Tips Placepot Musselburgh, Vrijdag 18 04 2014

Musselburgh (32/33 / QP/PP: 32) Vrijdag 18 April 2014
1e Koers 15:10uur - 1005 m
4e Koers 16:50uur - 1609 m
Wedmarkt: 1/4 Cheerio Sweetie, 7/1 Mukhmal, 12/1 Casterbridge, 16/1
Magic Florence, 25/1 Bowson Fred, 66/1 Kepple's Best
Wedmarkt: 6/1 Bow Creek, 6/1 Almargo, 6/1 Roachdale House, 13/2
Swivel, 8/1 Bilimbi, 8/1 Ventura Quest, 10/1 Resolute, 11/1 Extra Noble,
11/1 Ticking Katie, 12/1 Finn Class, 14/1 Miss Buckshot, 16/1 Cool
Racingpost: Cheerio Sweetie blitzed her rivals on her debut at
Lingfield, but MAGIC FLORENCE (nap) also looks a really speedy sort
and is taken to serve it up to the Evans runner and prove best. Bowson
Fred and Casterbridge are a couple of interesting home-bred
newcomers, and Mukhmal is another debutant to note, but they'll be
doing well to get near the two fillies.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Cheerio Sweetie
Spotlight: Magic Florence
RP Ratings: Cheerio Sweetie
Selecties GBI: 5 Cheerio Sweetie - 6 Magic Florence - 2 Casterbridge 4 Mukhmal
2e Koers 15:40uur - 1005 m
Wedmarkt: 3/1 Heeraat, 7/2 Kingsgate Choice, 4/1 Morawij, 5/1
Tangerine Trees, 11/2 Smoothtalkinrascal, 12/1 Borderlescott, 16/1
Inxile, 33/1 Fire Eyes
Racingpost: It's disappointing last year's runner-up Kingsgate Choice
is an absentee, but this is still a cracking sprint and it's named in honour
of 2008 winner Borderlescott, who ought to run well again. However,
others make more appeal for the top prize, namely the top three on the
card, with MORAWIJ just preferred to Smoothtalkinrascal and
Heeraat.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Tangerine Trees
Spotlight: Morawij
RP Ratings: Heeraat
Topspeed: Tangerine Trees
Selecties GBI: 1 Heeraat - 2 Morawij - 7 Kingsgate Choice - 3
3e Koers 16:15uur - 2815 m
Wedmarkt: 11/2 Special Meaning, 6/1 Lady Kashaan, 6/1 Angel
Gabrial, 13/2 Sirvino, 9/1 Jonny Delta, 10/1 Moidore, 11/1 Eagle Rock,
12/1 Chicago, 12/1 Love Marmalade, 12/1 King Of Paradise, 12/1
Itlaaq, 12/1 Be Perfect, 20/1 Media Hype
Racingpost: Plenty to consider, such as Lady Kashaan, Sirvino,
Special Meaning, Moidore and Jonny Delta, but none of them make any
huge appeal and instead it might be worth chancing ITLAAQ. He has
made a winning reappearance in two of the last four years and is 6lb
lower than for the latest of them.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Angel Gabrial
Spotlight: Itlaaq
RP Ratings: Itlaaq
Topspeed: Angel Gabrial
Selecties GBI: 6 Special Meaning - 7 Moidore - 11 King Of Paradise 12 Jonny Delta
Racingpost: Quite an open-looking handicap but EXTRA NOBLE
probably still has more to offer. He ran well when dropped to 7f in a
Group 3 on his final start last year, a particularly creditable performance
considering he wants this trip and probably even further in due course,
and provided he acts well enough on the ground, he could be the
answer. Bow Creek is smart but has a tough task conceding so much
weight, while the trip is a question mark for the well-regarded
Roachdale House, and drying conditions would be a worry for the
promising Bilimbi.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Bow Creek
Spotlight: Extra Noble
RP Ratings: Roachdale House
Topspeed: Extra Noble
Selecties GBI: 4 Extra Noble - 7 Swivel - 10 Finn Class - 6 Almargo
5e Koers 17:25uur - 1435 m
Wedmarkt: 11/2 That's Plenty, 7/1 Lazarus Bell, 15/2 Majestic Moon,
8/1 Al Mukhdam, 8/1 Toto Skyllachy, 10/1 Fieldgunner Kirkup, 10/1
Azrur, 10/1 Kalk Bay, 10/1 Silver Rime, 10/1 Cloverdale, 11/1 Verse Of
Love, 11/1 Stonefield Flyer
Racingpost: It's hard to be that strong on any of these in what is a tight
little handicap, but KALK BAY and Lazarus Bell showed themselves in
really good order on their respective reappearances and the former is
just preferred in the hope this doesn't come too soon. Drying ground
would be a concern for That's Plenty and Al Mukhdam, who both
otherwise have solid claims.[Ron Wood]
Postdata: Kalk Bay
Spotlight: Kalk Bay
RP Ratings: Lazarus Bell
Topspeed: Toto Skyllachy
Selecties GBI: 1 That's Plenty - 2 Majestic Moon - 4 Silver Rime - 8 Al
6e Koers 17:55uur - 1005 m
Wedmarkt: 9/2 Red Baron, 11/2 Opt Out, 11/2 Moorhouse Lad, 13/2
Silvanus, 13/2 Rothesay Chancer, 7/1 Lady Ibrox, 9/1 L'Ami Louis, 11/1
Tax Free, 12/1 Jinky, 16/1 Economic Crisis
Racingpost: OPT OUT ended last season with a strong-finishing fourth
over C&D and could make a big impact if things go his way on his
return. Triple course winner Red Baron is feared most, though Lady
Ibrox is potentially well treated back on turf and Moorhouse Lad has
each-way claims again.[David Moon]
Postdata: Silvanus
Spotlight: Opt Out
RP Ratings: Red Baron
Topspeed: Moorhouse Lad
Selecties GBI: 5 Moorhouse Lad - 4 Red Baron - 6 Silvanus - 9 Opt
Toteplacepot voorbeeldticket
Race 1 5 Cheerio Sweetie - 6 Magic Florence
Race 2 1 Heeraat - 2 Morawij
Race 3 6 Special Meaning - 7 Moidore
Race 4 4 Extra Noble - 7 Swivel
Race 5 1 That's Plenty - 2 Majestic Moon
Race 6 5 Moorhouse Lad - 4 Red Baron
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