Carolin Kastner Art Fine

Carolin Kastner
The triptychon shows three­
­s ceneries of curtains which gets
slowly deconstructed to a smudge
of paint; the sorted structures of
home and privacy dissolve and
on Glass
Spray paint on glass
4 pieces on
530 x 630 x
750 x 620 x
445 x 360 x
650 x 650 x
the ground:
30 mm,
90 mm,
35 mm,
30 mm
Hanging pieces:
»Destructed Blue«, 730 x 700 mm
»Destructed Pink«, 645 x 455 mm
Ongoing glass serie which reflects
structures of ordinary architecture;
the common grey and plain
­s urfaces of buildings get trans­
formed into a typology of abstract
compositions out of lines, tonal
values and textures.
Filled Spaces
Photographic collage
1000 x 700 mm
Paper collage on cardboard
1100 x 3400 x 40 mm
Varnished wood slats
»Aschinger« is focused on the
signs and the aesthetic ways of
urban transformations and
the loss of historical identity.
The Aschinger Haus at Kurfürsten­
damm is one of the few buildings
in that area which is still in its
original shape of 70’s architecture:
The front is grey and riffled,
marks of former usage and
­a d­v ertisement are recognizable.
A characteristic sign of the buil­
ding is the brown silhouette of
a former billboard. The Aschinger
Haus is a thorn in most peoples
side because of its imperfection.
New and modern skyscrapers are
built around the Kurfürstendamm,
modern fronts out of glass and
steel are the common view at the
street. The eyesore of that area
is planned to be replaced by
a modern, exchangeable building.
A characteristic sign of that part
of Berlin would vanish.
The installation »Aschinger«
works with the sign of urban trans­
formation and tries to conserve
a bit of the characteristic building:
A part of the brown silhouette is
rebuilt with wooden slats in
a scale 1:2 and is installed in
the middle of the gallery space;
visually adapting the riffled front
of the Aschinger Haus.
The Aschinger House
at Kurfürstendamm
1000 x 700 mm, 2 pieces
Digital print, wallpaper
»The desonstruction of Super­
man« deals with the aesthetics
of superheros and compares it
with the historical vanguard from
­a ncient world. It is focused on
the composition how superheros
are shown and how their surroun­
ding is constructed. The involve­
ment of wallpaper in the collages
symbolizes its contemporary
­r e­f erence and the ongoing trivi­
ality of heroism.
macht ­Pause
takes a break)
1500 x 1900 mm
Print on Polyester
Superman returns home from
his adventures und enjoys
his night off: He takes off his
­w orking clothes and starts to
cook. His Superman cape hangs
on the coat hook in the floor.
The cape drips: the significant
colour red drips out of the cape
which makes Superman to the
superhero who he is. The »S« on
Superman‘s cape is hardly visible.
Below the cape a red puddle gets
I canʼt dance
­w ithout you
700 x 1000 x 8 mm
Crayon on wood
2040 x 1900 x 70 mm
Discarded windows, acrylic paint,
varnished wooden slats
An examination of semiotics
in comic strips.
No Dears,
No Fuckers
800 x 900 x 25 mm
Exterior paint on
discarded glass windows
Ale tak boło
790 x 1140 x 30 mm
Exterior paint and varnish on
discarded glass windows
PO robocie
500 x 700 x 60 mm
Glass in wood
830 x 580 mm
Print and varnish on MDF
Ohne Titel
1000 x 1250 mm
Acrylic paint on chipboard,
cotton wire
570 x 770 mm
Acryl colour on wood, glass
Solid way
2200 x 1300 x 25 mm
Exterior paint and varnish on
discarded glass windows
1150 x 700 mm
Print and varnish on MDF
In my room –
in my space
1930 x 1060 x 25 mm
Exterior paint on
discarded glass windows
Cats vs. Dogs
»Dog Gang«, Installation,
Denim jacket (in collaboration with
Achim Boy), golden necklaces
»Wuff«, 1200 x 400 mm,
Print on MDF
My contribution for »The Dogs«
at the first exhibition of the serie
»Cats vs. Dogs« in Rotterdam;
initiated by Léon Kranenburg and
Chris Versteeg.
My spaces
Photographic collage
1000 x 700 mm, 4 pieces
Digital print on Alu DiBond
Four pictures complement
each other and create ­v isual space
by layering planes of ­images.
­­Details are shifted and irritate ­
the original motif, ­s upplement
­itself with foreign material and
use mimicry.
The transformed ­p hotographies
are excerpts of my private
­p hotocollection.
Haus im Haus
Installation in public space
2 x 2,5 x 2 m
Wooden slats
The shape of a house gets drafted
inside of an abandoned fabric hall;
the outline of almost 4qm ­d efines
one space inside the fabric space
creating some human and ­d omestic
sense. The installation belongs to
preliminary studies for the issue
»House/ Housing and its semiotic«:
What is its significance and roll
in contemporary society? What
can it be, what can it afford for us?
The scaffold was left in the ­f abric
hall. After three weeks it was
­d estroyed.
Around me
and you
Installation in public space
6 x 2,7 x 2 m
Wood, plaster board, plaster,
­w indows, plants, curtains
The installation »Around me and
you« is constructed in a vacant
showroom in Offenbach that has
been empty and neglected for
a long time. It is a reproduction
of the ground floor of a house
facade. The concrete size and
look is based on a research of
15 buildings in the neighbourhood.
Besides of authentic facade the
core of the installation consists
of a specific light rhythm: Every
evening at 18.30 o‘clock the light
gets on in the living room; half an
hour later the light gets on in the
kitchen too; before midnight the
little lamp in the living room gets
off and the house­f loor becomes
The light rhythm shows a ­t ypical
sequence of the beginning and
the ending of everyday‘s life
which is based on a research of
108 appartements of a highrise
in Offenbach.
The installation simulates daily life
in vacancy.
View behind
the installation
Reconstructed front
inside of the shop
by daylight
Concept and organisation of
­e xhibition series +
Exhibition catalogue, 330 x 450 mm,
36 pages, 3 pieces
»o.T.« was an intermedia exhibi­
tion project taking place in the
Central Station of Offenbach for
three weeks. In this period the
space got integrated by inter­
disciplinary actions from graphic
designer Melanie Achilles, film­
maker Eva Münnich and installa­
tion artist Carolin Kastner. Every
week ended with an event of pre­
senting the results of the collabo­
ration and getting interactive with
the visitors for further exchange
and further performance.
Additional to the exhibition ­s eries
»o.T.« there was a project docu­
mentation constructed by a former
installation from one ­e xhibition
night. The elements of the
­installation got deconstructed and
overprinted with new issues.
The exhibition catalogue was
constructed by the former instal­
lation »Pong« and was used for
documenting the process of the
project. At the end there was an
exhibition catalogue out of three
pieces – every piece presented one
week of interaction. The catalogue
was presented at the last night of
the project.
On top: The origin installation which became the exhibition
­c atalogue.
Second step: Paper rolls were printed and hung for the second
event as a different kind of installation.
Within three weeks among other things we created
a confetti spitting volcano, played badminton, made
roller-skating monkeys and deconstructed gambling
machines to luminous installations.
The project was formed by the continuous process of
interaction between the three artists and the visitors.
Installation in public space
6 x 1,3 x 1,17 m (Scale 1:8)
Wooden slats
»Place« ist an adaption of the
­c onstruction of billboards and
its typography. The installation
stands within its self-­r eferential
sense for a revision of the
­p romises of the superficial and
shinny advertisment.
Examples of billboards and its construction
My Dear
Installation in public space
7 x 2,7 m
Varnished and eroded metal wall
In the harbour area of Offenbach
the words MY DEAR are eroding
on a metal wall. The letters were
grinded in the already eroded
and galled metal wall with a flex
tool. The words MY DEAR are still
eroding till its complete modifica­
tion to former marks of erosion.
The installation is a homage to
the harbour of Offenbach that was
an important place for the city‘s
industry and spent identity and
perspective to a lot of citizens.
Now vacancy dominates this area
which gets more and more rotten;
it is planned to tear down what is
left and to build up a new district.
in Abandoned
Photographical documentation of
installations in private and public
700 x 500 mm
2015 |July till March 2016|
Residency at Kaus Australis, Rotterdam
»Open Studios«, Borgerstraat,
Rotterdam (G,C)
Studies in Landscape Architecture at TU Berlin
»Multi Solo Size Matters«,
Tetem Kunstruimte, Enschede (G)
2010 |October| Master in Art /
Dipl. Des. at Prof. Heiner Blum
Issue of thesis: Deconstructivism /
Deconstruction as ­t heoretical base of
Studies in Visual Communication at University
of Art and D
­ esign, HfG Offenbach
Experimental 3-Dimensional Concepts and
2009 |April till August|
Studies abroad in Rotterdam,
project work at graphic design studio
»Studio Léon&Loes«
2015 [kon] #2: Decay, published by Pia Lobodzinski
& Julia Hell, ­M ünchen
2ha magazine, ISSN 2009-6135,
edited by Michael Hayes, Dublin
»[kɔn] No. 2 Verfall«, poster-exhibition,
­E instein-Kultur, Munich (G,C)
»dig DAB«, exhibition with Ruth Murray,
galerie Gallery | De Nieuwe Ruimte,
Rotterdam (G)
»Passengers«, Kaus Australis,
Rotterdam (G)
»Anonymus Drawings 2015«,
Galerie Nord | Kunstverein Tiergarten,
Berlin (G)
»The Offenbach Manifest«,
Das Gift, Berlin (G)
»WERK³«, WW48 Studio, Berlin (G)
»Art goes Charity«, benefit auction,
­B ockenheimer Landstraße, Frankfurt (G, C)
»Split to Splinter«, exhibition with Erik Pfeiffer,
Hafen 2, Offenbach (G)
»Kunst Privat«,
Stadtwerke Offenbach Holding, Offenbach (G)
»Festival Junger Talente 08«,
harbour area, Offenbach (G, C)
»Anders in Gesellschaft«, poster exhibition,
Galerie Café Krull, Berlin (G)
Arabella Sheraton Hotel, Offenbach (G, C)
»Heimatbild«, konnektor – Forum für Künste,
Hannover (G)
»Lost space«, João Cocteau, Berlin (G,C)
»Überbleibsel«, konnektor – Forum für Künste,
Hannover (G)
»Multiplicity 2«, 129gallery, Berlin (G)
»transform OF«, Hessen Design e.V.,
­D armstadt (G)
»o.T.«, series of exhibitions with
Melanie Achilles and Eva Münnich,
Centralstation Offenbach
»JungArt Berlin«, Alte Münze, Berlin (G, C)
»Graffiti in Hanau«,
Remisengalerie, Hanau (G)
»Die Super-Kantine«,
48 Hours Neukölln, Berlin (G)
|January till April 2012| Spatial design
for the theater LAB / Forsythe Company,
Frankfurt am Main
|June till August| Studies abroad in Barcelona.
Continuation of the photoproject »Interventions
in abandoned space
»Junge Kunst mit Zukunft«,
benefit auction of Ernst&Young,
MAK Frankfurt (G)
»Cats vs. Dogs«, Opperclaes.Gallery,
­R otterdam (G)
»Goût Of«, Sheraton Offenbach Hotel,
­O ffenbach (G, C)
»Psst...die geschlossene Gesellschaft lädt ein«,
UrbanArt Gallerie, Aschaffenburg (G, C)
Schoklandsestraat 13a,
3083 PB Rotterdam
+ 6 44 87 18 64
© all rights by Carolin Kastner