EXPO in general
World exhibition that takes place every five years
1st World Exhibition: 1851 in London; in Vienna: 1873
To date more than 60 world exhibitions worldwide
EXPO 2015
“Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”
„Den Planet ernähren. Energie für das Leben“
1st world exhibition with a sustainability certificate
(ISO 20121:2012)
1 May to 31 October 2015
6 Months ‒ 25 Weeks ‒ 184 Days
Opening hours: daily 10.00 ‒ 23.00
Expected Visitors: 20 million
Tickets sold to date: 9 million
1/3 of which abroad: in China 1 million, in the USA 700,000
145 countries (corresponds to 94 % of the global population)
3 international organisations (EU, UNO, Caribbean
Community ‒ CARICOM), 13 NGOs and 5 companies
Country Pavilions: 54 (Shanghai 2010: 42)
Exhibition Site
1.7 km 2 adjacent to the trade fair site Rho/Pero
Via Cristina Belgioiso, 20157 Milan
More than half the site consists of parks and gardens
4 theme clusters on rice, wine, coffee and cocoa &
1 in the Triennale Design Museum
Surface area: 23.864 km 2
Population: 10.0 million
GDP 2013: 360 billion euros
Per capita GDP 2013: 36,300 euros (130% of EU-28 average)
Imports 2014: 109.9 billion euros
Exports 2014: 109.6 billion euros
Population: 1.3 million (second-largest city in Italy)
Population in the metropolitan area: 9.3 million
Milan Region: 10 % of Italian GDP
Also hosted 1906 world exhibition on transport
Location and Size
Plot on the main boulevard Decumanus
Plot size: 2,000 km 2
Forest area inside the pavilion: 560 m²
12 million euros
Ministry for Science, Research and Economy and the Austrian
Federal Chamber of Economy.
Commissioner General Josef Pröll
Project Director
Rudolf Ruzicka
team.breathe.austria terrain:architekten und landschaftsarchitekten BDA ‒ Klaus K.
Agency in Biosphere ‒ Markus Jeschaunig
Hohensinn Architektur ZT GmbH ‒ Karlheinz Boiger
LANDLAB, ia&l, Graz University of Technology ‒ Andreas
Goritschnig, Bernhard König
Lendlabor Graz ‒ Anna Resch and Lisa Maria Enzenhofer
Alexander Kellas
Engelmann Peters Ingenieure ‒ Stefan Peters
transsolar ‒ Wolfgang Kessling
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, IBLB ‒
Bernhard Scharf
Austria Day
26 June 2015
VIP Lounge
Function rooms with a capacity of 100 guests for Austrian
Foreign Trade Italy ‒
Austrian imports from Italy 2013: 7.8 billion euros
Austrian Pavilion http://www.expoaustria.at
Official Website & Tickets http://www.expo2015.org
EXPO in general (BMWFW) http://bit.ly/1IQHheY
Business in Italy (WKO) http://bit.ly/1HAhedh
Tourism Italy (Austrian Tourist Board) http://bit.ly/1OkSBXA
Austrian exports to Italy 2013: 8.2 billion euros
Sources of Data: BMWFW, WKO, EXPO 2015, ANSA, ISTAT
EXPO Office of the WKÖ
Rudolf Ruzicka
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T +43 5 90900-3102
E [email protected]
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