Jede Frau schmückt sich gerne.

Das Turband mit seinen vielseitigen Möglichkeiten ist in jedem
Fall ein außergewöhnlicher Blickfang, der in seiner Anwendungsvielfalt fast keine Grenzen setzt.
Sie fühlen sich „behütet“, zeigen ein gepflegtes Aussehen und können so jegliche Kleidung geschickt und kreativ aufwerten.
“Wound askew?” – That’s how you should do it:
Wrap the turband around your head, adjust it to the circumference of your head and fix it with
one turn – FINISHED!
You can take off the turband in this form, and thus you can wear it again and again, without
having to wrap it anew.
Vary the position of the wrapping knot when you put on your turband, wear it e.g.
to the front
to the side
in the nape of your neck
Let your creativity guide you and find the tame, the elegant, the venturesome … artist in you.
Have fun creating and expressing your own personal style. You will be surprised at the effect.
The turband can be worn on both sides, so that there are various ways to use it in your
everyday life.
It can easily emphasise your appearance, e.g.
at work,
in your free time,
when driving a convertible,
in a restaurant,
at the theatre,….
For that special occasion you can increase the effect by adding a hatpin, a flower arrangement,
a feather trimming, etc.
Headdresses that are on principle similar to the turband are known from the twenties, forties,
and sixties of the last century.
Wear the turband around your neck as a shawl collar or around your waist as a sash.
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Jede Frau schmückt sich gerne.