barry L. Silverman
[email protected]
The results may be in, but for CampaignON™, the campaign never ends.
CampaignON™, a technology and political services company based in Owings Mills, Maryland,
today announced that with more than 40 clients running in the 2014 primary and general
elections, the company’s clients garnered an 82% victory rate.
CampaignON™ President Herb Sweren said that throughout the 2014 election cycle the
company played a key role in supporting candidates running for Governor, County Executive,
State Senate, State Delegate, County Council, State’s Attorney, and Sitting Judge. He added that
CampaignON™ is also working closely with a soon-to-declare, U.S. presidential candidate.
“Over 1,000 email blasts were produced by our creative team and delivered through the
CampaignON™ contact management system which micro-targeted those email blasts to likely
voters and key constituents,” Sweren said. “In addition, clients using the exclusive
CampaignON™ Turf Cutter software knocked on well over 100,000 doors throughout
Sweren explained that the system made it easy for candidates going door-to-door to record
essential data on the spot. That data was then used to create targeted messages which
addressed issues of concern to likely voters. By recording and storing this data in the
CampaignON™ system, it can then be leveraged once the election is over and for future
“And it doesn’t stop there,” Sweren said. “Barry Silverman, CampaignON™ Vice President and
Creative Director, estimates that his team wrote and designed more than 150 direct mailers for
Silverman said that mailers played a major role in their candidate’s campaigns but were
supported effectively by messaging in TV, radio, print ads, outdoor, online and social media. All
of which were produced by CampaignON™.
“Working with our media partners, The Breakthrough Group, our candidates ran effective TV
schedules, strategically placed digital ads, bought key billboard locations and placed radio
spots; both in traditional radio and Pandora Radio,” Silverman said.
Sweren added that “there is nothing more euphoric than getting that Election Night phone call
from a defeated opponent. It’s that one call you always want to receive and should never have
to make. Making sure that you are the one receiving that call is what drives CampaignON™ to
be the most unique political services company in the nation.”
Both Sweren and Silverman agreed that it is a “privilege” to work with clients who have a
passion for public service and it’s that passion that needs to be communicated beyond the
“We believe the campaign never ends,” Sweren said. “As demonstrated repeatedly in the last
few election cycles and especially here in Maryland, nothing is a sure thing and no current
officeholder can rest on their laurels. Once the election is over, the work on behalf of
constituents begins. And the reality is, if an officeholder works hard on behalf of their
constituents (and voters) and nobody knows about it, then did it really happen??”
To this end, CampaignON™ is launching two new but separate services: CampaignON™
Constituent Communications and CampaignON™ Voter Communications.
Both services are fine-tuned to help elected representatives at any level stay fully engaged with
their constituents throughout their term.
“Too many times, we see candidates lose the momentum of their election and then try to
recapture it four years later,” Sweren said. “By bundling together these two similar, but distinct
services in an affordable package, we guarantee to keep officeholders on top of the issues and
in front of their constituents throughout the term until the next election cycle begins.”