Case Study: JR Motorsports - Entropy Solar Integrators

“The professionalism of the team
at Entropy Solar is off the charts.
From the sales process to implementation to installation, the
entire process was seamless.”
– Stacy Lunsford
HR/Operations Manager
System at a Glance
▪ 251 kilowatts
▪ 836 panels
▪ 42,000 square foot roof
▪ Non-penetrating roof mount system
▪ Over 310,000 kilowatt hours of annual
electricity production
▪ System designed and installed in 60 days
▪ System life is 25+ years
Case Study: JR Motorsports
Featuring: Dale Earnhardt, Jr., NASCAR Champion
Location: Mooresville, North Carolina
JR Motorsports, the racing operations of NASCAR
champion Dale Earnhardt, Jr. wanted to diversify their
energy sources as part of their sustainability initiatives
for the race team. The company, led by Dale Earnhardt,
Jr. is very progressive and invests in new technology that
helps make their team and company more competitive. After talking with several solar energy companies, they engaged Entropy Solar Integrators, which recently installed
a solar energy system on another NASCAR team’s facility.
After evaluating their property, Entropy Solar recommended
a rooftop mount installation on the 42,000 square foot race
shop. In alignment with the team’s interest in educating its
fans about new technology and sustainability, the company
also installed a monitor in the JR Nation Retail Store that
shows real time data about energy production and usage.
Case Study: JR Motorsports
In addition to the environmental and technological aspect of installing a solar energy system, this investment
made business sense for JR Motorsports. As a net
metering project, the company will save 44% on their
energy bills by using solar energy as a supplement to
energy provided by the local utility company. State and
federal tax incentives total 65% in North Carolina, creating a payback period of less than six years and a
system life of over 25 years.
Additionally, the company can take advantage of equipment accelerated depreciation and bonus depreciation
to offset their capital expenditures. In addition to adding clean, renewable energy to their facility, JR Motorsports has been working to reduce its impact over
the years. Their program includes comingled recycling,
sheet metal recycling, an oil recycle and reuse program,
lighting upgrades, motion sensor lighting, and more.
Financial Returns
▪ Net metering project: Energy will be used on-site
▪ Expected reduction in electricity consumption
by 44% annually
▪ State and federal tax incentives totaling 65% of
the cost of the installation
▪ Equipment accelerated depreciation and bonus
depreciation to offset capital expenditures
▪ Return on Investment: less than six years
▪ System designed and installed in 60 days
▪ System life is 25+ years
“These solar panels will be a
great addition to helping us
meet part of our energy
- Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Environmental Details
▪ Offset 236 tons of CO2 or 472,000 lbs of CO2 per year
▪ Power the equivalent of 25 homes per year
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Entropy Solar Integrators, LLC was formerly known as Argand Energy Solutions, LLC.
– Dale Earnhardt, Jr.