Postdoctoral Researcher in laser spectroscopy of

Postdoctoral Researcher in laser spectroscopy
of trapped molecular ions
Inserat Nr.
Donnerstag, 14. April 2016
ETH Zürich
Prof. Dr. Peter Chen's group for Reaction Mechanisms at the Laboratory of Organic
Chemistry focuses on the generation, characterisation and manipulation of reactive
intermediates. This group has an immediate opening available for a
Postdoctoral Researcher in laser spectroscopy of trapped molecular ions
The candidate must have a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry or Molecular Physics, hands-on
proficiency with pulsed nanosecond laser systems and non-linear frequency conversation from
the mid-IR to near-UV, and the construction and maintenance of vacuum systems. Previous
experience in cryogenic equipment and Penning (ICR) traps is desirable. Start date and salary
are flexible, depending on level of experience.
We welcome self-motivated candidates with outstanding academic record, excellent
communication skills and professional integrity to apply.
For further information please contact Herr Peter Chen, by e-mail
[email protected] (no applications) and/or visit our website at
Please submit your application online, (Apply now) which includes a comprehensive CV, cover
letter, diplomas, work certificates, and contact information of at least two references and upload
all documents (pdf is recommended) to ETH Zurich, Herr Hans-Peter Freitag, Human
Resources, CH-8093 Zürich.
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