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The difference we make
Ownership is key to our work. We strengthen
Principles & values
developments derived from partner and country
Humanity, independence, impartiality,
priori es within our mandate and support change
џ We focus on increasing the strengths of our local
Red Cross/Red Crescent principles:
neutrality, unity, voluntary service, universality
Poverty reduction
Social inclusion
Conflict resolution and securing peace
џ We work through our na onal partners for a
long-term impact of our work
џ We aim with our work to complement exis ng
ini a ves in the region and contribute with our
humanitarian exper se
Austrian Red Cross
14b Kazbegi Avenue
0160 Tbilisi, Saburtalo, Georgia
Tel.: + 995 (0) 32 238 02 35
[email protected]
[email protected]
South Caucasus
photo: Georgia Red Cross Society
photo: BMeiA
Who we are
Disaster relief in emergencies (flooding,
earthquakes, landslides)
The Austrian Red Cross is a humanitarian, independent,
How we work
Partnerships with National Red Cross and
impar al and neutral non-profit organisa on. We
Disaster preparedness and risk reduction
Red Crescent Societies and other locally
support people in need: locally – na onally– globally.
Social programmes
active organisations
Health programmes
Our support
Strategic partnerships
institutional partners, such as the
The South Caucasus is a focus region of the
We are constantly working to improve the quality of
Austrian Development Agency and
Austrian Red Cross Interna onal Coopera on due to
our services and the outreach of our programmes in
the European Union
the high vulnerability of the region to natural and man-
the South Caucasus, to reach more people in need,
made disasters. We aim to reduce poverty and to
including the elderly, children with disabilities,
contribute to the prosperity of the region by applying
minorities, refugees and internally displaced persons,
our humanitarian mandate to help people in need.
as well as communities vulnerable to disasters.
What we do
Where we work and where we are located
Since 2012, the Austrian Red Cross has had a long-term
To foster regional exchange across the South Caucasus,
commitment to support the Armenian Red Cross
we are based in Tbilisi, from where we support
Society, the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society and the
programmes in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. In
Georgia Red Cross Society to sustainably increase their
Georgia, we regularly bring together representatives
services to vulnerable people. Our fields of work are
from all three countries to discuss common successes
private partners, such as private
companies and foundations
complementary partners, such as
the World Wide Fund for Nature
Knowledge transfer from Austria
Decentralisation: Supporting communities in
cities and in rural areas
and challenges in the humanitarian work of today and
photo: Georgia Red Cross Society
photo: Armenian Red Cross Society
photo: Georgia Red Cross Society