Thesis Proposal Master Energy

TitleEN: OptimalmultimarketbiddingforVPPsincludingCHP,
Title NL: Optimale multi‐markt‐biedingstrategie voor VPPs met inbegrip
A virtual power plant (VPP) is defined as an agglomeration of distributed generators,
controllable loads and storages devices, aggregated in order to operate as a unique power
plant and being able to participate in the exchange market.
In the liberalized energy market a VPP is allowed to participate in the day-ahead market as
well as in the imbalance market. Several studies have shown that providing balancing
service can be technically possible and economically interesting for a virtual power plant
operator [1][2][3]. Nevertheless most of these studies disregard the uncertainties of the
The objective of this works is to develop an optimal bidding strategy (volume, and price) for a
VPP that participate in both DA and balancing market and calculate the economic
advantage. The focus of this thesis will be on small scale prosumers such as Heat pumps
and CHPs that together with thermal storage devices are able to decouple heat demand from
electricity generation.
Emphasis for this thesis can be, e.g develop a multistage stochastic programming that
includes the uncertainties regarding DA and imbalance prices including also the constraints
that stem from the integration with the network.
R. Donceel and J. Van Engeland, “Opportunities for micro-CHPs in the Belgian
balancing mechanism: imbalance reduction versus reserve power supply,” University
of Leuven, 2013.
M. Beer, M. Huber, and W. Mauch, “flexible operation of cogeneration plants chances for the integration of renewables,” 11th IAEE Conf. Vilnius, Litauen, 2010.
T. Coppens, “Flexible cooling demand in virtual power plants,” Master’s thesis,
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, 2012.
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