Supporting Material for Reflective Learning

OXFORD Select Readings Pre-Intermediate
How to Be a Successful Businessperson
(Supporting text for "English Communication" コミュニケーション英語)
Supporting Material for Reflective Learning
― 内容理解の感覚を研ぎ澄ますためのプリント ―
These materials were made with the permission of OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS.
〔● ここからの太字部分はテキスト本文からの抜粋 = Selections from the text are highlighted in bold.〕
Line 9. He ended up working for a company that rented cars.
・end up ~ ing
結局~することになる。 ~する羽目になる。
(例)If you neglect that toilet leak, you will end up wiping the floor for the rest of your life.
Line 16. One day, Mr. Kazi's two co-workers failed to come to work.
・failed to ~ (すべきであったのに)~しなかった。 ~できなかった。
(例)In my first marathon, I failed to get to the goal in time. When I got there, people were putting things away.
Line 30. With the money he earned, he bought three more restaurants that were losing money.
*「手段・道具」を表す with
with ~
~を使って。 ~で。
(例)With the money I've saved, I'm going to buy a warm sweater for my mother.
(例)You can't kill two birds with one stone!
(例)With both his people skills and flexibility, he snaked his way up to the top of that company.
(例)I want to be a nail that sticks out too far to be pounded down with a hammer.
(例)With the tip of a brush, she carefully removed the stain from that painting.
Line 35. He's looking for more poorly managed restaurants to buy.
* 副詞+過去分詞(=形容詞)+名詞
(例)I've never seen a more creatively decorated cake. Strawberries are replaced by pickles!
(例)I was almost caught in his carefully laid trap. (入念に仕掛けられた彼の罠にもう少しではまるところだった。)
(例)These are the flatly refused proposals that I made.(ここにあるのが秒殺された私の案です。)
(例)She was watching a DVD alone in her dimly lit room. (彼女は薄暗い部屋でひとりで DVD を観ていた。)
(例)You can have my slightly broken bicycle, if you want.(よければ、ちょっと壊れてるけど私のチャリンコあげるよ。)
(例)My grandpa likes strongly brewed coffee.(私のおじいちゃんは深煎りのコーヒーが好きだ。)
(例)If "I'm sorry" should become a seldom spoken phrase, what would our world be like?
(例)"Me, too." That was a softly whispered secret she revealed to me.
(「私もよ。」 それは彼女が小さな声で打ち明けた秘密だった。)
(例)There must be a lot of never seen animals in the forests of the Amazon.
(例)When I finished reading the thoughtfully written e-mail from him, I realized that he was leaving me.
(彼からの温かい言葉の E メールを読み終えた時、彼が私と別れるつもりだと知った。)