Bachelor Thesis project TU BIMlab

Bachelor Thesis project TU BIMlab
Sectie Integraal ontwerp & beheer
Research track: Serious Gaming
Thesis: Provide and stimulate training for employees by using BIM
Value of the Research
From the virtual world:
For example: Rollercoaster Tycoon is a popular game full
of action, impressive graphics, realistic virtual worlds,
competition and strategic team collaboration. The game is
a construction and management game that simulates the
management of a park.
Envision the combination of both worlds:
This is the area of Serious Gaming, which has potential in
many ways.
To reality:
In the Building & Construction (BC) industry, the equivalent of Sim City is Building Information Modelling (BIM).
BIM is a model that contains all relevant information of
a building during its entire life-cycle. Even though BIM
seems to be extremely futuristic, it is rather static
compared to the dynamic of games such as Rollercoaster
• Provide training for employees of a company, by for
example how to manage formwork properly in a fun but
effective way.
Your bachelor thesis will concentrate on this basal aspects
of serious gaming.
The Serious Gaming includes both the technology of
realistic rendering and cloud computing as the research of
the game itself. What is the core of the game, how do you
set out the player interaction, strategies, game stages,
and the main value of the game?
If you are interested in this thesis project, please contact
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