Get funding for your interactive art installation

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Get funding for your interactive art installation
Call for proposal
Oddstream Studio Lab
Deadline to apply: 20th of May 2014
Oddstream is a multimedia
festival located in Nijmegen,
the Netherlands, which also
produces interactive art
installations. Highlight of the
festival is the invitation to
artists who work with art and
technology and interactive art
to participate in the
Oddstream Studio Lab. The
Oddstream Studio Lab gives
you the opportunity to get
funding for your interactive
art installation, premiering at
the Oddstream festival. The
Oddstream festival takes
place between the 15th and
24th of August, 2014.
Anima, Rosmarie Weinlich, Oddstream 2012 festival
This year’s festival theme is Product-I, focusing on how we deal with our online and offline
identity and the increase of impulses we get every day through social media and society in
general. We are eager to get the maximum out of life and at the same time we have the need to
take it slow, to not cross our limits. More and more we embrace the fact that rest is necessary. It
even becomes a luxury product.
Regulations / Oddstream Studio Lab
You receive a maximum production budget of 1.500 euro (for actual materials /
production costs / we don’t pay your wages of the hours you put in the creation of the
installation, that is your own investment).
For artists outside the Netherlands, your expenses for travel expenses (of a maximum of
300 Euros), lodging and stay will be covered.
The premiere of the interactive art installation will be on the Oddstream festival 2014
Oddstream Studio becomes co-owner of the interactive art installation. The intellectual
rights stay with the artists.
Oddstream Studio functions as a booking agency who will promote your work actively
among other festivals and events. We will rent out the created art-installation to other
events and exhibitions. Both the artist as Oddstream will benefit from this financially and
promotionally. When selected a contract will be signed and in the contract appointments
related to the artist fee, production fee and booking fee will be made before realization
of the art installation.
What do we need from you?
Clear short proposal of your interactive art installation and how it relates to the theme of
Oddstream 2014, preferable including sketches, images and/or video examples.
Short written motivation to participate in the Oddstream Studio Lab.
CV / Portfolio / Proven artistic quality / You can apply as a group or collective
Budget of the material / production costs for the interactive art installation
Expected technical rider of the interactive art installation including time to built up the art
installation and way of transport.
Expected costs to rent out the art installation to other festivals (artist fee + production
You can send your proposal to: [email protected]
HyperCube, Oddstream coproduction with Jaap van den Elzen en Augusto Meijer