Cool School Koala Cafe Menu

A copy of this menu can be found on the school webpage and FB page.
The Cool School Koala Cafe Menu
GF = Gluten Free DF = Dairy Free
Now Available 1st and 2nd break – (2nd break via bag system only)
Thursday’s Specials
Friday’s Specials
Tasty mince topped with grated cheese
and sour cream with a side of corn chips
Crustless Quiche
Fish Finger Salad (DF option online) $4.00
3 Yummy Fish Fingers atop a salad of
lettuce, tomato, carrot and cheese with a
squeeze of French dressing!
Extra Fish Fingers on top (DF)
.50c each
Available both days
Homemade Quiche Loraine with a selfforming base, served hot or cold.
1 slice
2 slices
Your choice: (GF option online)
Hawaiian – Ham, Cheese and Pineapple
Meatlovers – Ham, Chicken, Mince &
Celebrate your Birthday…..
How to order……
The Koala Café provides an easy way to
cater for your child’s birthday! Simply
choose between our Muffins or Zooper
Dooper and order the amount required
for the class online.
Place your order online at before
9:00am on tuckshop day.
Any questions with ordering please call
1300 11 66 37
Hot Dogs (GF option online) Whole $2.80
(Add-on’s option online) Half
5 Nuggets
3 Nuggets
Vegemite (DF), jam or honey (DF)
Egg and lettuce
Plain ham, chicken (DF), tuna (DF)
or cheese
Ham, chicken or tuna
with cheese
Wraps (GF option online)
Ham, Chicken or
Tuna with Salad
Changes in product and pricing can occur without notice. Please check in regularly at for up to date information, menu and news items.
Chicken/Ham and Cheese
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The Cool School Koala Cafe Menu
GF = Gluten Free DF = Dairy Free
Available 1st Break Only
Custard Cup (GF)
Yoghurt Tub 100ml
Cheese and Rice Crackers (GF) $2.00
Apple Slinky (GF & DF)
Watermelon Wedge (GF & DF) $1.00
Popcorn (GF & DF)
Milo Cookies
Choc Chew Slice
Muffins - choc and plain
Chips (GF & DF option online)
Summer Special
Chicken OR Tuna Salad
We need you!
Choc (GF) or Orange (GF & DF)
Ice Blocks –
Zooper Dooper
Full $0.60
Half $0.30
Paddle Pop Choc/Rainbow $2.00
Chicken or Tuna atop a delicious crisp
salad of Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot and
Cheese with croutons. Your choice of
dressing Caesar or French.
Bottled water 600ml (GF & DF)
Juice popper 250ml (GF & DF)
100% juice: Apple, Tropical
Plain milk 200ml (GF)
Our tuckshop is a great place to
catch up with others and to
contribute to the school. Students
love to see someone they love in the
tuckshop so why not get a team from
your class to come in once in a
Flexible shifts are available or
baking some homebake from our
Please let us know if you can help
by calling 3906 4337, emailing us at
[email protected] or just
drop in and see us on Tuckshop
Thank you from Lyn and Tammy!
Did you know….
Our tuckshop’s primary aim is to offer high quality nutritious food to our children while
raising funds to reinvest in our school.
Doing it for the kids!
Coolnwynpin Community
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