Dear honours student,

The Try Out Class is a
perfect opportunity to
find out more about the
Honours courses of the
first semester 2014-2015
Dear Honours student,
Herewith we invite all Honours students of the UvA, AUC and VU for the Try Out Class. During the Try Out Class
almost all interdepartmental Honours courses of the first semester 2014-2015 will be presented by the lecturer of each
Wednesday June 4th 2014-04-28
VU University Amsterdam, Room KC-07 (-1 floor)
De Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam
In between presentations there is a 5 minute break to ask questions to the lecturer or the organisation. During this
break you can also leave or enter the room. This way you are able to choose which presentations you would like to
attend. Before the 1 of June you can find detailed information about the courses at >
interdepartmental courses
Course enrolment
You can register for the interdepartmental courses of UvA, VU and AUC between Thursday 5 June (10:00) and
Tuesday 10 June (17:00). The enrolment will be at random and not on a first come, first serve basis. The registration
form can be found at: > course enrolment. On this form, you can select your first, second, third
and fourth course of your choice. If all courses of your choice are full, you will be placed on a waiting list. You will be
informed about your placement(s) at UvA ,VU and AUC no later than Tuesday 17 June.
Attendance is not obligatory, but the Try Out Class is a perfect opportunity to find out more about the interdepartmental Honours courses.
Hopefully we will see you on Wednesday June 4 !
Kind Regards,
Caroline Holleman
Coordinator VU Honours Programme I VU University Amsterdam I Visiting Address: VU University Amsterdam, Room 0A-32, De
Boelelaan 1105, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands I tel. +31 (0)20 59 85 495 I Mobile phone: +31 (0)6 15 54 73 10
Honours Study Association Extensus is inviting you for a drink at the StudentenDOk after the Try Out Class
Programme Try Out Class June 4th 2014
17.30 - 18.00
Walk in with live music by “My Kingdom for a Horse” Tycho Tax and Pietro Marchesi
18.00 - 18.07
Current Issues in Psychopathology Lydia Krabbendam (VU)
18.12 - 18.19
Global Inequities
18.24 - 18.31
Science and Religion. Views from History
18.36 - 18.43
Beschaving Wilbert de Vree (UvA)
18.48 - 18.55
Educating for the Good Life Anders Schinkel (VU)
19.00 - 19.07
Carte Blanche Mieke Mulder (UvA)
19.12 - 19.19
Climate Change Jeroen Aerts, (VU)
19.24 - 19.31
Shevolution Kirsten van den Hul (UvA)
19.36 - 19.43
Religion, Identity and conflict
19.48 - 20.00
Courses at AUC (AUC)
20.05 - 20.12
What is Creativity Machiel Keestra (UvA)
20.17 - 20.24
New Anatomy (VU)
20.29 - 20.36
Social Entrepreneurship Machiel Keestra/Stefan Mol (UvA/FEB)
20.41 - 20.48
Music: Listening and Philosophy
20.53 - 21.00
Wereldliteratuur Bernard Kruithof (UvA)
21.05 - 21.12
Human rights and Globalisation Ulad Belavusau (VU)
21.17 - 21.24
Retorica Eugene Sutorius (UvA)
21.29 - 21.36
Biosocial Aspects of Antisocial Behavior
21.41 - 21.48
Brain and Behavior Richard Godijn (VU)
Crelis Rammelt (UvA)
Jeroen de Ridder, (VU)
Thijl Sunier (VU)
Hans Fidom (VU)